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1 “The President’s Wing” Understanding RE-Deployment Tips for Supervisors & Caretakers.

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1 1 “The President’s Wing” Understanding RE-Deployment Tips for Supervisors & Caretakers

2 2 “The President’s Wing” Topic Overview Cycle of deployment Pre-deployment Deployment Reunion Impact on deploying member & family How supervisors & caretakers can help

3 3 “The President’s Wing” REDEPLOYMENT Readjustment to the homecoming can cause as much stress as the deployment!

4 4 “The President’s Wing” RE-DEPLOYMENT: COMMON REACTIONS Feelings of anticipation as homecoming approaches Eagerness for reunion Concern over return to problematic situations Guilt over not accomplishing all goals or about changing routines Unrealistic expectations or Homecoming let-down Conflicts about how to spend time, divide responsibilities, renegotiate roles

5 5 “The President’s Wing” RE-DEPLOYMENT: Children may act shy or distant Deployed member may feel surprised or hurt at how well partner did alone Deployed member may feel jealous at close bond between spouse & children Getting “reacquainted” and developing real intimacy will take time

6 6 “The President’s Wing” RE-DEPLOYMENT REINTEGRATION & STABILIZATION Sense of being a family again Enjoying warmth and closeness of being together Not “my car” and “my house” but “our car” and “our house” May occur several months after return Probably won’t be a “return” to pre-deployment family life

7 7 “The President’s Wing” RE-DEPLOYMENT TIPS Plan on spending time with the entire family Comment on positive changes Resist the temptation to criticize Expect it will take some time to get reacquainted. Be patient. Resist the urge to go on a “celebration spending spree” Make time to talk with your loved ones

8 8 “The President’s Wing” RE-DEPLOYMENT TIPS: What WE can do for service members Give the returning service member time to adjust to being home Stay involved with children’s school activities & interests Don’t be surprised if children test the limits of family rules Strive to consistently enforce family rules

9 9 “The President’s Wing” RE-DEPLOYMENT TIPS: Reunion and Work Talk to coworkers about changes and the rationale for changes Change in pace to “business as usual” may be difficult  Expect that a period of feeling “let down” is normal Show appreciation for the increased workload that your colleagues managed while you were away

10 10 “The President’s Wing” RE-DEPLOYMENT: How WE Can Help Information management (rumor-control) Who’s coming back, and when? How much time off? (if any) Organize “homecoming” celebration Sponsor reunion activities and programs Communicate information about changes at work Provide some reconstitution time, if possible

11 11 “The President’s Wing” RE-DEPLOYMENT: How Supervisors/Caretakers Can Help Ask deployed member to discuss experiences (“lessons learned”) Invite family members to talk about their experiences “lessons learned” Give kids a chance to talk at school Spouses can help others who may be facing an upcoming deployment Be alert for signs of difficulty coping Refer to helping resources, if needed

12 12 “The President’s Wing” WEB RESOURCES Dads at a Distance Handbook Dads at a Distance Handbook Moms Over Miles Handbook Moms Over Miles Handbook Long Distance Couples Handbook Long Distance Couples Handbook

13 13 “The President’s Wing” BASE RESOURCES Squadron Family Support Center Red Cross Child Care & Youth Programs Chaplains Life Skills Support Center Family Advocacy

14 14 “The President’s Wing” QUESTIONS? Family Support240-857-9746 Chaplain240-857-1032 Supervisor Commander

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