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NPS Army Student Welcome Brief COL Andy Hernandez Senior Army Officer at NPS Associate Dean, Graduate School of Operational & Information Sciences GL-220A,

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1 NPS Army Student Welcome Brief COL Andy Hernandez Senior Army Officer at NPS Associate Dean, Graduate School of Operational & Information Sciences GL-220A, 656-3116,

2 Duties: Associate Dean, Sr. Army Rep, Dir. Wargaming, Military Instructor, Research Lead Military –Field Artillery, FA49 (ORSA), Joint Staff Officer (3L) –FAOBC, FAOAC, CAS3, CGSC (JPME I), JFSC (JPME II), AWC Academic –M.S. in Operations Analysis, NPS –B.S. in Civil Engineering, USMA Teaching –Baker University: Quantitative Analysis –NPS: Wargaming Analysis, Probability & Statistics

3 Senior Army Representative Role Senior advocate with the NPS administration, local units and activities; Senior advocate with HRC and gaining units; Disseminate Army issues and policies to students; Good order and discipline of all Army personnel; Single point of contact for Army issues; Educate and inform potential Army students concerning NPS Programs; Direct students toward relevant Army and Joint theses; Reviewer for all Academic Efficiency Reports (AERs); Teach, coach, advice and mentor: Open Door policy.

4 Chains of Command Academic: –Professors and Department Chairs / Program Officers –Associate Dean –Dean of Students (CAPT K. Hobbs, USN) –President (VADM D. Oliver, USN (ret)) Army: –Class leader (student) –Student Liaison Officer; (Program Officers  Associate Deans) –COL Hernandez (Dean of Students and Associate Deans) CPT Ferguson (Student Detachment Commander) 1SG Sandra N. Espinoza

5 Example School Organization and CoC Dean of Stu. Dir. Of Prog. Students GSOIS MILFAC GSOIS Staff Army SLO

6 NPS Schools & Activities VADM Oliver (ret) President Dr. Leonard Ferarri Vice Pres. & Provost Graduate School of Operations & Information Sciences Graduate School of Engineering & Applied Sciences Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Dr. Robert Beck - Dean School of International Graduate Studies Dr. Jim Wirtz - Dean LTC Dave Hudak - Director TRADOC Analysis Center (TRAC) Monterey Dr. Peter Purdue - Dean Dr. Sivaguru Sritharan - Dean OR, CS, DA, ISEE, Systems Eng, Space,… Manpower, Log, Finance, Contracting, Acquisition,… FAO, NSA, SS,… MAJ Mark McGovern CPT Shannon Stambersky MAJ Pat Workman MAJ Raf Rodriguez Army Student Liaison Officers (SLO) Link up with your SLO GSBPP Curricula SIGS - NSA, CHDS, DRMI OR, CS, GSEAS Curricula DA and IS Research Institutes Cebrowski, National Security, Meyer, MOVES

7 The Army at NPS NPS –Approximately 200 officers –25+ retired Army on faculty –Fellowships from AWC, USMA, … TRAC-Monterey (TRADOC Analysis Center) –Applied research organization for military modeling, simulation, and analysis. –Good source for thesis topics Intermediate Level Education (ILE) – ongoing –Working to get ILE here to support Army Officers on a yearly basis Defense Language Institute/POM presence: Language courses are available --- watch for announcements

