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Health Information Professions. Health Information Management Health Informatics Health Informatiion Technolgoy Care for patients by caring for medical.

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1 Health Information Professions

2 Health Information Management Health Informatics Health Informatiion Technolgoy Care for patients by caring for medical data. Ensure patient’s health information is: Complete Accurate Protected Readily available for healthcare providers when needed

3 Components of HIM and HI Health Information Management and Informatics EHRS Legal aspects of health information systems quality Coding and classification systems Regulatory and accrediting agency requirements Human resource management Clinical medicine

4 Health Information Management (HIM) Finance Management Medicine Information Technology Medicine Acquire, analyze, and protect digital and traditional medical information vital to provide quality patient care Eligible to sit for RHIA

5 Health Information Technology (HIT) Provides methods for health care providers to better manage patient care through secure use and sharing of health information Framework used to manage health information and exchange of health information in a digital format. Focused on the technical side of managing health information, working with software and hardware used to manage and store patient data. Typically Information Technology backgrounds

6 Health Informatics (HI) Focuses on information systems, informatics principles, and information technology across the continuum of healthcare delivery –management science, management engineering principles, healthcare delivery and public health, patient safety, information science and computer technology. 4 focus areas: –Medical/Bio Informatics – physician/research based –Nursing Informatics – clinical/research based –Public Health Informatics – public health/biosurveillance based –Applied Informatics –flow of electronic medical information including process, policy and technological solutions

7 Coding vs. Health Information Technician (HIT) vs. Health Information Management (HIM) vs. Health Informatics (HI)

8 Credential Pathways * 2008 salary data CCA: Certified Coding Associate Education <= 1 year Avg salary $36.9 K CCS: Certified Coding Specialist / CCS-P: Certified Coding Specialist – Physician based 3 yrs on the job No specific education -> on the job training Avg salary $56.7 K RHIT: Registered Health Information Technician Associates Degree Avg Salary $52.8 RHIA: Registered Health Information Administrator Bachelor’s Degree Avg Salary $68.2K CHDA: Certified Health Data Analyst BS + 5 years work experience OR RHIA + 1 year experience CHPS: Certified in Healthcare Privacy and Security BS + 4 years experience OR MS + 2 years experience OR RHIA + 2 years experience

9 Coding Non credentialed and credentialed personnel Code medical information using different coding systems based on setting –CPT-4 –ICD-9 –Snomed –ICD-O Settings include: hospitals, ambulatory care, rehabilitation centers, drug and alcohol facilities, local health departments,, physician practice

10 Current Coding Jobs by Required Credential JobCCACCS/ CCS-P RHITRHIA Coding Manager XXXX Inpatient CoderX + 3 years experience XX Coding Manager XXX Senior Coding Consultant XXX Remote Coder/ Auditor X

11 Health Information Technician Associate’s degree focusing on technical aspects in health information departments in a wide variety of health care settings. –Settings include: hospitals, ambulatory care, rehabilitation centers, drug and alcohol facilities, local health departments, third-party payers, pharmaceutical companies, acute care, insurance companies, physician practice Eligible to sit for RHIT Education focused on: –Health care delivery –Coding and abstracting –Terminology –Quality Improvement –Internship

12 Current HIT Jobs Focused more on technical (coding, billing, abstraction) aspects of health information management. Hospital coder/abstractor Physician BillerMedical Record Technician Tumor RegistrarCompliance Specialist Clinical Documentation Specialist HIM SupervisorRevenue AnalystHIM Reimbursement Analyst

13 Health Information Manager - Education Education Focus Clinical medicineCoding and classification systemsDatabase and Clinical information systemsQuality and Human Resource ManagementProject Management and Systems AnalysisLegal and Ethical Aspects of EHR

14 Current RHIA Jobs Employment settings include: ambulatory care, rehabilitation centers, drug and alcohol facilities, local health departments, third-party payers, pharmaceutical companies, acute care, insurance companies Compliance Specialist/Privacy Officer Business Development Project Manager Hospital Compliance Auditor Senior Practice Manager Client Implementation Manager Director, Health Information Manager Decision Support Sr. Business Analyst Manager, Electronic Clinical Applications Director of Training & Education- Hospital Coding/Compliance Services

15 MS in Health Informatics Skills and competencies: health data management information policy information systems administrative and clinical work flow Focused on operations management assure accurate and complete medical record cost effective information processing Not Eligible to sit for RHIA

16 Health Information Manager - Education Health Informatics Database Development Management Information Systems Project Management Systems Analysis Legal and Ethical Aspects of EHR Information Standards Leadership Education Focus

