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Conversation Practice Political Scandals By Paul Chen.

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1 Conversation Practice Political Scandals By Paul Chen

2 Outline Starting Questions Sample Conversation Vocabulary Useful Expressions Further Questions Reference

3 Starting Questions Are there any political scandals reported recently or you have in mind from the past? What are they? Is it indispensable for the government to have scandals no matter which party rules the country? Why or why not? In what way can a government minimize the amount of the scandals?

4 Sample Conversation In the office, A: Did you read the political column in the China Post today? B: Come on, you know I’m not that into politics. Why do you bring this up, anyway? A: Well, a lot of scandals have been reported lately. Among them, the imprisonment of the president’s son-in-law for insider trading is considered the most shocking. When the news first broke some people were stunned by it. B: Tell me about it. For that huge amount of money he has profited from, it’s not surprising at all that he’s been sent to prison. A: You knew that already? I thought you didn’t read the newspaper. B: Hey, don’t you know how rumors fly? I heard lots of people talking about it on the MRT on my way here. It really upsets me so much. No wonder most people don’t feel like paying taxes to such a government. We never know how the money is spent until the revelation of some scandals. A: Wow, you really have a lot to say about it. Are you sure that you aren’t really that into politics? B: Well, that’s for sure. I’m just mourning over the money I’ve paid to the government and over the chaotic environment that I am living in. Nothing more. A: Okay then. Let’s switch the topic and no more politics.

5 Vocabulary insider trading 內線交易 paparazzi 狗仔隊 rumor 謠言 scandal 醜聞 disclose one ’ s secret 爆料 internal clashes 內鬨 verbal battle 口水戰

6 Useful Expressions Politicians often break their promises once they are elected. Rumor has it that the president’s son- in-law will be put into prison today. Why do you have to bring this up? Rumor flies. to mourn over sth to switch the topic on my way + 地方副詞

7 Further Questions How do you feel about the scandals? Do you know how others respond to them?

8 Reference Yahoo News. “Taiwan president's son- in-law held for insider trading investigation” 525/wl_asia_afp/taiwanpoliticsjusticest ocksscandal_060525145208

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