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Emergency Management Emergency Management Disaster Recovery Business Continuity.

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1 Emergency Management Emergency Management Disaster Recovery Business Continuity

2 What constitutes a disaster?  Fire  Flood  Explosion  Hurricane  Bird Flu  Loss of a building

3 What do we have?  Emergency Procedures  Emergency Response Plan (ERP)  Building Evacuation Plans  Disaster Recovery Plan  Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP)  Crisis Management Team  Emergency Operations Center (EOC)  Campus Warning System  MissionMode ( Automated Notification System)

4 University Plan Structure  Over 40 Critical Business Processes  Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for each process process  Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)  Department Level COOPs and Teams  COOPs “bundled” to form College / Division BCPs  Stored on S: drive and “off-site”  Managed and maintained using CPO Tracker software  Plan manager(s) - every department with a COOP

5 College of Education Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)  Identify personnel, contact information and class information  Provides decision making authority  Space plans, within the building, on campus and off campus  Identifies resources needed

6 What would happen in the event of a disaster?

7 Ka Boom ! 911 Chancellor Crisis Mgmt Team MissionMode Emergency Response Team Teams Emergency Op Ctr Facilities Mgmt Finance Human Resources Business Services Campus Warning Team

8 Tasks for the Crisis Management Team  Determine who has the “lead”  Decide to close / suspend / continue University operations  Identify Critical Processes impacted  Issue directives to implement COOPs  Inform students, faculty, staff, parents, media – Rumor Control.  Call in additional / outside help  Authorize emergency expenditures  Assign specific actions / tasks / deadlines  Submit reports  Transition back to normal operations

9 How do we get back online?  Academic department operations is slated for 14 days after disaster  Classroom instruction is slated for 14 days after disaster  Computer Classroom Instruction is slated for 21 days after disaster  We would follow the Crisis Management Team’s lead and follow our COOP

10 One scenario that could close the University WHO PhasePhase 3Phase4Phase5Phase 6 World Health Organization No or very limited human- to-human transmission Increased human-to-human transmission Significant human-to-human transmission Efficient and sustained human-to- human transmission Directive from State, GA, or County ----------------------------  Case at UNC ----------------------------  Imminent Restrictions on Public Transportation -  ----------------------------  Imminent Restrictions on public gatherings-------  ----------------------------  Imminent K-12 Closure ----------------------------  Case in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Region -  ----------------------------  Case in NC /SC --------  ----------------------------  Case w/in 500 mile radius --- -----------  ----------------------------  Pandemic Flu Outbreak

11 What can you do?  Be familiar with plans  Be aware of students and classes  Be prepared to work from off site  Monitor campus warning systems (siren, phone, text, email and web)  Prepare for disasters at work and home  Checkout important websites

12 Business Continuity Websites  click on Services  

13 Any easy questions I can answer?

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