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African Networks Strand 3 Bayreuth and Neigbouring Areas.

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1 African Networks Strand 3 Bayreuth and Neigbouring Areas

2 Bayreuther Folklore “Mohrenwäscher” and “Mohrenland” According to Bayreuther folklore, an African male “Mohr” was exhibited during the mid 1800s in the city of Bayreuth. Rumor had it that the man was not really Black, but merely a white person appearing in “Black face”. After nearly scrubbing and soaping the African man to death in the “Roter Main” river, those that doubted the authenticity of the man’s Blackness, came to the conclusion that the man was indeed a “Mohr” (Black).Thus, the citizens of Bayreuth have come to be known as the “Mohrenwäscher” and the particular spot where the incident occurred “Mohrenland”.

3 African Networks AASAB founded in 1994 by seven African students in Bayreuth. AASAB views itself as a bridge between African students from various countries on continent and white Germans interested in Africa. AASAB Founding Members:  Paul Onovoh (AASAB’s first President) Nigeria  Paul Béchie (Ivory Coast)  Gilbert Dotsé Yigbé (Togo)  Urbain Ndakon (Ivory Coast)  Eliso Macamo (Mozambique  Adoulaye Aboubakar (Cameroon)  Sylvère Mbondobari (Gabun)

4 AASAB Projects in Bayreuth 1994: photo exhibition “ Afrika in Bayreuth”. 1998: African Studies in Bayreuth. 2003: exhibition showcasing the work of Togolese artist S. Gbanou in collaboration with the Bayreuther “Interculturelle Woche”. 2003: November-February - “Roots and Routes” exhibition. 2004: Tenth anniversary of AASAB - “Gemeinsam” music performance. Best of Franconian (Wolfgang Buck) and African ( Mandinka group from FFM) music.

5 Africans in Upper Franconia “Roots and Routes” The purpose of the exhibition was to underline the presence of the African Diaspora in Bayreuth and point to the various “routes” and achievements of Blacks in Upper Franconia since the 1970s.

6 From Bayreuth to the USA Lucia Dogbeh Onovoh: (Benin) recipient of a DAF scholarship to the University of Leipzig in 1986. Conducted research and completed her PhD at the University of Bayreuth (1995- 1999). Paul Oyema Onovoh:(Nigeria), founding member of AASAB and its first President. Doctoral studies in Germanic Studies at the University of Bayreuth (1993-1998). Currently sole German language instructor at North Springs High School in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

7 AASAB Then and Now Paul Onovoh (Nigeria) and Urbain Ndakon (Ivory Coast), both founding members of AASAB. Urbain Ndakon is the current IPP coordinator for the University of Bayreuth and is also a member of the multi cultural band “Die Orischas”. Despite distance and time constraints, the two still remain closely linked via telephone and email contact.

8 Students from the African continent in Bayreuth in numbers: IPP (International PhD Program) in Language, Literature and Media There are currently 10 students enrolled in the IPP from the following countries: Egypt: 2 Cameroon: 4 Ivory Coast:1 Nigeria: 1 Togo: 1 Zimbabwe: 1 The foreign student population at the University of Bayreuth totaled 681 during winter semester 2007-2008. 52 students stem from the African continent with the highest numbers coming from : Cameroon (9) Egypt (7) Morocco (7) Togo (4)

9 Extension of AASAB as of 10.3.08

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