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Gemlee Commander, Praetorian Guard Airsoft Operation White Jindo 6; The Resistance.

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1 Gemlee Commander, Praetorian Guard Airsoft Operation White Jindo 6; The Resistance

2 Meeting Topic Discussion What is New?? Area of Operation Time Line of Operation Scenarios Cadre duties and responsibilities Logistics (S-4) Pierce College Auxiliary personnel Cost Analysis Open Forum

3 Operation White Jindo 2 July To provide an Airsoft Event that will introduce new ideas and concept to the airsoft community. 2. To attain bragging rights of having a quality event provided by PG. 3. To sponsor Pierce College International Student by providing them a free activity and earn money.

4 What is new in Op White Jindo 6 ??? Dedicated, Motivated, Trained Cadre Leaders Brief vs. briefing the whole event participants Encourage Team work among operators vs. Lone wolf players More Pyro/Smoke/Bang simulator Use of Technical Vehicles Use of Crew Serve weapons Better accountability of players (to call their hits) by using CCP hit point system Human props Black Sheep Lounge to foster camaraderie among operators Special Missions to foster “Oh Shit!!” moments Sponsors

5 Area of Operation


7 Base Camp (Green Zone) TOC 1 st Aid Black Sheep Lounge Sleep tent Honey Bucket GENERATOR Fire Pit Flags Registration Chrono Target Range Picnic Tables Kitchen Assembly Area Bulletin Map Score board


9 Time Line of Operation (Phase 1) Land Lease secured / Camping area prep Terrain Walk through Common Task Training (Map reading/Battle Drills/ Communication/Use of Pyro & Smoke/ How to CADRE) Load cargo truck with equip. needed for Ops NLT 28 Aug 2014 Advance Party occupy AO to set up 29 AUG 2014 (Friday)

10 Time Line of Operation (Phase 2) Event Timeline: 30 Aug 2014 (SATURDAY) Registration / Chrono begins Registration / Chrono ends Briefing for day game st scenario begins st scenario ends =====Break/Lunch====== nd scenario begins nd scenario ends =====Camp preparation/Dinner====== LEADERS MEETING (Battle Update Brief) 1930 Gear up for Night Game 2000 Briefing for night game 2030 Deploy rd scenario begins rd scenario ends

11 Time Line of Operation (Phase 2 cont.) Event Timeline: 31 Aug (SUNDAY) 0900 hrs – Wake up call 1000 hrs – LEADERS MEETING (Battle Update Brief) 1100 hrs 4th scenario begins 1300 hrs 4th scenario ends 1400 hrs Closing ceremony 1500 hrs Break Camp/Farewell until Operation White Jindo 7 (AUG 2015)

12 Time Line of Operation (Phase 3) Break Camp NLT 1600 hrs (Vehicles Loaded) Arrive at Praetorian Guard HQ (Unload Vehicles) 1700 hrs. Return truck vehicle to garage 1800 hrs. Recovery Period

13 Northern Command Northern Alliance (DARK UNIFORM / RED) Russia 1st Squad 7th Regiment военкомат (voyenkomat) 1. OTTER (BLACK WATCH)= LTC Vlad Koscov (Russia) 2. NOMAD (BLACK WATCH) 3. IVY (RONIN) 4. KILO 1-4 (RONIN) 5. SEIGE (PG) North Korea 1st Platoon 766th Regiment (KPAGF; Chos ŏ n'g ŭ l: 조선인민군 육군 ) 1. STRAW (IKAIKA)= MAJOR Chung Lee (N. Korea) 2. BAILEY (IKAIKA) 3. HEXE (IKAIKA) = SUPPORT GUNNER 4. SWEEPER (IKAIKA) = SNIPER 5. GRIZZLY_02 (IKAIKA) 6. SCARECROW (IKAIKA) 7. FRODO (RONIN) 8. CT (BLACK SKULL RANGERS) 9. FADE (BLACK SKULL RANGERS) 10. TONGUE (BLACK SKULL RANGERS) 11. CAVEMAN (BLACK SKULL RANGERS) 2nd Platoon 766th Regiment (KPAGF; Chos ŏ n'g ŭ l: 조선인민군 육군 ) 1. OVERWATCH (BG AIRSOFT)= CPT Bae Pak (N. Korea) 2. HANNA (BG AIRSOFT) 3. NELSON (BG AIRSOFT) 4. SHEPARD (BG AIRSOFT) 5. COOLBEANS (PNW AIRSOFT) 6. SLIM (PNW AIRSOFT) 7. FIGHT NIGHT (PNW AIRSOFT) 8. LONEWOLF_02 (PNW AIRSOFT) 9. SPINE RIPPER (RONIN) 10. SGTMEZZ (PG)

14 Northern Command 3rd Platoon 766th Regiment (KPAGF; Chos ŏ n'g ŭ l: 조선인민군 육군 ) 1. REINDEER (PRAT)= CPT Chin Hue (N. Korea) 2. FROST (PRAT) 3. WALL (PRAT) = SUPPORT GUNNER 4. SPOON (PRAT) 5. BOULDER (PRAT) = SNIPER 6. SCARECROW_02 (PRAT) 7. WOODY (PRAT) 8. GUTS (PRAT) 9. PUDDLE PIRATE (PRAT) 10. DOC_02 (PRAT) 11. CHEE (PRAT) 4th Platoon 766th Regiment (KPAGF; Chos ŏ n'g ŭ l: 조선인민군 육군 ) 1. CEP (RONIN) 2. KRYSIS (JTF6) 3. GAMMA (JTF6) 4. VIC3 (TRIDENT AIRSOFT) 5. SPECTRUM (JTF6) 6. BLACK OUT (W.O.L.F.) 7. DEAD EYE (W.O.L.F.) 8. FENRIR (Team PatriArc) 9. TITAN REAPER (FOAD) 10. HOT TUB (RONIN) 11. MOHAWK (PG) China 1st Squad People's Liberation Army (PLA; 中国人民解放军 ) 1. TRIGGER (PG)= CPT Kwon Xiong (Chinese) 2. PADRE (IKAIKA) 3. KILLJOY (IKAIKA) 4. MOD1 (IKAIKA) 5. EVAN (RONIN) 6. LYCAN (RONIN) 7. FOREST (RONIN) 8. MYTO (RONIN) 9. SIXTY (RONIN )

