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CPT 123 Internet Skills Class Notes Internet Services Session A.

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1 CPT 123 Internet Skills Class Notes Internet Services Session A

2 CPT 123 Internet Skills Internet Services Electronic Mail Bulletin Board Service File Transfer Remote Login Browsing the WWW Gopher WAIS (Wide Area Information Servers)

3 CPT 123 Internet Skills Electronic Mail We have covered this topic in the overview lectures. The major point is that there is more to electronic mail than meets the eye to the standard on-line user of this service and application.

4 CPT 123 Internet Skills Bulletin Board Service (Network News) Allows an individual to participate in multiple discussion groups Each group focuses on a specific topic Service allows an individual to select one or more groups of interest Periodically check to on new items added to discussion

5 CPT 123 Internet Skills Post a note for others to read Post a note in response to an item someone else has written Fills the same need as a conventional bulletin board in everyday life BBS combines features of many communication mechanisms

6 CPT 123 Internet Skills Allows anyone to post messages for others Distributes messages to many subscribers Messages should focus on a single topic of interest to the entire group Provides messages quickly

7 CPT 123 Internet Skills Permits individuals to listen to a conversation (read) Permits individuals to ask questions Permits individuals to interject thoughts or to contribute lengthy statements on the topic

8 CPT 123 Internet Skills Some major classifications rec - arts, hobbies, recreational activities soc - social issues and cultures sci - science, engineering, mathematics comp - computer hardware and software news - network news system talk - lengthy discussions that never end misc - topics not covered by other categories

9 CPT 123 Internet Skills File Transfer [FTP] computer systems store large volumes of data this service allows individuals to download information from remote systems to their system An individual invokes an FTP application on their local computer

10 CPT 123 Internet Skills FTP application accepts a series of commands interactively FTP responds to each command the user enters User identifies a remote computer and established a connection Once connection established user interacts with remote site

11 CPT 123 Internet Skills FTP data transfers are a significant portion of Internet traffic Until 1995 FTP data transfer caused more traffic on the Net than any other application FTP can be authorized or anonymous

12 CPT 123 Internet Skills Remote Login [TELNET] the Internet’s remote login service Extends the login concept used by conventional timesharing computer systems to permit access to a remote timesharing system Allows user to invoke a local application and specify a remote machine

13 CPT 123 Internet Skills Local system becomes a client and forms a connection to a server on the remote system Client passes keystrokes and mouse movements to remote machine and displays output from remote machine on the user’s display screen

14 CPT 123 Internet Skills Significant since it shows how the Internet can provide interactive services Does not merely transfer static data like FTP Remote login permits user to interact with a program that runs on a remote computer

15 CPT 123 Internet Skills Remote program can respond to input from the user User can respond to output from the remote program displays

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