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18-nov-06 OiL 1/33 The oil By: Noret Cornudella. 18-nov-06 OiL 2/33 From the tree to the olives.

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1 18-nov-06 OiL 1/33 The oil By: Noret Cornudella

2 18-nov-06 OiL 2/33 From the tree to the olives

3 18-nov-06 OiL 3/33 The olive oil is the juice obtained from the olives using exclusively mechanical procedures (crushed batter, prens and decantation).

4 18-nov-06 OiL 4/33 The cleanliness of the olives:

5 18-nov-06 OiL 5/33 The olives from inside the box throw are inside the machine.

6 18-nov-06 OiL 6/33 How do you make oil!!

7 18-nov-06 OiL 7/33 A tape constant by takes them to the machine and put the useless stuff away. The air that is generated eliminates the remains of branches, leaves, dust … that always accompany the olives.

8 18-nov-06 OiL 8/33 The olives and the leaves are separate.

9 18-nov-06 OiL 9/33 The olives are cleaned

10 18-nov-06 OiL 10/33 The olives pass, to the chutes a few hours because

11 18-nov-06 OiL 11/33 THEy are CRUSHED AND BATTERed

12 18-nov-06 OiL 12/33 The mixer

13 18-nov-06 OiL 13/33 The crushed olives are removed to the end by means of rollers or masses up to obtaining a homogeneous pasta.

14 18-nov-06 OiL 14/33 The press of the pasta

15 18-nov-06 OiL 15/33

16 18-nov-06 OiL 16/33 On having passed for the press the oil they goes out for a pipe

17 18-nov-06 OiL 17/33 THE DIVIDER

18 18-nov-06 OiL 18/33 The oil and the vegetable water separate

19 18-nov-06 OiL 19/33 The oil is centrifuged.

20 18-nov-06 OiL 20/33 THE DECANTATION

21 18-nov-06 OiL 21/33 Deposits of the decantation

22 18-nov-06 OiL 22/33 This is the oil in the deposits.

23 18-nov-06 OiL 23/33 THE WAREHOUSE

24 18-nov-06 OiL 24/33 When the temperature has acquired the virgin olive oil environment in the settling ponds, it enters the warehouse where it remains in darkness and tranquility, to soft and constant temperature.

25 18-nov-06 OiL 25/33 The decanting of the oil doesto itself across conduits monopolies, which begin in the settling ponds and finish in the zone of exhaust.

26 18-nov-06 OiL 26/33 The filtration goes by drop

27 18-nov-06 OiL 27/33

28 18-nov-06 OiL 28/33 THE PACKing

29 18-nov-06 OiL 29/33 The oil gets inside the bottles by means of a machine

30 18-nov-06 OiL 30/33 Finally the bottle pass from the machine to be labelled

31 18-nov-06 OiL 31/33 Olive transform into oil

32 18-nov-06 OiL 32/33 We put the oil in boxes and it is ready to be the sold.

33 18-nov-06 OiL 33/33 THE END

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