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13 Reasons why By Jay ASHER.

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1 13 Reasons why By Jay ASHER

2 The Tapes……in order Cassette 1 A: Justin Foley; B: Alex Standall Cassette 2 A: Jessica Davis; B: Tyler Down Cassette 3 A: Courtney Crimson; B: Marcus Cooley Cassette 4 A: Zack Dempsey; B: Ryan Shaver Cassette 5 A: Clay Jensen B: Justin Foley Cassette 6 A: Jenny Kurtz; B: Bryce Walker Cassette 7 A: Mr. Porter; B: “Thank you”

3 Vocabulary Through Page 35
Disgusted: Shocked, Repulsed, Offended by something. (Ex: I was disgusted by the test grades.) Discover: To find, notice or see. (EX: I was happy to discover the money in my pocket.) Encore: Repeat performance; happen twice. I was disgusted to discover that he ate his boogers, so there would NOT be an encore date with him! Relevance: Important or relating to something. (EX: That excuse has no relevance as to why you were late.) Bluff: To lie or the edge of a cliff. (EX: She said that she was going to fight me after school. I hope she was bluffing.) Accused: Blamed for something. (EX: I was accused of calling her names, but I didn’t.) Intriguing: Interesting or Fascinating (EX: That movie was intriguing to watch.) Popular: Well-known, what everyone is doing. (EX: Sagging is a popular trend that is stupid.) Offended: Upset by an insult. (EX: Her hurtful words offended me.) Tinker: Playing with (EX: My father is no mechanic; he just likes to tinker with his cars.)

4 SIDE 1: JUSTIN FOLEY freshman year when she first moved to town.
Basketball player Hannah’s first kiss (tasted like chilidogs) It was at playground, just like her dream. He lied and said he felt her up. Hannah got bad reputation from the untrue gossip. It started the “snowball effect” Clay stole walkman from Tony.


6 Vocabulary~2 through pg 92
Traumatic: Upsetting, painful Arrogant: Prideful, cocky Convince: Persuade, Influence, Coax Rumor: Story, Gossip being spread Embarrassed: uncomfortable, ashamed Aggressive: Forceful, violent Peeping: Stealing a look; glimpse Anticipate: Expect, think will happen Blamed: Held responsible, accused Expose: Uncover, Reveal something

7 Cassette 1 Side b: ALEX Standall
Created List “Best Ass in the Freshman Class” Clay thought she was making quite a reputation in a short amount of time, but now realizes that the rep was based on lies….starting with Justin Foley. Clay goes to 1st RED STAR on MAP: Hannah’s House. Hannah’s EX-BF, Jessica is mad her b/c she was on the “NOT HOT” list for best butt. A boy grabs her butt in the store while she’s buying candy. (butterfinger). Alex’s list made her “butt a play-toy”…..further damaging her reputation. The snow ball grows larger.

Jessica and Hannah were both new to town and “set-up” by the guidance counselor. They became friends and met Alex at Monet’s (coffee shop). They used to meet there all the time to talk and became good friends. Alex and Jessica dated until a rumor spread that Alex and Hannah had messed around. Alex confessed to Clay that it was not true in the locker room…but not the other guys. Alex made Jessica mad by putting her in the “NOT HOT” side and she met Hannah at Monet’s to talk. Jessica wanted to believe the rumor and SLAPPED/HIT Hannah in the eye and she has a scar there to remind her of the rumors that have scarred her life.

9 CASSETTE 2 SiDE B------Tyler down
Peeping Tom Taking pictures of Hannah when her parents were out of town Yearbook Editor Friend comes over to stay with Hannah and catch Peeping Tyler The girls act like they are being naughty as a rouse (an act)… They catch Peeper, but don’t see his face….Hannah sees his back fleeing; friend sees him tucking himself back in…..

Survey: A study to analyze information Acquaintances: Associates; Not a friend, but someone you know. Deserve: Earn something; to be worthy Avoid: To detour, go around, evade Landmark: Point of reference; a place that is common to everyone Occupy: Inhabit, live there, being used Outcome: Result, What happened, Effect Collapsed: fall, break apart Predictable: Expect to happen; can predict Subtle: Understated, downplaying something. Ex: U have cancer= little sick

11 CASSETTE 3: SIDE A: Courtney crimsen
The “girlfriend” who spent the night with Hannah the night of the Peeping Tyler. Clay goes to Tyler’s house and Marcus is there and gives him a big rock to throw at his window. Tyler learns that Marcus is also on the tapes. Is nice to everyone for popularity, but talks crap behind their backs. She wants people to think she’s perfect, when really she is a backstabber. She asks Hannah for a ride to a party. Clay is looking at the picture taken at the party in the book at Monet’s. Hannah is smiling with arm around Courtney, who is nervous-looking.

