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MEGF: Doha – Qatar, 3 – 4 april, 2012 SDI for people - profit - planet Kees de Zeeuw Director Kadaster International The Netherlands.

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1 MEGF: Doha – Qatar, 3 – 4 april, 2012 SDI for people - profit - planet Kees de Zeeuw Director Kadaster International The Netherlands


3 Outline of presentation  Introduction to Kadaster  Issues: People – Profit – Planet  E-Government, good governance, spatially enabled society  National Spatial Data Infrastructure  National policy  System of key registers  Developments  Conclusion

4 Kadaster in the Netherlands  Key register cadastre  Key register topography  Distributor public restrictions  Distributor building and address information  Distributor pipes and cables information  Distributor planning/zoning information Future tasks (2012):  Distributor large scale base map  Distributor valuation information

5 Kadaster International  Advisory services, sharing knowledge  Promote value of Land Administration  Consultancy and international cooperation  In partnership with the World Bank, UN, EU, …  Integration of geographical structures (Eulis / Inspire)

6 Issues

7 People – profit - planet Geo-information Ego-information Econ-information Planet People Profit People Profit Planet Tools for good governance

8 SDI and sustainable development The Netherlands Sustainable development People - Profit - Planet Good governance E-governement Spatially enabled society Spatial Data Infrastructure System of key registers National Policy GIDEON

9 Some Principles of Good Governance  Efficiency -doing things right  Effectiveness -doing the right things  Transparency, consistency and predictability  Integrity and accountability  Separation of bureaucratic arm of government from political, judicial and military  Civic engagement and public participation  Equity, fairness and impartiality  Legal security and rule of law (Keith Clifford Bell, WB, 2008)

10 Good governance and E-government The Netherlands has a strategy for restructuring government information in such a way that an electronic government evolves which:  inconveniences the public and the business community with request for data only when this is absolutely necessary  offers them a rapid and good service  can not be misled  instils the public and the industrial community with confidence  is provided at a cost that is not higher than strictly necessary


12 What is a spatially enabled society?  When public sector, private sector and citizens decide, they should have access to spatial information that is meaningful to their decision making process  Integration and sharing of data provides meaningful information, which is impossible in a non-digital environment

13 SDI Spatial data infrastructure (SDI) is a technical term which in essence refers to all the arrangements which have to be put in place to ensure that geospatial data is properly collected, stored, managed, made available and used. P eoplePolicyData Standards Access Networks (Technology)

14 Maturity of SDI Components in the Netherlands (Bregt, 2009) data peoplepolicy technologystandards

15 Core of System of Key Registers GBKN/BGT

16 Framework of Key registers (Extended) € €€ € € € tariff based (at present) SDI-Netherlands

17 National policy in the Netherlands  Improving services for citizens and businesses  Increasing government efficiency and effectiveness  Decreasing administrative burden and fraud Basic infrastructure:  key registers  access/authentication  data exchange  information nodes  Services

18 Developments: Location  Office ► Internet ► Location based services  Augmented reality  Crowd sourcing  Cloud computing Kadaster App for Iphone

19 Developments: Automation Steps towards e-Services for clients Draw up deed CopyTransportindex Scanning deed Updating Cadastre Electronic delivery Electronic delivery, storage and processing Land register

20 Developments: Organisation  Strategic plan 2012 – 2016  Increased efficiency, increased number of tasks  Partnerships and shared services  Data ► Information ► Knowledge  Development of personnel

21 Developments: Demand  Web services based e-government (open data)  Life event driven  Location based  Increased complexity  Cross border

22 Conclusion In the Netherlands:  A national policy exists on geospatial information management  SDI contributes to sustainable development (PPP)  Kadaster is acting in a fast developing environment  Our knowledge and experience is shared through Kadaster International


24 Thank you!

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