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The nuts and bolts of QCDR reporting via AQI

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1 The nuts and bolts of QCDR reporting via AQI
AQI and QCDR The nuts and bolts of QCDR reporting via AQI

2 PQRS reporting via QCDR
The Qualified Clinical Data Registry is a new PQRS reporting channel in 2014. AQI has been designated as a QCDR. Practices can do PQRS reporting through AQI via the QCDR reporting channel.

3 QCDR Reporting through AQI
Sign-up for the ASA QCDR Service ASA is selling the service AQI is the technical services vendor Sign-up with AQI Groups must be AQI participants Contribute the correct data to AQI for PQRS reporting via the QCDR channel

4 ASA QCDR Service The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), through its affiliate, Anesthesia Quality Institute (AQI), has developed a meaningful way for physician anesthesiologists to successfully participate in the PQRS. More information is available on the ASA website here: Send Questions to –

5 AQI Participation In order to report PQRS via QCDR with AQI, groups must be participants of AQI. More information about participating in AQI is on the AQI website:

6 2015 PQRS reporting via QCDR
9 measures from 3 domains including at least 2 outcomes Report on all cases This is different from claims made reporting MAV does not apply Monthly feedback on each EP and each measure via reporting from AQI

7 QCDR Reporting Steps Collect the data – demographic and clinical
Report data to AQI Monitor the QCDR reports provided by AQI Review data at end of year AQI submits your data to CMS

8 The Measures 19 measures 8 existing PQRS measures 11 non-PQRS QCDR measures 12 measures must be reported using Cat II CPT codes 7 measures reporting using other codes The measures cover a variety of domains Process, Communication and Care Coordination, Outcomes, Effective Clinic Care, & Patient Safety

9 Collect the clinical data
QCDR requires reporting on 9 measures across 3 NQS domains including 2 outcomes. This data will come from a variety of systems Billing - general demographic and process measures Quality Capture – clinical outcomes AIMS – clinical outcomes/patient safety EMR – clinical outcomes and other domains

10 Collecting data for Process Measures
Claims reporting works well for collecting process measures. Providers check a box on a piece of paper. Coders enter Cat II CPT codes into the billing system and the codes come to AQI. Many of the measures can be collected and reported using Cat II CPT codes via the billing systems.

11 Collecting Data for Clinical Measures
Clinical outcomes will need to be collected to satisfactorily participate in PQRS QCDR Many groups collect clinical outcomes using paper forms Data needs to be digitized and coded to AQI specifications Data will then be uploaded to AQI’s FTP server

12 Collecting data from AIMS/EMR
Your EMR/AIMS will contain several useful measures Use of transfer of care checklist is an example Groups will need to work with their software provider to create reporting This includes entering the data and extracting the data Output file will be sent to AQI

13 Report your data to AQI The data required for QCDR reporting most likely will be in multiple files These files will need to be uploaded to AQI AQI will work with you to ensure the proper data is being reported Work with your vendors – billing, quality, AIMS, EMR to ensure their systems are capturing the data you need and reporting it to AQI

14 Monitor Reports AQI provides feedback at the group and individual EP level on all measures you send in Reports are refreshed with every new data file groups submit AQI will schedule periodic meetings to review your reports There will be a meeting with signoff prior to AQI submitting your data

15 QCDR Reporting – Success Factors
Groups who are able to satisfactorily participate in PQRS via QCDR: Are members of AQI (and submit the correct data) Have a quality capture program in place Dedicate staff/resources to the QCDR project Want to be seen as leaders in the field

16 Next Steps Contact AQI to setup a meeting to discuss your current local conditions and capabilities AQI is here to guide you on the path to satisfactory participation in PQRS via the QCDR

17 CMS Resources – Simple version
CMS documentation on 2014 QCDR:

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