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2  MSSC: Work and worker standards, curricula, assessments and certifications for the core technical competencies of front-line industrial jobs  Applicable to all front-line production jobs (7 million)  Applicable to all front-line material handling and distribution jobs (5.3 million) 2

3  1998: Recognized by the federally created U.S. National Skill Standards Board (NSSB) as the “Voluntary Partnership” for all of manufacturing  Responsible under National Skill Standards Act for developing industry-led standards, assessments and certifications for front-line workers (entry-level through front-line supervisor)  2001: NSSB formally endorsed MSSC national standards. Standards development involved 700 companies, 4000 front-line workers, 300 experts, $9 million public & private funds 3

4  ANSI ISO Standard 17024 Accreditation (Dec 2011) for both CPT and CLT. Only U.S. Certification body with ISO 17024 for manufacturing and logistics.  Adopted by US DOL, US DOEd, US DOD, Job Corps, VA, Federal Prison System  Only Partner in the NAM-Endorsed Skill Certification System to receive two NAM endorsements CPT (2009) and CLT (2011) 4

5  Prepare the technologically-savvy, agile Industrial Athlete of the Future 5

6  Currency: Standards updated annually by industry subject matter experts. Courses and assessments aligned with standards  Infrastructure: 905+ teachers, 397 CC & 1000 HS assessment sites  Delivery: 53,000+ assessments & 44,000+ credentials  Currently in 39 states  Top 10: IN, OH, FL, WI, TX, SC, CA, NC, IL, CO 6

7  Focus: Core competencies needed for agile, multi-disciplinary worker using more technology, more quickly  Deploy system of training, assessment and certification – based on industry-led, validated MSSC standards  Example: Successful ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification – the standard for automotive repair technicians 7

8  Critical Work Functions of Production ◦ Safety ◦ Quality Practices & Measurement ◦ Manufacturing Processes & Production ◦ Maintenance Awareness ◦ Green Production (recent addition)  Certified Logistics Associate (Foundational) ◦ Global supply chain life cycle, basic terminology, safety, quality, equipment, behavior, teamwork, communication, computers  Certified Logistics Technician (Mid-technical) ◦ Receiving, storing, ordering, packaging, shipping, inventory control, transportation modes, dispatch, tracking, measurement, metric conversion 8

9  Modular courses provided both in a blended learning mode (half instructor-led, half e- learning) or fully online (instructor mentored)  MSSC/Amatrol e-learning: computer-based simulation, multimedia, interactive  Course Length ◦ 35-45 hours for each CPT Module ◦ 28 hours for each CLT Module 9

10 10 Individuals who earn a full-CPT AE or full-CLT AE credential will receive:  A diploma-style credential  Wallet card  Sew-on patch for their uniform Note: “AE” designates ANSI/ISO Edition

11  Aligns well with NAM System partners  Aligns well with AMTEC MSSC CPT NIMS AWS SME ACT Foundational Manufacturing Career Pathway MSSC CLT ASTL APICS Foundational TDL Career Pathway MSSC CPT AMTEC Auto Career Pathway Foundational 11

12  Pipeline of skilled workers by embedding MSSC certification training into schools  Decreased recruitment costs by preferring job candidates with industry-recognized credentials  Elimination of company remedial training costs  Attract, motivate and retain qualified employees  Agile workers capable of keeping pace with technological change  Increased training ROI by targeting skills gaps benchmarked against standards 12

13  Document skills and knowledge in short period at low cost  Obtain industry-recognized, nationally portable credentials  Stronger sense of confidence and professionalism:  Better workplace skills (communication/teamwork) 13

14  Increases industry client base through MSSC network and nationally recognized certification-based training  Increases student enrollment through on- demand e-learning solutions  Provides instructor training to increase skills and opportunities  Multiple delivery formats allow flexible scheduling  Enables schools to offer certifications as well as degrees 14

15 Number of Assessment Centers: 41 FL is MSSC’s 3 rd most active state (behind IN & OH) Total Assessments & Certifications: 15

16  CPT Modules: 16

17 AssessedCertified Treasure Coast High School362210 Lakewood Ranch High School347243 Marion Technical Institute (MTI)279129 Sarasota County School District12955 Central Florida Community College12348 Polk County Schools Ridge9553 Nature Coast Technical High School8240 Polk County Schools George Jenkins High7435 Polk County Schools Lake Region7435 Polk County Schools Kathleen Senior High6652 Polk State College6548 Boyd H. Anderson High School339 Lake Wales High School2810 Bayshore High School179 Total Credentials (within last year)976 17

18 Manufacturing: 278,470 jobs Logistics: 279,450 jobs Total M&L: 557,920 jobs 18

19  MaxPak  Coca Cola  Mosaic  Florida’s Natural  Tropicana  Knight’s Armament  Cardio Command, Inc.  JDC, Inc. 19

20 Neil Reddy Executive Director Tel. 703-739-9000 x2221 20

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