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Division of Vocational Rehabilitation “The Vendor Registration Process”

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1 Division of Vocational Rehabilitation “The Vendor Registration Process”

2 How a Company or Individual Becomes a Vendor

3 Step One Initial contact with DVR representative to discuss available services and/or goods

4 Step Two DVR representative provides prospective vendor with Vendor Registration Form and W-9 -OR- Prospective vendor accesses forms on DVR website:

5 Step Three Any questions/clarifications are directed to initial DVR representative

6 Step Four Prospective Vendor sends completed forms: W-9 and Vendor Registration Form to initial DVR representative

7 Step Five DVR staff reviews standards, certifications and/or qualifications and calls Prospective Vendor, if necessary DVR adds appropriate service codes and approves for processing

8 Step Six Approved by DVR representative and sent to DVR Administration Office for final processing For vendor status information, call initial DVR representative

9 Q:How long does it take to become a vendor? A:Between 3-5 business days. Q:Once the paperwork is received by DVR, how long before I can start providing services as a new vendor? A:As a vendor, services cannot be provided until an authorization for service is received. Q:My Mom is the daycare provider for my family. Can I have DVR pay her? A:Yes, but she will need to sign up as a vendor.

10 Q:Do I have to complete all of the forms if I am only going to be used once? A:Yes, the Vendor Registration Form and W-9 must be completed. Q:I am an individual operating out of my house and I do not have an EIN (Employer Identification Number), what should I do? A:You can use your Social Security Number. Q:Since I am being paid by DVR, does that mean I am covered by DVR’s insurance if anything goes wrong? A:No. You are an independent contractor with the State of Colorado and must carry your own insurance.

11 Q:How do I get DVR staff to know that my business exists? A:The marketing of your business is your responsibility. Q:As a vendor, I don’t have an office; can I use state offices to conduct business? A:No. Q:Can I provide services without a valid or current authorization in hand? A:No, you must have written authorization in hand. Without written authorization, you risk not being reimbursed for services rendered.

12 Q:Who do I contact with questions before becoming a vendor? A:Speak with your initial DVR representative or your local DVR Field Office. Q:Who do I contact with questions after I am already a vendor? A:Speak with the authorizing Counselor and/or Administrative Assistant at your local DVR office. Q:Is my DBA my legal name or just the name of my business? A:The legal name of your business is what the IRS has listed for your Tax Identification Number. Your DBA is the name by which your customers know you.

13 Q:What address should I use? A:Use the address where you would like your payment to be sent. Q:What do I enter in the service code section on the Vendor Registration Form? A:The service code section is for DVR staff purposes only.

14 Billing Q:How do I get paid? A:A State generated check. Q:When do I get paid? A:Per state fiscal rules, you will get paid within 45 days of an invoice received. We make every effort to expedite this process to provide a quicker delivery of payment.

15 Q:What should I include on my bill when I send it to DVR for payment? A:Billing Elements: Vendor Name, Authorization Number, Invoice Number, Dates of Service, Remittance Amount, Counselor Name, Client Identification, an itemized list of services and/or goods provided, if Medical (include CPT codes).

16 Q:What type of supporting documentation do I need to provide when I send a bill to DVR? A:A written report needs to accompany the bill for all services rendered or a signed receipt for all goods. Please communicate with the authorizing counselor to determine what elements are needed within the report.

17 DVR retains the right to terminate business with a vendor at anytime without notice DVR and/or Vendor are not obligated to long- term partnerships or quotas

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