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Mrs Nabeela Salim The City School English, Grade Senior I

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1 Mrs Nabeela Salim The City School English, Grade Senior I
Action Plan Mrs Nabeela Salim The City School English, Grade Senior I

2 Long Term Goals Adopt 21 century teaching approaches to enhance students appreciation for English.

3 Short Term Goals Change my questioning strategies with students to promote critical thinking. Focusing on encouraging students instead of praising. Encourage collaboration among students.

4 In structural Strategies And Tasks
I will provide more opportunities for students to answer questions that equire higher-order thinking. I will provide students with time fo group discussions. I will ask qestions that require students to explain how they came to an answer.

5 Solutions To Anticipated Challenges
A: The principal may not agree with my new approach. B: Parents may not understand my methods. Solution: A: I will randomly choose students to join a group nd work tgether. B: I will explain the new methods for teaching the students to the Parents.

6 News Letter Sample How to make impossible fielding POSSIBLE.
The best fielders are committed to their team, prepared to throw themselves around and risk injury to take a catch, save runs or make a run out. The great fielders hardly ever leave a training sessions, let a lone a match without blood coming out of them somewhere.All other aspects of cricket are solitary, mano el mano battles but fielding is about the team and it takes only one player below par to bring the standard down.The more positions you are able to field in well, the more options a captain has and the more pressure the team can create. Put yourself in a contest against the batters, tell yourself that they won't hit it past you, work out which of the pair is the slowest runner and put him under pressure by throwing to his end.The great fielders create an atmosphere of fear making batters believe they couldn't get a run.Anticipation is the key to creating this pressure.Try and out-think the batter by watching his backlift closely. If it's high and he's attempting a big shot, get into a goalkeeper like position with weight evenly distributed, ready to react or dive if necessary. If the backlift is lower and grip relaxed, for a more defensive shot, be on the balls of your feet so you can move forward quickly.You need to stay alert though because, if you're moving forward too fast and the batter smashes the ball at you, it's difficult to react.The further away from the bat you are the easier it is to anticipate. If you're on the boundary move before the batter even hits the ball. Even if it's going to a player in the ring assume a misfield and back him up.It's no use going at 80% in the field or ducking out of a difficult catch because you're afraid of getting hurt. Dive parallel to the ground rather than up and down where you can land awkwardly, and throw from your whole body, legs, trunk and arms, not just your shoulder. Fielding is just about taking risks, backing yourself and going for it.The best way to improve your fielding is to practice as you play. This is true of all the skills of crickets as competition gets the adrenaline flowing and encourages players to practice at a higher intensity.One on one situations are always useful, so make a goal with cones and get the coach or team-mate to try and throw it past you. Like a goalkeeper in a penalty shoot out decide on left, right or dive forward to take a catch. Make the whole exercise a competition and practice as you want to play with bundles of commitment and enthusiasm.

7 Time Line I will focus on questioning skills
I will successully adopt 21 century teaching I will focus on encouragement rather than praise.

8 Resources Other teachers who teach my same grade and subject Internet
Word processing, multimedia and spread sheets

9 Conclusion By implementing my newly acquired 21 century teaching approaches students will be empowered and will appreciate and gain a better knowledge of English.

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