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HARE Hamilton Association For Renewable Energy ( Renewable Energy.

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1 HARE Hamilton Association For Renewable Energy ( Renewable Energy

2 Who is HARE? We are creating opportunities for Hamiltonians to invest in renewable energy An Introduction to Our Association

3 Who is HARE? Our History Hamilton Association for Renewable Energy (HARE), formed by Hamilton residents HARE evolved out of the Hamilton Halton Energy Awareness Team (HHEAT), a partnership between Environment Hamilton and Halton Environmental Network HHEAT’s purpose was to educate Hamilton and Halton residents about renewable energy and renewable energy co-operative s Our Association’s History

4 Who is HARE? We Are A not for profit organization Our Mission To promote renewable energy in the City of Hamilton Our Association’s Mission

5 Who is HARE? Our Vision To enable co-operative and other forms of community-owned renewable energy in Hamilton to reduce our environmental footprint and attain greater sustainability through: Development of renewable energy projects Support to others in our community pursuing renewable energy projects Education of the public regarding the benefits of community power Our Association’s Vision

6 Our First Initiative Community Owned Renewable Energy Projects Can we do this? Are programs are available to enable us? Do we have other resources? Are people in Hamilton interested? Our Association’s First Initiative

7 Our First Initiative Community Owned Renewable Energy Projects The answer to all of those questions was: YES Our Association’s First Initiative

8 Our First Initiative Our Challenge To create community-owned renewable energy in Hamilton Difficult and time-consuming to establish a cooperative HARE had no projects established HARE had no project development experience HARE had no financing for project development The opportunity was coming quickly Our Association’s First Initiative

9 Our First Initiative Our Response Partner with an established renewable energy cooperative Take advantage of their experience Bring Hamilton members to the cooperative Achieve eligibility for set-aside contracts through the Ontario Power Authority Feed-in Tariff Program Our Association’s First Initiative

10 Why a Co-op? Our Research HARE conducted a research and interview process to select a partner that: Could offer Hamiltonians value for their investment in Renewable Energy Had considerable experience Had strong financial backing The result of that process was HARE’s decision to work with GECO. Our Association’s Research

11 Who is GECO? Our Partner HARE has entered into an agreement with: Green Energy Co-operative of Ontario (GECO) GECO is a renewable energy cooperative: Owned by its members Operating across Ontario Our Association’s Partner

12 The Opportunity Our Opportunity HARE and GECO working together to: Market GECO to the Hamilton community Provide Hamiltonians with an investment opportunity in Solar Rooftop Projects Offer Hamiltonians a reasonable return on investment Our Investment Opportunity

13 The Opportunity Our Investment Opportunity

14 Join HARE Benefits Be a driving force for change in Hamilton Help create renewable energy projects in our Community Help teach the children of Hamilton about why renewable energy is important to their future Participate in advocacy programs with our local government Attend networking events with a community of like-minded individuals Join HARE

15 How? HARE has a special offer for the month of October Pay $20 to join HARE and the $10 GECO membership will be paid by HARE  Do this today  Go to our website  Email us at Join HARE

16 GECO Who is GECO? HARE is pleased to introduce our partner and its representative, Kevin Epp

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