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CHAPTER 8 desserts & bakery products

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1 CHAPTER 8 desserts & bakery products

2 Shortenings and fats do what for baked goods? (504)
Fats make baked goods moist, add flavor and keep baked items fresh longer.

3 What kind of flour would you use to make pasta? (505)

4 What kind of flour has the least amount of gluten? (505)
Cake flour

5 This is the process that occurs when sugar is heated in bakery products. (505)
The sugar will turn a light brown color.

6 This is a mixture of baking soda and an acid added with an inactive material such as starch. (506)
Baking powder

7 Standardized recipes for bakery products are called what? (508)

8 What kind of ingredient makes dough or batters rise while baking? (506)

9 In baking, flour is what percentage of the formula? (508)

10 What does sifting do? (509) Sifting adds air to flour, cocoa, and confectioners sugar. Sifting also removes lumps and filters out impurities

11 What are the 2 categories of yeast breads? (514)
Lean dough Rich dough

12 Lean dough is made with what 4 ingredients? (514)
Flour Yeast Water Salt

13 What is made from lean dough? (514)
French bread Hard rolls

14 Why do we knead bread dough? (515)
It is important because it develops the gluten

15 What are the 2 primary methods used to make yeast breads? (515-516)
Straight dough method Sponge method

16 Sourdough is made with a starter
Sourdough is made with a starter. What ingredients are in a starter and how is it made? (516) Water Yeast All purpose flour These items are combined and fermented (usually overnight) until it has a sour smell.

17 What is proof? (516) Rise for a second time

18 What are the 10 steps in making yeast bread? (518)
Scale ingredients Mix and knead ingredients Fermentation Punch down the dough Portioning Rounding Shaping Proofing Baking Cooling and storing

19 What are the 4 methods for preparing quick bread and cake? (525)
Creaming Foaming Straight Dough Two Stage

20 Which method for preparing quick bread and batter mixes fat and sugar together to produce a very fine crumb and a dense, rich texture? (525) Creaming method

21 Which method is used to prepare angel food cakes and chiffon cakes
Foaming method

22 What is the protective coating on a cake called? (526)
Icing or Frosting

23 What are the 7 types of icing?
Buttercream Foam Fondant Fudge Ganache Glaze Royal Icing

24 Which type of icing has a shiny, nonsticky coating when dried? (527)

25 Why are steamed puddings more stable than dessert soufflés? (528-529)
Because of the greater percentage of egg and sugar in the batter

26 When making 3-2-1 pie dough, it is… (533)
3 Parts Flour 2 Parts Shortening 1 Part Water

27 What is the process of preparing prebaked pie shells called? (535)
Blind baking

28 What kind of dough do you use to make baklava? (537)

29 What are the 7 types of cookies? (539)
Bagged Bar Dropped Icebox Molded Rolled Sheet

30 Which type of cookies are ladyfingers and tea fingers? (539)

31 What is the basis of all cocoa products? (544)

32 What is the white coating that sometimes appears on the surface of chocolate? (546)

33 What is the best way to store chocolate? (546)
In a cool, dry, well ventilated area.

34 Why is chocolate tempered? (547-548)
So that the chocolate will melt evenly

35 What piece of equipment is used to melt chocolate? (547-548)
Double boiler

36 What is the fruit sauce made from fresh berries or other fruits? (555)

37 What is custard like pudding? (555)

38 What ingredients do you use to make Bavarian cream? (557)
Vanilla sauce Gelatin Whipped Cream


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