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In Christmas days CEIP Ramon Macip - Dolors Granés.

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1 in Christmas days CEIP Ramon Macip - Dolors Granés

2 24 th of December: Christmas Eve 25 th of December: Christmas 26 th of December: Saint Steven 31 st of December: New Year’s Eve 1 st of January: New Year 6 th of January: Epiphany Special dates In these days, we eat special meals. We usually stay with almost whole family to celebrate these festive seasons.


4 In Catalunya, we usually eat Escudella i carn d’olla in Christmas day and Canelloni in Saint Steven day. Other typical meals during these days are the following: - Aperitiu:olives, crisps, mussels, cockles, squid fries in batter, asparagus, prawns, king crab sticks, clams, razor-shells, salmon, gherkins...(Appetizer) - Embotit amb pa amb tomàquet: chorizo, cured and parm ham, spicy pork sausage, cheese... (Cold meat and bread spread with tomatoes) - Pinya/Meló amb pernil (Pineapple/melon with cured ham) Typical meals

5 - Marisc (Seafood) - Pollastre amb escamarlans o rostit (Chicken with crawfish or roast chicken) - Paó (Turkey) - Xai (Lamb) …

6 Escudella is a typical broth of Catalonia. It is the result of boiling “carn d’olla” with pulses such as chickpeas, potatoes and cabbage. You can also add onion or leek, celery, carrots and one or two cloves of garlic. Carn d’olla usually consists of black pudding, white pudding, “pilota” (Meat sliced with egg, garlic, parsley and crumb of bread, making a big and oval meatball that is cooked by the broth), lean meat of beef, a bit of lamb, a chicken or hen breast and bacon. It can be served with vegetables and the broth or separately.

7 Appetizer

8 In New Year’s Eve we eat 12 grape seeds while the clock strucks twelve.

9 In Epiphany we eat a special dessert called “Tortell de Reis” (King’s cake).

10 Tortell de reis is a large ring-shaped cake baked for Epiphany. It is usually made with puff pastry and filled with different ingredients, such as marzipan, whipped cream, cream, jam, syrup… It can be decorated with candied fruit, pine nuts and sugar over it. There are a king figure and a broad bean inside the tortell. If you find the broad bean you must pay the tortell. If you find the king you will be crowned king for a day.

11 In these days there are also special desserts, such as: - Neules: Christmas Spanish wafers( pastry made of flour baking powder and sugar or honey and cinnamon). - Torrons: Nougat candy typically made of honey, sugar, and egg white, with toasted almonds or other nuts, and usually shaped into either a rectangular tablet or a round cake. Recently there are other tastes such as, chocolate, coconut… - Polvorons: Christmas sweets made of flour, sugar, milk and nuts. There is a special drink called Cava, too. It is a sparkling wine made by a Catalan traditional method. It is similar to campagne but with some special features from the region where is produced (Penedès).

12 Torrons Neules Cava Polvorons

13 Our children and their families

14 Made by 6 th course pupils

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