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1 CONFIDENTIAL CSLB#: 969975 The Right Stuff Things every Sunrun customer needs to know July 2012.

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1 1 CONFIDENTIAL CSLB#: The Right Stuff Things every Sunrun customer needs to know July 2012

2 22 Setting the Stage – Sunrun Accreditation  #1 priority is customer experience  Saying The Right Stuff in the home = great customer experience = more referrals and fewer cancellations  Everyone selling Sunrun must be accredited More referrals Customer Mis- understanding

3 33 Sunrun Accreditation Basics 1.Watch this webinar 2.Take an online test o Link to test will be sent (via ) after this webinar o 14-day window to pass test o Directions are in you should have received o You can take test as many times as you like within 14 days 3.Sign each deal you sell (beginning 8/1/12) o You acknowledge that you sold the deal according to the Right Stuff and the Sunrun Code of Conduct 4.Include your Sunrun ID# on the agreement o You should have received this via o if you need 5.All deals must be marked as sold with the name of the sales rep who sold the deal (beginning 8/1/12)

4 44 Look for this Image of Sunrun ID here

5 55 Housekeeping Items  Changes to the Agreement  Roof warranty  Renewal terms for leases

6 66 Your Host: Grayson Morris

7 77

8 88 The Right Stuff Game Show Rules  Present contestant with homeowner misunderstanding  Contestant picks a panelist  Determine if the panelist is right or wrong  Contestant with the most number of points wins!

9 99

10 10

11 11 Ken goes first.

12 12 Homeowner misunderstanding: The purchase price will be $0 at the end of the agreement. The Right Stuff: Buyout cost is its fair market value. Other options: You can renew your agreement in one-year increments, or Sunrun will remove the system at no cost

13 13 01 Sunrun Solar Superstar Scoreboard

14 14 Emily, you’re up.

15 15 The Right Stuff: Your agreement would be maintained and upheld by one of Sunrun's investment partners All the terms and conditions will remain the same. Alternatively, you may purchase the system. Homeowner misunderstanding: If Sunrun goes out of business, then you get a free system.

16 Sunrun Solar Superstar Scoreboard

17 17 Ken, let’s see what we have for you.

18 18 Homeowner misunderstanding: Sunrun has a bumper-to-bumper warranty/coverage for the next 20 years, including any roof leaks having to do with the solar facility. The Right Stuff: [PLACE HOLDER UNTIL 2 nd WEEK OF JULY

19 Sunrun Solar Superstar Scoreboard

20 20 Em, let’s check out the next one.

21 21 The Right Stuff: You have the option to buy the solar system at: The 5th anniversary When moving At the end of the agreement. Note: At any other time you can call the Sunrun customer care team and discuss buying the solar system (no guarantee). Homeowner misunderstanding: You can buy the system at any time during the agreement.

22 Sunrun Solar Superstar Scoreboard

23 23 Ken batter’s up.

24 24 The Right Stuff: You can switch payment options 21 days after signature or before installation begins, whichever comes first. Note: this is new as of July 13 th, 2012 Homeowner misunderstanding: You can switch from monthly to the Prepaid agreement at any time.

25 Sunrun Solar Superstar Scoreboard

26 26 Em, let’s get you the next one.

27 27 The Right Stuff: Sunrun does not guarantee savings because savings are based on assumptions about future electricity usage and utility rate increases Sunrun does guarantee the amount of power your solar system will generate Sunrun will provide you that power at the rate specified in your agreement. Homeowner misunderstanding: Sunrun guarantees savings.

28 Sunrun Solar Superstar Scoreboard

29 29 Homeowner misunderstanding: If you move and the new buyer doesn’t want the system, the contract is cancelled, and Sunrun will take the panels back. The Right Stuff: When moving, you have three options with Sunrun: Assign the agreement to the new homeowner (most common) Pay off the rest of the monthly payments Purchase the solar system from Sunrun

30 Sunrun Solar Superstar Scoreboard

31 31 Homeowner misunderstanding: You’ll never get another bill from your utility. The Right Stuff: After when you move forward with Sunrun, you are still connected to the grid You are still charged by your local utility for the additional energy you need for your home Assuming your usage stays the same, your utility bill will decrease once the Sunrun system is turned on

32 Sunrun Solar Superstar Scoreboard

33 33 Homeowner misunderstanding: Your utility bill will always be “X” dollars a month. The Right Stuff: Assuming your electricity usage stays constant, the solar system will offset “X” amount of your total usage Sunrun can’t guarantee how much you’ll pay to your utility

34 Sunrun Solar Superstar Scoreboard

35 35 Homeowner misunderstanding: If better technology becomes available then Sunrun will replace the panels with new ones. The Right Stuff: You’re getting great technology that is available today Sunrun does not do technology upgrades Sunrun does guarantee the amount of power your solar system will generate The true asset of solar is the electricity, not the panels

36 Sunrun Solar Superstar Scoreboard

37 37 Homeowner misunderstanding: Sunrun’s maintenance includes panel washing. The Right Stuff: Maintenance provided by Sunrun does not include panel washing There is no scheduled panel washing If the system underperforms, Sunrun will do it’s best to bring it back to the guaranteed production level

38 Sunrun Solar Superstar Scoreboard

39 39 Homeowner misunderstanding: You can cancel the agreement at any time without any consequences. The Right Stuff: Before installation – You could be forfeiting your deposit After the installation – You will owe a "make whole" payment to Sunrun.

40 Sunrun Solar Superstar Scoreboard

41 41 Homeowner misunderstanding: Sunrun shows a very conservative production number, and you can expect at least 10% more production each year. The Right Stuff: We do our best to accurately estimate the system production Sunrun's customer Agreement shows estimated annual production Sunrun guarantees that amount of production

42 Sunrun Solar Superstar Scoreboard

43 43

44 44 Sunrun owns the system. You are signing a 20 year agreement. The initial payment is $X. If your agreement includes a deposit, $500 is due now, and the remainder, if any, is due at time of installation. You're purchasing the electricity the system produces. Your monthly payment will increase by Z% each year. You'll likely be installed in about X months. In the first year, the monthly payment is $Y. There is no monthly payment for prepaid customers.

45 Sunrun Solar Superstar Scoreboard

46 46 Sunrun Solar Superstar

47 47 To Recap…  All sales reps selling Sunrun must be accredited  Take the Sunrun accreditation test  Test directions are in the you received  You have 14 days to pass this test  You can take it as many times as you’d like in 14 days  Beginning August 1 st you must sign each agreement you sell and include your Sunrun ID#  Beginning August 1 st all deals must be marked as sold in the proposal tool and name of sales rep must be selected in dropdown

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