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Bülent Kunaç BSc&MSc CEng. METU e-Health Solutions By Meteksan; Ready and Live.

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1 Bülent Kunaç BSc&MSc CEng. METU e-Health Solutions By Meteksan; Ready and Live

2 BILKENT HOLDING: Established in 1969 1.5 Billion USD Turnover (2003) 3 Groups  Meteksan  Has 9 IT Companies (800 Employees)  220+ Million USD Turnover (2003)  3 rd Largest IT Company in Turkey  Tepe  Bilintur Total 92 companies 20,000 Employees Bilkent Holding

3 Meteksan System – Activity Domain System Integration Ù Project Management Ù System Design, Capacity Planning & Optimization Ù Applications Customization and Integration Software Development HW, SW and NW Sales, Design and Implementation Internet Service Provider & ASP Services After Sales Support IT Consultancy Training Out Sourcing Business Process Reengineering & Restructuring

4 Meteksan System – Healthcare Group # of Personnel:107 - 55 Software Engineer & Programmer - 9 Medical Informatics Specialist 5 Medical Doctor, 1 Health Finance Specialist 2 RIM-HL7 specialist 1 IHE-DICOM specialist Leader in Health Information Systems Turn-key hospital projects Provides Large-scale Healthcare IT Solutions’ Development Implementation & Commissioning Training Technical Support & Maintenance Operating & Management Consultancy Information Technology Medical Informatics

5 corTTex ® Enterprise Enterprise EPR Information System corTTex ® ECPS Electronic Claim Processing & Reimbursement System corTTex® HISFlow Integrated Hospital Information Management System corTTex® RADFlow Multi Media Radiology Information System corTTex® LABFlow Multi Media Laboratory Information System corTTex® PHARMFlow Pharmacology Information System corTTex® MEDDatEnterprise Medical Data Dictionary corTTex® MedRas ® Resource Planning, Cost Accounting corTTex® ProMis® Distributed Asynchronus MIS & DSS Products

6 TAF Health Information Management System Content 43 Hospital 9 Mobile Hospital 30 Care Centre 298 First Aid Centre 400 Medical Units Serving 2.5+ Million people Largest Health Informatics Project in Turkey

7 Air Force Jendarmery Hospitals Com. Coast Safety MoD Army Medicine Factory Turkish General Staff Turkish General Staff Kasımpaşa Hospital Ankara Mevki Hospital GATA Military Medicine Academy TSK Rehabilitation & Care Center ArmyNavy GATA GATAHaydarpaşaHospital Diyarbakır ve İzmir Mevki Hospitals TAF Health Information Management System

8 Major Healthcare IT References  Turkish Armed Forces Haydarpaşa GATA İstanbul Hospital Integrated HIS (1200 Beds)  Army Hospitals’ Integrated HIS (600 Beds)  Ankara,  Istanbul,  Çorlu,  Erzurum,  Diyarbakır,  Bursa Hospitals  Navy (600 Beds)  Dz. K.K Kasımpaşa Hospital Integrated HIS

9  GOP University Hospital (400 Beds)  KOCAELI University Hospitals (1000 Beds)  DOKUZ EYLUL University Hospital - RadioTherapy Information System  KONYA University Hospitals (1200 Beds)  MARMARA University Hospitals (500 Beds)  PAMUKKALE University Hospitals (800 Beds)  NUMUNE MoH Hospital – Inventory System (1000 Beds)  Private Hospitals  American Hospital ISTANBUL Integrated HIS (Largest Private Hospital In Turkey)  Corlu Vatan Hospital  City Hospital Major Healthcare IT References

10 TAF Rehabilitation & Care Center MOST COMPREHENSIVE REHABILITATION CENTER IN EUROPE FIRST AND ONLY PAPERLESS&FILMLESS (ELECTRONIC) HOSPITAL IN TURKEY TeleConsulting, TeleMedicine TeleConsulting, TeleMedicine Fully Integrated Systems Fully Integrated Systems One of the Largest Medical Informatics Application in Turkey One of the Largest Medical Informatics Application in Turkey Picture Archieving and Communication System & Radiology Information System Picture Archieving and Communication System & Radiology Information System Information Monitoring Information Monitoring Voice-controlled Systems Voice-controlled Systems Applications on PDAs & Tablet PCs Applications on PDAs & Tablet PCs All Developed and Implemented By Our Company

