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Let’s Be “Diverse”.

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1 Let’s Be “Diverse”

2 First paragraph Rumor has it that (It is rumored that)if bees become extinct, humans will have no more than(at most) four years to live. →We will die soon if bees become extinct. * Rumor has it that It is rumored that 謠傳 Ex. Rumor has it that (It is rumored that) 2012 will be the end of the world. * Legend/Word/History/Tradition has it that據傳說/傳言/歷史/傳統 * no more than= only

3 Stunning as (=though) the prediction may seen, it is highly probable.
(= Although/Though the prediction may seem stunning, it is highly probable.) *Though/Although S + be + adj/N., S + V … = adj/N. + as/though + S + be, S + V … Ex: Cool as/though the wind is, it’s quite pleasant today.

4 Bees, (which are) the best pollinators in nature, carry pollen from one plant to another during their daily search for food. →Bees pollinate plants every day. *from one N to another 從一個到另一個

5 *one after another 一個接一個地
Ex: As soon as the plane landed on the ground, the passengers got off the plane one after another.

6 Were it not for (If it were not for)bees, most plants would not be able to be fertilized and reproduce, nor(= and neither) would humans be able to use these plants for food, clothing, medicine, and fuel. →With bees, plants and humans can do numerous things.

7 與現在事實相反假設 * If it were not for/ But for +N, S would/should/could/might +(not+) V Were it not for/But for +N, S would/should/could/might +(not+) V 要不是… Ex: If it were not for/Were it not for/ But for/ Without your help, I would fail the project.

8 與過去事實相反假設 * If it had not been for/ But for + N, S + would/could/should/might have + p.p. Had it not been for/ But for +N, S + would/could/should/might have + p.p. Ex: If it had not been for/Had it not been for/But for/Without your help I couldn’t have won the election.

9 If bees become extinct, crop yields would fall(=drop/decline)
If bees become extinct, crop yields would fall(=drop/decline). Next, food shortage will surely arise/ happen. It is no exaggeration to say that bees are vital (=crucial = significant) to human survival. →Both humans and plants can’t live without bees.   * It is no exaggeration to V… There is no exaggeration to V… …一點也 不誇張

10 Vocabulary diverse (a) 互異的;多樣的
Ex. Hawaii is the most racially diverse place in the United States. diversity (n) 多樣性;差異性 Ex. A diversity of opinion sometimes gives rise to argument. *bio-diversity 生物多樣性 diversify (v) 使不同;使變化 Ex. The culture has been diversified with the arrival of immigrants.

11 reproduce (v) 繁殖;生殖 Ex. Most reptiles reproduce by laying eggs on land. reproduce (v) 複製(= copy) Ex. It is illegal to reproduce these worksheets (習題) without permission from the publisher. reproduction (n) 繁殖;生殖;複製品 Ex. In human reproduction, one female egg is usually fertilized by one sperm. Ex. This kind of reproduction is completely the same good as the original edition.

12 yield (n) 收穫量 (v) 生產;得到;屈服讓步(+ to);放棄(+ up) Ex
yield (n) 收穫量 (v) 生產;得到;屈服讓步(+ to);放棄(+ up) Ex. Experts estimated that the yield of the paddy (米) would be high this year. Ex. I’ll never yield to temptation. Ex. The terrorist refused to yield up his gun. *a high crop yield 豐收 *yield fruit 結果實

13 arise (v) 發生;出現;由…引起;起床 (arise/arose/arisen)
Ex. Children should be disciplined when the need arises(=when it is necessary). Ex. Are there any matters arising from/ stemming from the minutes of the last meeting?

14 Thanks for your attention

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