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1 G OT B UDDIES ? I NTEGRATING P EER B UDDIES INTO E LEMENTARY P HYSICAL E DUCATION CLASS Deb Marcus- Adapted PE Teacher - Marley Glen Amy Mueller- PE Teacher - Marley Elementary MAHPERD Convention Fall 2012

2 I N THE B EGINNING …. We began combining classes 7 years ago We started with Deb bringing over one class once a month Then we increased that one class to every other week Then we increased to every week We added more classes every week

3 N OW ……. We combine 3 classes on a weekly basis Marley Elementary students have opportunity to have PE class at Marley Glen Our Goals- Marley Elementary students - how to be good buddies (empathy, sympathy, role models) Marley Glen students gain experience and social interactions from students in a comprehensive school. They learn how to follow directions using cues from their buddies.

4 Before classes come together we have class discussions with Marley Elementary students Presentation includes: Reading of story “Extraordinary Friends” by Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers!) (1 st – 2 nd grade) Reading of crayon story (4 th grade) Introducing the Marley Glen students with a power point presentation, Open discussion about why students are coming over, our expectations of the Marley Elementary students, what sounds they might hear, how Marley Glen students communicate, and how the students move around the gym.

5 T HE CRAYON BOX THAT TALKED P OEM BY : S HANE D E R OLF While walking into a toy store the day before today I overheard a crayon box with many things to say "I don't like Red!" said Yellow and Green said "Nor do I" "And no one here likes Orange but no one knows just why" "We are a box of crayons that doesn't get along Said Blue to all the others "Something here is wrong" Well, I bought that box of crayons and took it home with me And laid out all the colors so the crayons all could see They watched me as I colored with Red and Blue and Green And Black and White and Orange and every color in between They watched as Green became the grass and Blue became the sky The Yellow sun was shining bright on White clouds drifting by Colors changing as they touched becoming something new They watched me as I colored - they watched me till I was through And when I finally finished I began to walk away And as I did the crayon box had something more to say "I do like Red!" said Yellow and Green said, "so do I" And Blue you were terrific! So high up in the sky "We are a box of crayons each one of us unique But when we get together the picture is more complete"

6 A FRIEND LIKE ME B Y T RACEY ( SANDROCK ) P ORRECA Please don't be afraid of me I want to be your friend. And if you get to know me Your rigid thoughts might bend Thoughts that I am different From others that you know, I really am no different And this I'd like to show I live and breathe and laugh and cry I love to play and learn, I sometimes do things differently Which can cause some concern You see, some say I'm special I guess this much is true, But if you were to ask me I'd say you're special too We're all a little different No two are just the same, It's really something wonderful that way there is no blame When things don't go just perfectly And others get confused, And say things like "poor child" and other terms they use It's okay if you look at me And might not understand, It's okay if you touch me And even hold my hand My life has many obstacles Much more than you could know, But that's not what I dwell on I'm me, that's all, and so... Please don't be afraid of me I want you just to see, How truly great and wonderful A friend like me can be

7 O PENING A CTIVITIES Name Game- Students sit or stand in a close circle. First student says their name then asks the name of another person in the circle and tosses or hands the ball to them. This continues so students and assistants can learn names. Driving Cars- Students are partnered together. One partner stands inside a hula hoop as the driver while their partner holds the back of the hula hoop as the passenger. This activity practices spatial awareness, cooperation, and pathways.

8 G REAT ACTIVITY FOR ALL STUDENTS Bonkerball We play this game towards the end of the school year after the students have practiced striking skills and working together. Set –up : 1 cone (tee) & 3 poly spots in straight line (distance dependent on space); ball placed on tee; color coordinated paddle & ball Teams of 4 – one student at cone (batter); one student on each spot (fielders) Play – Batter hits ball and runs around team’s spots and back to tee Last fielder gets the ball and tosses/passes/hands ball to next fielder who tosses/passes/hands ball to next fielder who puts it on cone. Point system can be added – batter gets points for laps completed before ball gets on cone Rotation- Batter becomes last fielder and each fielder moves up a spot Demonstration

9 M ORE GREAT ACTIVITIES Obstacle course Station activities Back to football Friday Fire safety Dr. Seuss Holidays Jump Rope for Heart Scooter games (Santa’s Toy Shop, Pumpkin Patch, Egg hunt) Bowling Volcano or Oscar’s Trash Can – throwing activity Parachute

10 E ASY AS PIE …. MAYBE NOT ! Strengths of program ME students learn valuable life skills MG students learn social skills, motor skills, requisite learning skills (follow directions, sit on floor, quiet listening) Participating together on a weekly basis Difficulties Peer buddies in 1 st and 2 nd grade Did not understand expectations or did not realize differences Curriculum in 4 th and 5 th grade difficult for MG students Lots of assistants to help Peers not needed because adults were present

11 S TRENGTHS OUTWEIGH DIFFICULTIES Ways we overcame our difficulties Educating peer buddies before we arrive Teaching them it is OK to ask questions Planning together so MG students can “practice” skills before doing it with buddies Educating paraprofessionals (teaching assistants) to let ME students help MG students Continually changing/adapting/modifying activities to meet needs of all students

12 M ARLEY I NVITATIONAL We wanted to have something for our students that would celebrate their hard work in PE class and their friendships We created the Marley Invitational A field day type of event where students work with their buddies to complete teamwork type of station activities High School Varsity Football players (Glen Burnie/ Old Mill) volunteered to run our stations. Coast Guard members and former teachers in our county also helped walk students from station to station.

13 S TATIONS Bonker Ball Partner Softball throw Partner Javelin throw Keep it up – Beach ball toss/paddles Friendship bracelet Basketball Sponge Relay Dribble & shoot (soccer)

14 H OW WE DID IT 5 groups of buddies at each station (10 students) Rotate on signal Award ceremony at end Athletes receive medals/ goodie bags from football players Added another school last year – hoping to increase again this year Fundraising – Restaurant night, Orioles/ Baysox tickets, Kohl’s for Kids Money used to buy medals, goodie bags, t-shirts

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