11 Hacettepe University Hospitals’ Integrated HIMS Integrated Hospital Information Management System (Fully Integrated 4 Hospitals, 39 Modules, 1500 Users) - Patient Management - Appointment & Scheduling - Order Entry Management - Archieve/Medical Records Management - Operating Theatre Management - Clinics & Department Management - Laboratory Management - Patient Billing & Accounting - Pharmacy Management - Materials Management - Inventory Control - Planning, Budgeting and Purchasing - Human Resources Management - Statistics – MIS/DSS - System Management - Sterilized Inventory - Blood Bank System - Diet/Kitchen Management - Medical Data Dictionary - Medical Device Management - Intranet Information System -... Are All Developed By Our Company Time our system is commissioned (Today Hacettepe’s Income is 150 M USD without any raise in # of patients and/or procedures) Accrual Income

12  HU University Hospitals RIS-PACS  1 PET  4 MR (1 3T MR)  7 CT, 2 DR, 2 CR, 5 USG,  1 MMG, 1 Chest; Total 23 Modality. One of the largest implementations in Europe CR Xray RF Xray Vasc. Ultrasound NM MR CT Hacettepe University Hospitals’ Integrated RIS&PACS

13 System Components – HIS-RIS-PACS Interaction Environment HIS- RIS Station PACS Q&A Station PACS Q&A Station Modality Station Modality station

14 International Achievements – KFSH&RC

15 International Achievements

16 Largest “homecare” provider (30% market share) of Nederland in via 2,000 employees in 25 units serves for 80,000 patients corTTex is the winner of “DZR Electronic Medical Records Tender”, got a score of 196/200 where closest competitor is 120/200 2 pilot projects (physical theraphy, materials management) were accomplished in only 2 months DZR decided to enter long term partnership with corTTex Nederland BV for its SW projects International Achievements

17 DZR: Some sample screens

18 International Achievements

19 OrganisationNamePhoneFaxE-Mail METU-SRDCAsuman Dogac+90-312-2105598+90(312) OFFISPeter Jensch+49-441-7982992+49-441-7982196 SEBTLeslie Finlay + 44 28 90565261+ 44 28 ALTECAdamantios Koumpis +30 2310 595659+30 2310 Tepe Technology Bulent Kunac IT InnovationMike Surridge +44 23 8076 0834+44 23 8076 International Achievements

20 Reasons to Implement an ECPS  Various discrete systems existed along the prescription-to-payment cycle  Standards were either not available, consistent, and/or fully applied at the point of processing, i.e., a certain level of standards based processing and functionality could not be assured and utilized  Wrong prescriptions and their impact to government could not be detected, measured and prevented.  Extremely high manual workload caused the provision and control services last long and claims were not being controlled sufficiently and objectively, feedbacks cannot be issued and misuses cannot be prevented.  The costs and quality of healthcare services cannot be measured and evaluated and therefore cost reduction and service improvement could not be easily accomplished.  Since the overall medication transactions of a single patient could not be fully recorded or traced over/misusage of benefits could not be monitorized and prohibited  Negative human factor was almost everywhere which spoils the overall cycle and forms nonstandard operations  Actors of the system are spread in a very large geographical area

21 Reasons to Implement an ECPS: In Brief

22 Turkish Armed Forces Healthcare Provision & Reimbursement System

23  Recording by electronic means  Central control and on-line provision  Claims processing and reimbursement of MedicationMedication Inpatient/outpatient healthcare servicesInpatient/outpatient healthcare services Laboratory TestsLaboratory Tests Medical ImagingMedical Imaging Eye GlassesEye Glasses Orthesis/prosthesisOrthesis/prosthesis provided by civil sources to TAF Staff and Their DependentsTAF Staff and Their Dependents TAF Healthcare Provision & Reimbursement System Scope of Application: Serving For (2.5+ million people) Serving For (2.5+ million people) More Than 10,000 Users More Than 10,000 Users 20+ Million Transactions 20+ Million Transactions (worth 300M USD) / Year (worth 300M USD) / Year

