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Introduction to 1984 Propaganda and Dystopian Society.

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1 Introduction to 1984 Propaganda and Dystopian Society

2 Propaganda The deliberate spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, a doctrine or a person.

3 Propaganda Examples


5 Questions about Propaganda 1.What is the intended message and purpose of your example of propaganda? 2.What is its intended audience? How do you know?

6 Questions about Propaganda What key words are used? What emotions do they arouse? Besides the main message, what other (subliminal) messages are sent? Explain. How successful do you think this example is? Why?




10 Methods of Propaganda Name-calling Glittering generalities EuphemismsTransferTestimonialBandwagon Card-stacking/misleading or incomplete facts Plain folks

11 Name-calling Make your opponents seem stupid Make fun of them and you will distract from the truth

12 Glittering Generalities Use attractive but vague words to make speeches or situations sound good Use words that appeal to values and emotions

13 Euphemisms Try to influence one’s feelings about something by making it sound bland and more positive Make an unpleasant reality seem more appealing and palatable

14 Transfer Associate with other people or groups that already have high credibility Drop names of people that will help you gain trust and appear admirable

15 Testimonial Borrow credibility from others Gather testimony or “evidence” from trusted individuals about your cause or subject Get these people to stand up for you and support you with vigor

16 Bandwagon Advise that one should believe a certain way because everyone else believes that way Tell one to think a certain way or he/she will be left out

17 Card-stacking Discredit all opposing evidence to make your argument appear stronger Bias your argument through exaggeration

18 Plain Folks Make the leaders of the cause look like the rest of the population Make them appear “ordinary” in order to relate to target audience/supporters

19 Dystopia An imaginary place or state in which the condition of life is extremely bad, as from deprivation, oppression, or terror. Opposite of utopia.

20 Question about your example: Which of the previous propaganda techniques are used in your propaganda example? Explain.

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