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1 1 Reputation Management and Dealing with Media Yao Lixin Director of Organization and Communication Department, RCSC Sept. 5 th, 2013.

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1 1 1 Reputation Management and Dealing with Media Yao Lixin Director of Organization and Communication Department, RCSC Sept. 5 th, 2013

2 2 2 The reputation of RCSC represents general recognition and appraisal of stakeholders on RCSC’s long-term work and performance, including awareness, reputation and credibility.

3 3 3 Reputation management of RCSC: Establish, maintain and develop good reputation, mitigate and eliminate reputation risks. Good reputation is RCSC’s core competitiveness.

4 4 4 1. Advance agenda setting in media reports From Red Cross Agenda, to Media Agenda, and then to Social Agenda, Leading in Chinese humanism cause. (I)Conduct media communication, set up humanism values

5 5 5 2. Establishing humanism communication platform in the era of mobile Internet In Feb 2011, John Doerr, a general partner at KPCB venture capital firm (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers) firstly proposed the concept of “SoLoMo”.

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9 9 9 Building SoLoMo-based humanism communication platform (1) Work with mainstream media, key news websites, commercial portal websites and mobile news media. (2) Develop RCSC’s media (RCSC News, Fraternity magazine, official website, official micro-blog, WeChat, Chinese human website, mobile app. etc.)

10 10 3. Media communication in marketing 3.0 Goal Sell more products as possible satisfy customer needs and retain customers Make the world better Industrial revolution Information technologyNew technology waveMotivator How companies view the market A large number of customers to satisfy their physiological needs A small customer base to pursue for sense and sensibility whole person with sense, sensibility and spirit Key marketing concepts Corporate marketing guidelines Value proposition Product developmentDifferentiationValue Product technology indicators Company and product positioning Corporate mission and value Functionality Function and senseFunction, sense and spirit Product-based MarketingConsumer-oriented Marketing Value-driven marketing

11 11 Characteristics of Marketing 3.0: New media opinion configuration Horizontal trust relationships Value-driven marketing

12 12 News communication in the era of marketing 3.0: Guided by culture, value export Guided by culture: RCSC cultural construction: Building core value system Theory exploration: Actively become a thought leader, enter the field of top-level media

13 13 Value export Influence ideology firstly, and then behavior. Promoting humanism value through story-telling. Special reports on donor’s Red Cross stories

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16 16 4. Plan and conduct key public communication activities 2013 National Youth Red Cross Knowledge Competition

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18 18 Our common cause (II) Strengthening communication and service with stakeholders RCSC Companies International organization Social organization Members Volunteers Donors Citizens Media Government

19 19 Stakeholder relationship management: Seek economically effective and innovative communication methods, establish, maintain and develop trust relationship between RCSC and social public

20 20 Organize and implement communication and service activities facing for donors, volunteers, youth, members and other stakeholders. Experiential marketing: Promoting humanism through activities

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24 24 (III) Build and manage Red Cross brand 1. Red Cross Public Welfare Advertisement

25 2. Standardize the use of RCSC logo system

26 26 3. Normalize the management and cooperation of hospitals entitled Red Cross The number of hospitals entitled Red Cross

27 5/11/201527 Bank Card designed in line with Red Cross logo regulation

28 5/11/201528 UnionPay/MasterCard designed in line with RCSC logo regulation

29 29 Promote distinguished figures and stories in Red Cross development, commend distinguished organizations and individuals. Guo Mingyi, Role Model of China’s Red Cross cause 4. Select brand spokesman from Red Cross cause

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31 31 Online rumor communication route: Weibo (Microblog)—> Weibo celebrities —> Online media(news websites, portal websites) —> traditional media (news, broadcasting, TV) “Guo Meimei event”: an online rumor occurred under new media environment in the period of social transformation. (IV) Respond public opinion events, conduct reputation risk management

32 32 “Evolution” of online rumors

33 33 1. Public opinion monitoring and judgment 2. Work with government network management authorities to deal with public opinions 3. Identify reputation risks and mitigate potential risks. Reputation risk management: From end control (public opinion management) to source control (Identify and manage reputation risks)

34 34 Management according to laws: the way that CRSC guards its reputation CARE 3C COMMUNICATE CONTROL

35 35 Thank You !

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