24 TAF HPRS - Benefits of the system: Patients T.A.F. Fast transactions No surprises Verification of healthcare service, treatment and medication Measuring healthcare in various aspects Evaluating and planning healthcare Cost accounting Application of healthcare policies Efficient and standard process Minimizing human factor, minimum error level Lower operating costs Transition to EHR Multidimensional MIS/DSS Support

25 MoD Healtcare Providers Measurement of Healthcare Costs Envisioning Healthcare Economy Financial Planning Cost Reduction Fast reimbursement and payment Lower invoice return rate Real-time verification of service No surprises Accrual Units & Reimbursement Fast and standard processing Daily monitoring for accrual and reimbursement Minimum manpower and resources TAF HPRS - Benefits of the system:

26 Contracte d Healthcare Provider Provision Request Via Internet TAF HPRS Electronic Patient Records Advanced Data&Rule Base Healthcare Provider Info Medication (Drug) Databank Regulations&Practices KB Medical Knowledge Bases Patient & Healthcare (Transactions) Database Data / Info / Rules Decision OK NOK Data Storage Payer: MoD MIS / DSS OLAP Payment Call Center MD, Specialist

27 Turkish Pharmacists Association Prescription Control System

28  Recording by electronic means  Central control and on-line provision  Claims processing and reimbursement of MedicationMedication provided by civil sources to Government employees & their dependentsGovernment employees & their dependents TAF Healthcare Provision & Reimbursement System Scope of Application: Joint Project (PP) of MoF & TPA Joint Project (PP) of MoF & TPA Serving For (10 million people) Serving For (10 million people) More Than 20,000 Users More Than 20,000 Users 70+ Million Transactions 70+ Million Transactions (worth 1 B$ USD) / Year (worth 1 B$ USD) / Year

29 Our Vision Health Information Technology

30 Challenging (?!) Successful (?) Failure (!) 28% 46% 26% From TECHED 2001, Barcelona Information Technology – Current Status

31 Change in User Requirements % 43 Change in Data Structures % 17 Ad-hoc Modifications %12 Routine Maintenance % 9 Hardware Change % 6 Documentation % 5 Performance % 4 Other % 3 User Requirements Change Continuously Survey Results on 500 Large Scale IT Projects Information Technology – Current Status

32 Healthcare IT – Current Status

33 X

34 Any Questions? This is healthcare This is your healthcare provider in healthcare Healthcare IT – Current Status

35 Why Workflow in Medical IT? Healthcare environments are really tough; Demanding users (infact they need to be) Many systems from many suppliers have to coexist (and to be integrated) Substantial changes in GUIs, business processes almost every day Need for a platform “naturally” fits to and really “lives” with the healthcare environment Need for a visible, measurable manageable, scaleable platform Need for a modelling and rapid-prototyping platform Need for a platform that “applies” standards and quality measures

36 Resources Workflow: A Different View for Health Enterprise Roles Processes Workflow

37 S1S2 S4 S5 S3 S6 S7 S8 Role_1 Condition_1 Resource_1 Workflow: Program the Program Role_4 Condition_4 Resource_4 Role_3 Condition_3 Resource_3 Role_2 Condition_2 Resource_2 Role_5 Condition_5 Resource_5 Role_6 Condition_6 Resource_6 Role_7 Condition_7 Resource_7 Role_8 Condition_8 Resource_8

38 Workflow: Automate the Units / Departments


40 Technology and Standards Enterprise Workflow Based Flexible, measurable and manageable processes (Near) Real-time Provide the sufficient piece of data/info for each particular process Enterprise-wide solution Same system in a hospital and chain of hospitals, region or even a country Internet technologies XML, Web services, ASP model, central-discentral operations, scaleable systems Rely on Standards Std. Protocols: HL7, DICOM,etc. Std. Code Sets: ICD 9/10 /CM, CPT, etc. Secure and reliable architecture Provide security for overall system, operations, communications rather than expecting an external solution Multimedia EMR Any medical data is wellcome (picture, movie, image, sound, waveform, etc)


42 Team Model Application Model Work Plan Resources Attributes Process Model Risk Management Our Methodology/Approach: MSF/SDD

43 Process Model: Time V2.0 V1.1 Functionality V1.0 Our Methodology/Approach: MSF/SDD



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