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Oakland Trucker 511 Port Traffic Information System.

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1 Oakland Trucker 511 Port Traffic Information System

2 OT- 511 OT-511 is a project of West State Alliance with support from the MTC (511 SF Bay) and the Port of Oakland.

3 Program Goals  Improve intermodal transportation efficiencies  Reduce time and expense lost to traffic, extended wait times and schedule interruptions  Provide means to help truckers organize for economic benefit and political influence

4 Kinds of Information  Port traffic  Terminal wait times  MTO service interruptions/incident reports  Changes to posted schedules of marine terminals  Bay Area highway conditions and traffic routing  Trucker service announcements of all kinds

5 Information Sources OT-511 aggregates and disseminates vital information for port truckers from the following sources:  Port of Oakland  Oakland marine terminals  Shipping lines  Local media outlets  Transportation agencies  Government regulators  Trade associations  Lunch truck gossip/rumor mill

6 OT-511 is “Following”…

7 Informal Survey Objective – Expand range of information delivered via OT-511 to enhance usefulness for Port truckers What additional kinds of information are most desirable?  Daily fuel prices  Chassis shortages & container availability  Container rows too busy to move at MTOs  Location of CHP in Port area  Winning Lotto numbers

8 Registration/Twitter Sign Up  Text START to 40404.  You will receive a text message from Twitter. Reply with SIGNUP to begin.  You will receive a second text message asking for a username.  If you do not have a Twitter account, reply to this text with name of primary motor carrier, plus your initials or numerical sequence: 1,2,3, etc…

9 Follow OT-511 SMS Text  Compose a new text message to 40404 with FOLLOW OAKLANDOT511.  You will receive a confirmation indicating you are following the @Oakland OT511 Twitter feed.

10 OT-511 “Tweets”



13 “OT-511 helps me a lot. I reroute my trucks when there’s congestion at the terminal.” Juan Z – Dispatcher

14 Charlie G – Owner Operator “When there’s an unexpected terminal shutdown, I call my dispatcher and ask him to arrange a different move so I don’t waste time in line.”

15 “OT-511 helps me know when there’s an accident on#880 and that #580 is open. It saves time.”

16 “OT-511 is your own eye on the terminals. It’s my ‘fortune teller’ helping to ease the rumors before I get to the Port.”

17 Ricardo RG – Owner Operator “It’s great to hear about early closures at the Port to avoid per diem and demurrage charges. This is an excellent service.”

18 “Without OT-511 information, I would have worked for free not knowing the marine terminal was closed.”

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