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The disadvantages of gossip

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1 The disadvantages of gossip
1. from the definition of gossip, its very name connotes idleness,time-wasting, frivolity and worse. Most people criticize it and only the smallest and most shameless fraction will own up to enjoying it.

2 2. From the content of gossip, it always relates to rumor-mongering, outright slander, willful fabrication. Gossip is predominantly scurrilous and mean-spirited.

3 3. From the function of gossip, people always use gossip as a tool to criticize and condemn. So nobody want to be gossiped about. What rankles is the fear that our secrets will be revealed, some essential privacy stripped away and the lack of control over what others say.

4 4. There is a proverb ---- Three people spreading reports of a tiger makes you believe there is one around. -----三人成虎 From the comprehension of the proverb, we know the function of gossip is terrible. It can change the original thing into another one which is totally different.

5 三人成虎 always happens in our daily lives, which makes the person who is being gossiped feel painful and stressful. In some cases, people commit suicide in order to escape gossip. So gossip is really astonishing.

6 5. gossip can kill time intangibly
5. gossip can kill time intangibly. People always can’t help wasting time to gossip. Take our dormitory as an example. everynight the five of us will spend at least 15 minutes gossiping when we are in bed. Although we know we will lack sleep tomorrow, we can’t stop gossiping. What’s more, we call the gossiping time as girl generation.

7 We can save much time to do more meaningful things if we give up the bad habbit of gossiping. Some people argue that gossip is a good way to connect each other. Without gossiping, we can spend time on sports… we can also connect with each other. What’s more, sports are good for our health.

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