15 Southern Command Southern Alliance (LIGHT UNIFORM / BLUE) United States Forces 1st Squad A Company 1st Group SF 1. BACON (DRUNKEN NARWHAL) = * LTC Lee Roberts (USA) 2. ROLO (DRUNKEN NARWHAL) 3. MONGO (DRUNKEN NARWHAL) 4. GRIMWARD (DRUNKEN NARWHAL) 5. BLOODY BONES (DRUNKEN NARWHAL) South Korea Forces 1st Platoon 52nd Regiment (ROKA; Korean: 대한민국 육군 ) 1. THUMPER ( 13TH LEGION)= MAJOR Chae Kim (S. Korea) 2. NEC (TEAM BLACK) 3. BIO HAZZARD (TEAM BLACK) 4. PETERSON (TEAM BLACK) 5. GOOSE (TEAM BLACK) 6. TOP (TEAM BLACK) 7. KHAINE (TEAM BLACK) 8. TWIN (RONIN) 9. SPARTAN_036 (RONIN) 10. WINGNUT (RONIN) 11. DOGSOLDIER7 (PG) 2nd Platoon 52nd Regiment (ROKA; Korean: 대한민국 육군 ) 1. BRUISER-2 (RONIN) = CPT Dong Sun (S. Korea) 2. JAY (SPARTAN CREW) 3. GOLDIE LOCK (SPARTAN CREW) 4. BLU (RONIN) 5. SIG (SPARTAN CREW) 6. FORD (RONIN) 7. LUCIFER (THE ORDER) 8. ARROW (THE ORDER) 9. ISKOTSU (RONIN) 10. ONE FOX (PG)

16 Southern Command 3rd Platoon 52nd Regiment (ROKA; Korean: 대한민국 육군 ) 1. SPACE GHOST (SOUTH SIDE) =CPT Jung Hee (S. Korea) 2. ROSEY (RONIN) 3. GAM (RONIN) 4. DUTCH (RONIN) 5. DOC_02 (SCOUT RANGERS) 6. KOQUN FAISE (ART OF RUIN) 7. HERCULES (RONIN) 8. RED EYE (RONIN) 9. DOC_04 (RONIN) 10. MnM (RONIN) 4th Platoon 52nd regiment (ROKA; Korean: 대한민국 육군 ) 1. CHEFZILLA (RONIN) 2. TUBBS (SKULL) 3. VIKING_02 (SKULL) 4. OGRE (Dead Patriots) 5. SPOOK (Dead Patriots) 6. SHIFTY (Dead Patriots) 7. ORDO (Dead Patriots) 8. DEAD EYE (RONIN) 9. MARTINEZ (RONIN) 10. LONEWOLF (PG) Japanese Forces Ichiban Squad ( 西部方面普通科連隊 Seibu H ō men Futs ū -ka Rentai) 1. STINGER 72 (SMC-1)= CPT Osaga Yamamoto (Japan) 2. FLEA (TITS) - SNIPER 3. SNOOP(TITS) - SNIPER 4. MATT (RONIN) 5. BUDDHA (PG)

17 Scenarios 1 (2 hrs) Scenario 1 China N. Korea Russia USA Japan S. Korea

18 Point System Tasking / Victory point Secure Color Flag points = 100 Sniper missions = 50 Capture HVT = 50 Accountability of subordinates = 25 SALUTE report mission = 50

19 Scenario 2 (2 hrs) Kings Rd Queens Rd FB Alpha Mortar pit Cmp Eagle Crows point

20 Scenario 3 NIGHT (2 hour)

21 Scenario 4 (3 hrs)

22 Cadre Act as the guide for each team (advice, mentor, motivate) Facilitate the game flow (resolve conflicts) Enforce the game rules Eyes and ears of Tactical Operation Command Only personnel authorized to use Pyro, Blast simulators, Flares and Radio Carries the Team Flag for CCP (re-spawn location) Radio Telephone Operator for their team. UNIFORM: Orange Cap, BDU (Dark) or ACU (Light) EQUIPMENT: Whistle, Backpack, Compass, 2-way Radio

23 Logistics S-4 Tents - 4 Dune buggies - 2 Cots – 4 Technical vehicle - 2 Fire pit (Firewood) Cargo Truck - 1 Tables – 4 Generator - 1 Water Jugs – 6 Honey Bucket - 1 Coolers -2 Individual AEG vs. Loaner Trash cans – 1 HUTU vs. Tracer Unit Kitchen Mess BBs vs. Glow in the dark Food Misc ?????

24 Auxiliary Personnel Pierce College Students Duty: Registration / Mess Hall/ Civilian players (Insurgents)

25 Cost Analysis Land Lease = $100/day ($300) Cargo vehicle rental = $200 Arm Bands = $300 Food/Beverages = $200 Dune Buggy Engine Tune up = Approx: $200 Fuel = Approx: $ 100 Honey Bucket = $ 200 Pyro/Props = $150 Purchase Order (BBs/Tracer Units/Misc) =$ 200 Total = $1,850 subtract $400 (proceed) = $1,450


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