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Unit 6 Family (Speaking) Teacher: Du Ruiyun Baoji Science & Engineering Secondary vocational School.

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1 Unit 6 Family (Speaking) Teacher: Du Ruiyun Baoji Science & Engineering Secondary vocational School

2 Phonetics ( Revision): /i:/ sheep bean eat cheep peel /i / ship bin it chip pill /e/ pen men said beg pet /æ/ pan man sad bag pat /u/ pull full foot took good /u:/ pool fool boot tool goose /ə:/ girl bird world learn shirt /ə/ ago doctor center paper picture /a: / car garden carp heart march /Λ/ cup hut cut bun much / ɔ / modern stop office got shop / ɔ :/ small door or hall talk

3 听读音,填入元音: 1.beat /b t/ 2. bed /b d/ 3.color /k l / 4. dig /d g/ 5. bag / g/ 6. hurt /h t/ 7. book /b k/ /d g/ 9. bus /b s/ 10.tool /t l/ 11. horse /h s/ 12.dark /d k/ 选择划线部分读音与其他不同的单词: 1 A. milk B. meat C. need D. feet 2 A. fat B. apple C. bad D. egg 3 A. doctor B. farther C. surprise D. turtle 4.A. wood B. took C. loose D. cook 5. A. boss B. fog C. lot D. door 6. A. cup B. class C. path D. fast

4 学说绕口令: Betty Botter bought some butter. But she said, the butter’s bitter. If I put it in my batter, It will make my batter bitter. But a bit of better butter, will make my batter better. So she bought a bit of butter, better than her bitter butter. And she put it in her batter, and the batter was not bitter. So it was better Betty Botter bought a bit of better butter.

5 Homework: Tom didn’t catch the sheep. Tom didn’t catch the ship. She likes duck. She likes dark. I am fool. I am full enough The boy was shot. The boy was short..

6 由两个单元音组成 双元音:由前一个元音向后一个元音滑动 有口型变化, 前重后轻,前长后短

7 / ei/: 由 /e/ 向 /i/ 滑动,口腔由大到小,双唇向两边拉开。 name straight away may state play /ai/ 由 /a/ 向 /i/ 滑动, 舌尖抵下齿,舌位由低渐高,开口由大到小。 style time unite five mile / ɔ i/ 由 / ɔ / 向 /i/ 滑动, 唇形由圆变扁, 开口由大变小。 boy enjoy toy ploy employ /au/ 由 /a/ 向 /u/ 滑动, 双唇渐渐收圆。 about , how, hour, cloudy /əu / 由 /ə/ 向 /u/ 滑动,唇形由扁变圆。 chose, hold, show, cold /uə/ 由 /u/ 向 /ə/ 滑动,唇形由扁变圆. poor sure ensure assure /εə/ 由 /e/ 向 /ə/ 滑动, 唇形由大变小. share there pair wear their /iə/ 由 /i/ 向 /ə/ 滑动, 唇形由小变大. here idea hear beer gear

8 读出下列的音标。 1. /neim/ /meit/ /deit / /peid/ 2. /bait/ /mait/ /fait/ /hait/ 3. /b ɔ i/ /n ɔ iz/ /s ɔ il/ /p ɔ int/ 4. /baut/ /maus/ /aut/ /taun/ 5. /kəut/ /gəut/ /rəud/ /ləu/ 6. /niə/ /hiə/ /tiə/ /θiə/ 7. /kεə/ /hεə/ /skεə/ /bεə/ 8. /puə/ /suə/ /djuə/ /pjuə/

9 选择划线部分读音与其他不同的单词: 1 A. here B. near C. bike D. fear 2 A. baby B. fine C. mail D. pay 3 A. tear B. care C. bare D. hare 4 A. boy B. soil C. tour D. voice 5 A. how B. sure C. down D. town 6 A. tour B. appear C. cruel D. poor 7 A. light B. kind C. noise D. life 8 A. note B. toe C. now D. road

10 选择划线部分的正确读音: 1 May A. /ei/ B. / ɔ i/ C. /ai/ D. /uə/ 2 fly A. /εə/ B. /uə/ C. /ai/ D. /ei/ 3 chair A. / ɔ i/ B. /εə/ C. /əu / D. /uə/ 4 enjoy A. /ei/ B. / ɔ i/ C. /ai/ D. /au/ 5 January A. /uə/ B. / ɔ i/ C. /ai/ D. /au/ 6 aloud A. / ɔ i/ B. /au/ C. /ai/ D. /εə/ 7 note A. /εə/ B. /əu / C. /ai/ D. / ɔ i/ 8 real A. /ei/ B. /uə/ C. /ai/ D. /iə/

11 短语听写: 1.go home 2. throw away 3. by the way 4. day and night 5. a happy life 6. enjoy one’s job 7. around the house 8. get down 9. here and there 10. during the day

12 学说绕口令: The baker is making a cake. Make a birthday cake for Kate. The baker is baking a cake. Bake a birthday cake for Kate, as fast as he can.

13 Homework ( 朗读下列的句子,找出其中含有的双元音, 并翻译句子.) 1. All roads lead to Rome. 2. No pain, no gain. 3. Great minds think alike. 4. The boy likes to play with the toy dog. 5. Knowledge is power. 6. He lives near the theatre. 7. I gave Mary a pair of chairs. 8. I usually watch programs about the NBA. 9. Where there is a will, there is a way. 10. A mouse has a mouth.

14 Useful Expressions: 1.How many people….? 2.What …population of ? 3.What does …do? 4.What is….? 5.What’s the job of …. 6. What will you do in the future?

15 Ways of figures’ expression 1-10 one two three four five six seven eight nine ten 10-19 +teen : eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen eighteen nineteen 20,30 40…. +ty : twenty thirty forty fifty eighty 100, one /a hundred 1000, one thousand 10,000 ten thousand 100,000 one hundred thousand 1,000, 000 one million 10,000, 000 ten million 100,000,000 one hundred million 1, 000,000,000 one billon

16 A: How many people are there in your family? B: There are … people in my family. Number ofSpeaker ASpeaker B family members63 Students in your school 800700 People in your city900,000100,000 People in your country 100,000,0001,200,000 People in the world 6,000,000,000

17 A: What does your father do ? B: My father is a worker. A: What is your brother’s job? B: My brother is a soldier. A: What do you want to do when you grow up? B: I want to be a film star. Job ofSpeaker ASpeaker B Your fatherprofessorbus driver Your motherdoctornurse Your sistersecretaryteacher Your brothermanagersolider Your grandmaretiredhousewife Your friendpolice officerbusinessman Your future jobscientistfilm star

18 Summary: How many people….? What …population of ? What does …do? What is….?

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