8 SIGS GSBPP GSOIS GSEAS 681 - 11 682 - 3 683 - 3 684 - 3 686 - 1 687 - 5 691 - 1 692 - 4 815 – 4 816 – 8 819 – 2 827 – 1 837 – 3 847 – 3 360 – 16, 362 – 1 365 – 1 368 - 5, 369 - 2 370 - 2 399 - 6 474 – 2, 595 – 1 698 - 4, 699 - 52 366 - 5 380 - 3 580 - 2 591 - 1 Sr. FAO – COL Mark Chakwin MILFAC – LTC Mark Hladky MILFAC - None SLO – CPT Shannon Stambersky SLO – MAJ Mark McGovernSLO – MAJ Workman/Rodriguez SLO – MAJ Workman Assoc Dean : COL A. Hernandez, MILFAC - LTC L. Ewing/J. Shaw Total Army Students Onboard Spring 2008 - 155 681 - 684 National Security Affairs For Geographical Regions 686 – Stability & Reconstruct 687 – Def Decision Planning 691/92 – Homeland Security 815 – Contracting 816 – Systems Management 819 – Supply Chain Mgt 827 – Logistics Management 837 – Financial Management 847 – Manpower Sys Analysis 360/2 – Operations Research 361 – Human Systems Eng 365 – JC4I 368 – Computer Science 369 – Software Engineering 370 – Information Technology 399 – Modeling & Simulation 474 – Information Science 595 - Information Warfare 698 – Joint IO 699 - SOLIC 366 – Space Operations 380 – Applied Mathematics 580 – Systems Engineering 591 – Space Systems Eng. MILFAC - None



11 Medical – Family TRIWEST; POM Clinic Primarily for Active Duty PDHA must be complete Dental Care - 4th Floor, Herrmann Hall (Active Duty) Student Service’s Web Page - Separate daily muster system Housing- Clark/Pinnacle handles Housing Assignments for La Mesa and POM Annex (Ft Ord Military Community): Working issues identified by students and NPS leadership: I want to know Representatives to Housing Board: CAPT Kathy Hobbs, COL Pete Dausen (ret), Col Dave Smarsh Administrative Support

12 Student Services Watch List Baldwin, Darren R Braman, Donald T Bryant, Keith D Ehrler, Ryan Robert Jeszenszky, Christopher Long, Joseph Williams, Edward O

13 Administrative Points Be on time. Be prepared. Be professional. Uniform –Daily: Business casual –Tuesday is Uniform Day: Class B (Winter SGL: Class A) –SECNAV Guest Lecturer (SGL) APFT Accountability –PAI –Muster daily –SGL is mandatory! Standards of Conduct prevail Casual clothes do not mean casual behavior. You are not an undergrad!

14 Administrative Points Read the Students Handbook Leave Procedure: – –Fill out and submit the Leave/Liberty/TDY Check Out Form Leave/Liberty/TDY Check Out Form –SLO for supervisor, block 12 on DA 31. CPT Ferguson at Fort Jackson is approval authority on block 13 –OCONUS leave: Senior Army Representative or designated Representative for block 12 OCONUS Leave and TDY: Read regulations –Don't forget JFTR theater/country clearance. –TDY: Don't forget AT/FP requirements. –No travel to operational theater\hazardous area. (ACS Program Office)

15 Academics Your Military Mission: Successfully complete your program and obtain a master’s degree. NPS is your place of duty and studying is your job: –Attend all scheduled classes and labs –Tuesdays @ 15:00 is The President’s Time –Manage your schedule, your time and your stress levels Your Thesis & Research –Start the process early –Pick a relevant Army or Joint Operational topic: Many advisors from which to choose –Publish in a professional journal –Beware of plagiarism

16 Academics Studying is your “Full Time Job” Balance the Stress of academics –Manage your time (schedule discipline) –Stay ahead of the curve; don’t fall behind –Family time – essential to your academic success –Volunteer, work out, play golf, make lifelong friends Take advantage of the extras and the environment –Monterey and surrounding area –MWR –Joint and international officers in your curriculum –Guest speakers and optional lectures

17 Extracurricular Activities & Recreation: Golf (best in the world), Boating (NPS Sailing Club being re-established), Auto/Motorcycle Racing (Laguna Seca), Bicycle racing, Judo Club, Rifle & Pistol Team, Hiking & Sightseeing (this is a pet friendly area), … MWR at Presidio/NPS: Ski, scuba, bike, kayak, climbing, camping rentals, trips all over CA for wine tasting, sight seeing, ski/climbing trips. Cabin rentals at Lake Tahoe.

18 The Army at NPS Website POC: LTC Jerry Shaw, Ms. Ryan Stuart Visit the site Provide improvements Volunteer for updates Provide current events Help make the site a useful one to both new and current students.

19 Questions

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