17 Current Health Informatics Jobs Vice President, Client Audit Services Chief Executive Officer Medical Billing and Insurance Coding Program Chair/Instructor Senior Practice Manager Manager of Research/Medical Informatics Healthcare Clinical Analyst Regional Application Suite Director Regional Director Organizational Readiness Healthcare Terminologist

18 Health Information Professions Salary and Job Market

19 Primary Work Settings

20 Non-Provider Settings

21 Average Salary by Work Setting

22 Average Director Salary by Education

23 Average Coder Salaries by Credential

24 Bureau of Labor Statistics National HIM Employment Needs Increased demand is on the rise at all levels of education and credentialing. One of the 20 fastest growing occupations in the US Employment increase of 20% -> much faster than other professions Over 35,000 new jobs by 2018

25 Contributing Factors to HIT Labor Shortage Graying of America - Bureau of Labor Statistics –Inadequate pool of newer workers to fill vacancies and provide care when current workers retire. ARRA requirement for “meaningful use” of electronic health records by health care providers Change from ICD-9 to ICD-10 in 2013

26 Southeastern PA HIM Employment Needs Philadelphia Workforce Investment Board 29% of jobs in SE PA in healthcare or education 12 of the top 20 employers in Philadelphia in healthcare: –PENN, CHOP, TJUH, TENET, TUHS, IBX, FRANKFORD, PENNSYLVANIA HOSPITAL, GSK Most in demand skills in Philadelphia Region: –Basic computer skills enhanced with literacy enabling workers to locate and maintain office and clerical positions across industry sectors –Mid-level computer support specialists

27 Temple’s Credit Bearing HIM/HI Programs

28 Temple University 39 th largest comprehensive institution in U.S. Annual investment of $100 M in programs and research Philadelphia’s 6 th largest employer Recognized as one of the nation’s “most connected” universities One of the nation’s largest educators in the combined fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, podiatry and law. –1 in 5 professionals in US graduated from Temple Health Information Management (HIM) Department: –Academic professional leadership since 1969 –Accredited by CAHIIM

29 BS in HIM Program

30 Prerequisite Courses University Core Quantitative Reasoning Math 1011/C055 Statistics 2101/C021 Math1013/C067 Psychology 1167/C067 Science and Technology Kinesiology 1223/C100 Kinesiology 1224/C101 Anatomy & Physiology I Anatomy & Physiology II Computer and Information Sciences CIS1055/C055 Electives (7 -8)

31 Professional Courses – Junior Year FallSpring Health Information System in Acute Care Legal Aspects of Health Information U.S. Health Care System Health Information Systems in Non-acute Care Language of Medicine Clinical Medicine I Statistics, Research & Registries in Health Care International Classification of Disease Healthcare Database Administration Management in Health Information Systems * Professional Practice Internship

32 Professional Courses – Senior Year FallSpring Health Informatics: Infrastructure and Standards Health Informatics: Systems and Design CPT CodingSystems Analysis in Health Information Management Quality Improvement in Health CarePolitical, Social and Ethical Aspects of Health Information Clinical Medicine II Health Care Reimbursement Systems Human Resource Management in Health Information Systems (WI) Management Internship – 40 Hours x 4 weeks *Professional Practice Internship HIM Case Studies (WI)

33 MSHI - Master’s of Science in Health Informatics

34 Admission Requirements Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. Cumulative GPA of 3.0 for admission to Graduate School –3.25 GPA in 3 prerequisite courses, if HIM body of knowledge is required, based on resume Computer competency examination Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Career statement: Two Graduate Recommendation forms Interview with Health Informatics departmental faculty


36 Post-BS Certificate in Health Care Informatics PROPOSED

37 Post-BS Certificate Program- 4 tracks CertificateHealth Informatics Healthcare Data Analytics Clinical Health Leader Health Information Privacy and Security HCM 5101- Health Systems Organization and Development - PRE- REQ If no health care background MIS 5001- Managing Information Technology XXXX HIM 8001- Information Technology for the HER XXXX HIM 8027- EHR: Ethical, Legal and Advocacy Aspects X HIM 8028- HIS:Standards and Electronic Applications X HIM 8011- Healthcare Reimbursement Systems X MIS 5101- Database Analysis and Design X OT 8509- Leadership in the Health Professions- The Art and Science of Influence X HIM 8029- Graduate Seminar X MIS 5105- Emerging Technology- Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Information Security X HIM 8027- EHR: Ethical, Legal and Advocacy Aspects X

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