Hannah took survey for cheerleader fundraiser Clay didn’t answer his survey truthfully; Hannah was hoping for him. Cheerleader in office warns her about a boy on her list. Clay calls mom to bring him tapes to Rosie’s (next red Star on map) Hannah is #1 on Marcus’ list. He calls to ask her to meet him at Rosie’s after school. Hannah orders milkshake and thinks she’s stood up. Marcus comes 30 mins late and takes her to back booth. Puts hand on her leg and feels up her thigh. Hannah looks for help, but everyone avoids her. She pushes him out of booth. Clay goes to Movie theater where they worked before meeting his mom at Rosie’s. She knows he is lying about working with a friend.

Approaches Hannah after Marcus incident at Rosie’s but Hannah ignores his apology for what Marcus just did. His friends teased him about not getting the date with her like he thought he would. (b/c he thought she was easy?????) Zach was humiliated and started stealing Hannah’s notes of encouragement from her bag in Peer Tutoring. Hannah is showing all the warning signs: cutting off all her friends, chopping off all her hair. She feels alone. Chopping off her hair: “The only thing I still had control over” She leaves note about suicide and how she was thinking about it for the class to discuss. Zach knew it was her and didn’t care. He didn’t care that he was stealing her notes of encouragement that she needed more than anything at that time.

14 Make as many words as possible!

15 Vocabulary pgs 233- end Quivering: shaking, trembling Collide: crash, smash together Particular: picky, Conspiracy: plot, scheme to do something. Repercussion: Effect, aftermath, outcome of something. Residential: neighborhood, housing Descends: to drop or lower Precondition: requirement, a must, condition Anonymous: unknown name Controversial: causes heated discussion, strongly opinionated. (Ex: Politics, Religion, sports)

16 Cassette 4, Side B: Ryan Shaver
Hannah took a poetry class with him. He stole her poem “Soul Alone” Ryan published it in the “Lost and Found Gazette” Students and Teachers were discussing her poem. Hannah felt like her innermost thoughts were on display and being laughed at by everyone, even though they didn’t know she wrote it.

17 Cassette 5, Side A: Clay Jensen
Hannah says that he doesn’t deserve to be on there. She was in love with him. They worked together He wanted to be with her, but didn’t because of her reputation. He let the rumors keep him from really being with her. They shared moment/kiss at the party. He feels guilty for not being with her/talking/seeing something was wrong.

18 Cassette 5, Side B: Justin Foley
2nd time we have heard about Justin. Justin made out with Jessica at party. Let “friend” into bedroom to rape Jessica passed out on bed. Hannah was in closet and heard everything. Blames herself and Justin for ruining Jessica’s life. Bryce was the guy who rapes Jessica.

19 Cassette 6, SiDe A: Jenny Kurtz
Cheerleader Offers to give Hannah ride home from party. Hits stop sign and refuses to call police or fix it. Leaves Hannah on sidewalk. Senior boy delivering pizza gets hit by the old man who lives in Hannah’s old house and is killed b/c there wasn’t a stop sign. Hannah goes to store to call 911, but it’s too late. Clay comes up on wreck and goes to tell old man’s wife, he’s ok….. **Everything affects everything.**

20 Cassette 6, Side B: Bryce Walker
Hannah gives into reputation with him in a hot tub. He disgusts her, so she allows this rapist to take her virginity, so she can hate herself even more…..enough to take her own life. She lets herself “go”…….gives up.

21 Cassette 7, Side A: Mr. porter B: “thank you”
Mr. Porter is English Teacher/Guidance Counselor Hannah goes to him in a last ditch effort to get someone to save her, or want to save her. She needs for someone to care enough to stop her. Mr. Porter lets her walk away….knowing she is suicidal. SIDE B:……clay continues to listen when the tape switches to Side B, he hears Hannah’s voice say…”Thank you.” There was NO FUNERAL for Hannah, it was private in another town.

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