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1 Donate Life An Introduction to Organ and Tissue Donation.

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1 1 Donate Life An Introduction to Organ and Tissue Donation

2 2 Rumor Has It… Currently, there are about 90,000 patients awaiting an organ transplant in the United States. True. There are more than 90,000 patients in need of an organ right now. Someone is added to the national waiting list every 13 minutes.

3 3 Rumor Has It… The more famous and rich you are, the sooner you will receive an organ for transplantation. False. The patient that receives a transplant is the one who is most in need and has the best chance of not rejecting the organ.

4 4 Rumor Has It… A person can recover from brain death with proper medical treatment. False. Brain death is death. No medical treatment can reverse brain death. When all brain activity has ceased, breathing and heart function can no longer continue independently.

5 5 Rumor Has It… Most major religions oppose organ and tissue donation. False. Leading members of all major religious organizations support organ donation as a virtuous and charitable act

6 6 Rumor Has It… A person may declare his or her desire to donate by indicating that decision online at True. is a new simple, secure way for Virginians to sign up as organ and tissue donors.

7 7 Organ and Tissue Donation Works The organ and tissue donation process can save or greatly enhance lives Transplant survival rates keep increasing Recipients go on to live normal, healthy lives

8 8 The Need More than 90,000 patients are on the waiting list nationwide More than 2,400 of these are Virginians. Sadly, about 16 patients die daily and three Virginians die each week waiting for a life-saving organ.

9 9 Organ Transplantation Heart Lung (2) Kidney (2) Pancreas Liver

10 10 Brain Death The complete and irreversible cessation of all functions of the brain. Brain death is death. It is NOT the same as being in a coma. Specialized physicians complete complex testing to declare brain death.

11 11 Conditions that Cause Brain Death Brain aneurysm Stroke Head trauma from motor vehicle accidents Fall Gunshot wound Drug Overdose Drowning Poisoning

12 12 Tissue Transplantation Blood vessels and heart valves Bone Corneas and sclera Pericardium Fascia Cartilage Skin

13 13 Donation Process Accident or illness Transport Emergency room Intensive care unit Referral and evaluation Identification of impending brain death

14 14 Donation Process, cont. Brain death Donor designation Organ placement Organ recovery Funeral arrangements Follow-up

15 15 Matching Donors and Recipients Blood type Body size Length of time on the waiting list Severity of illness

16 16 How Can You Help? Consider organ and tissue donation and visit SAVE7LIVES.ORG Designate your decision. Share your decision with your loved ones.

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