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Filibuster Definition:

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1 Filibuster Definition:
Past: is someone who engages in an unauthorized military expedition into a foreign country to support a revolution. Filibusters were irregular soldiers who acted without authority from their own government, and were usually motivated by financial gain, political ideology, or the thrill of adventure

2 Philip Nolan Background History: Received a good education, bookkeeper and shipping clerk, businessman, trader Crime Accused Of: Stealing and selling mustangs to Louisiana, accused of spying for the United States Outcome: Killed by Spanish Troops from Nacogdoches

3 Jean Lafitte Background History: Born in France, Galveston Pirate, American Hero War of fought with U.S. against the British Crime Accused Of: Favored Mexican independence from Spain Involved in smuggling, typical pirate activity of stealing gold and treasures Outcome: He became mortally ill by Spanish and died

4 Gutierrez-Magee Background History: Gutierrez follower of Hidalgo; Magee in U.S. Army; Formed the “Republican Army of the North” Crime Accused Of: Believed in freeing Mexico from Spain; Rebelling against the Spanish Government Invaded Texas Outcome: Magee-rumor that his men poisoned him but he died from a long illness Gutierrez-later fell on a trip and died

5 James Long Background History: U.S. Army surgeon; opposed the Adams-Onis Treaty; believed that Texas should be part of the U. S. or independent Crime Accused Of: Led a group to Nacogdoches, declared independence from Spain Outcome: Captured and later shot by the Spanish

6 Henry Perry Background History: Joined the Gutierrez-Magee expedition; he was made captain Crime Accused Of: Favored Mexican Independence from Spain; tried to capture La Bahia Outcome: Wounded but wouldn’t surrender instead he killed himself

7 Ellis P. Bean Background History: He joined Philip Nolan’s filibustering expedition lured by talk of gold and silver; Became a Mexican colonel in the fight for Mexican Independence Crime Accused Of: Filibuster and Mexican Revolutionary Outcome: He went to live with his first wife and later died in her home

8 Mexico in 1821 M E X I C O USA

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