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APUSH Mr. Buttell. Voting Requirements in the Early 19c.

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1 APUSH Mr. Buttell


3 Voting Requirements in the Early 19c

4 Voter Turnout:

5 Why Increased Democratization? 3 White male suffrage increased 3 Party nominating committees. 3 Voters chose their state’s slate of Presidential electors. 3 Spoils system. 3 Rise of Third Parties. 3 Popular campaigning (parades, rallies, floats, etc.) 3 Two-party system returned in the 1832 election:  Dem-Reps  Natl. Reps.(1828)  Whigs (1832)  Republicans (1854)  Democrats (1828)

6 Essential Question: Champion of the “Common Man”? “King” Andrew? OR

7 Jackson’s Opponents in 1824 Henry Clay [KY] John Quincy Adams [MA] John C. Calhoun [SC] William H. Crawford [GA]

8 The Election of 1824: The “Corrupt Bargain”

9 CandidatePopular Vote Electoral Vote Andrew Jackson43%99 J.Q. Adams31%32 William Crawford 13%41 Henry Clay13%37


11 Jackson in Mourning for His Wife

12 “Tariff of Abominations”

13 1828 Election Results

14 The New “Jackson Coalition” 3 The Planter Elite in the South 3 People on the Frontier 3 State Politicians – spoils system 3 Immigrants in the cities.

15 The Reign of “King Mob”


17 South Carolina legislature denounces Tariff of They declare it null and void. Compact Theory again?? Jackson favored states’ rights—but not disunion

18 Webster-Hayne Debate, 1830 Sen. Daniel Webster [MA] Sen. Robert Hayne [SC]

19 Webster: Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable. Jackson: Our Federal Union—it must be preserved. Calhoun: The Union, next to our liberties,most dear.

20 1832 Tariff Conflict > “Tariff of Abomination” > new tariff 3 South Carolina’s reaction? 3 South Carolina Exposition-forbid the collection of tariffs. (written by Calhoun) 3 Jackson’s response? 3 Force Bill passed, Jackson ready to attack South Carolina. 3 Clay’s “Compromise” Tariff of 1833? 3 South Carolina felt vindicated and rescinded nullification


22 Indian Removal 3 Jackson’s Goal?  Indian Removal Act 3 Cherokee Nation v. GA (1831) * “domestic dependent nation” 3 Worcester v. GA (1832) 3 Jackson: John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it!

23 The Cherokee Nation After 1820

24 Indian Removal


26 The National Bank Debate Nicholas Biddle President Jackson

27 The “Monster” Is Destroyed! 3 “pet banks”?  Jackson vetoed the extension of the 2 nd National Bank of the United States  the charter expired  the bank went bankrupt!

28 An 1832 Cartoon: “King Andrew”? An 1832 Cartoon: “King Andrew”?

29 1832 Election Results Main Issue?

30 Results of the Specie Circular $Banknotes loose their value. $Land sales plummeted. $Credit not available. $Businesses began to fail. $Unemployment rose. The Panic of 1837! The Panic of 1837!

31 The Panic of 1837 Spreads Quickly!

32 The 1836 Election Results Martin Van Buren “Old Kinderhook” [O. K.]

33 Van Buren Taking the Blame for His Own and Jackson's Monetary Policies

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