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Chapter 32: The Politics of Boom and Bust 1920-1932.

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1 Chapter 32: The Politics of Boom and Bust 1920-1932

2 The Republican “Old Guard” Returns Describe Warren G. Harding’s appearance. What was Harding’s major fault? How was Harding different than Washington? Who were the three “best minds” of the Republican party and what roles did they play in Harding’s administration? Who were the worst minds in Harding’s administration and what roles did they play? GOP Reaction at the Throttle How did Harding’s administration feel about progressive reform? What was the goal of the Old Guard in relation to laissez-faire policy and how did they achieve this goal? Describe Harding’s impact on the Supreme Court. What was the outcome of Adkins v. Children’s Hospital and why was it significant? How were corporations treated during this time period? What did big industrialists do under Harding’s administration and who encouraged them?

3 The Aftermath of War What happened to progressive hopes after the War Industries Board disappeared? What was the purpose of the Esch-Cummins Transportation Act of 1920 and what new philosophy did it reflect? Describe the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 and the Shipping Board. How did unions fair under Harding and why? Why was the Veteran’s Bureau created? What is the American Legion and what did they want from the government? What happened with the Bonus Bill of 1922 and the Adjusted Compensation Act of 1924? America Seeks Benefits Without Burdens How did American finally end the war in 1921? How did Harding respond to the League of Nations? While isolationism was a major theme of the time period, in what area of the world was Harding interested? Why did Harding finally decide to seize the initiative of disarmament? What was the purpose of the Washington Disarmament Conference and who was invited? What was the arrangement Secretary Hughes proposed regarding the US, Britain and Japan? How did the Five-Power Treaty differ from Hughes’ original proposal? What were the provisions of the Four-Power Treaty? What was the purpose of the Nine-Power Treaty? Why was the concept of world disarmament illusionary? Describe the Kellogg-Briand Pact and why was it delusory?

4 Hiking the Tariff Higher Why did business people want to raise the tariff? What were the provisions of the Fordney-McCumber Tariff Law of 1922? How did Harding and Coolidge use the provisions in the Fordney- McCumber Tariff? What was the chain reaction set off by the higher tariff rates. How did Europe respond to US tariff rates? The Stench of Scandal Who was Colonel Charles R. Forbes and what did he do? Describe the Teapot Dome Scandal. What was the outcome of the Teapot Dome Scandal? How did the US population respond to the scandal? What happened to Attorney General Daugherty during Harding’s term. What happened to Harding after the scandals broke? What was Harding’s main weakness?

5 “Silent Cal” Coolidge Describe the swearing in of Coolidge. What was “Silent Cal” known for? How did Coolidge feel about business? Coolidge agreed with Mellon on what policies and why? In what ways were American morals being dulled by prosperity? Frustrated Farmers Describe the boom-or-bust cycle in relation to farming. What revolutions were happening on American farms during this time period and why was this problematic? Describe the Capper-Volstead Act and the McNary-Haugen Bill.

6 A Three-Way Race for the White House in 1924 Who was the Republican candidate for the election of 1924? What were some issues within the democratic party during this time period? How was the KKK related to this election? Who did the Democrats elect? Why was the field open for a liberal candidate and who stepped up in that spot? What was the platform of the new Progressive party? What was the outcome of the election of 1924? Foreign-Policy Flounderings What was Coolidge’s main foreign policy? How did the US’s dealings with Latin America differ from their foreign policy strategy with the rest of the world? Describe the issue with international debts. Why was the 10 billion dollars the US loaned the allies the biggest issue for the US at this time period?

7 Unraveling the Debt Knot How did the US attempting to get their money impact Germany? How did Coolidge respond to the idea of debt cancellation? Describe the Dawes Plan of 1924. How did European nations feel about the US after they attempted the Dawes Plan? The Triumph of Herbert Hoover, 1928 What was Hoover’s platform and how did the masses feel about him? What were the major strikes against Alfred Smith (the Democratic candidate)? How did radio impact that candidates? In what ways was Hoover and American success story? How did Hoover’s time abroad shape his views on America? In what area was Hoover very successful? Why was Hoover the ideal candidate for business people? Describe the campaign of 1928. Why didn’t the South vote for Smith? What was the outcome of the election of 1928?

8 President Hoover’s First Moves During the time of prosperity who comprised the two major groups that were not prosperous? What was the purpose of the Agricultural Marketing Act? What were the two corporations established by the Farm Board and what happened to them? What had Hoover promised to do during his campaign? What happened to the Hawley-Smoot Tariff of 1930 by the time is got through the Senate? How did the rest of the world respond to the Hawley-Smoot Tariff? The Great Crash Ends the Golden Twenties What industries were prosperous and why was this problematic? How did Hoover attempt to curb speculation and was he successful? What triggered the crash of October 1929? Describe Black Tuesday. Describe the losses for stockholders. What happened after the stock market crash in American and abroad? Describe life for many families during the depression.

9 Hooked on the Horn of Plenty What was the basic cause of the Great Depression? What was happening to money during this time period? How did buying on credit and new technology impact the Depression? What was happening in Europe during this time period and how did it impact the US? What was happening in the Mississippi Valley during this time period? How did people survive during the Great Depression? What were “Hoovervilles”? Rugged Times for Rugged Individualists What happened to Hoover’s popularity during this time period? What was Hoover’s major internal conflict and how did he decide to deal with the depression? When did Hoover change his mind about the national government helping people? Describe Hoover’s trickle down theory. How did critics respond to Hoover’s trickle down theory? What were some positive aspects of Hoover’s theory?

10 Hoover Battles the Great Depression Why did Hoover want to secure money for public works projects? What was the purpose of the Hoover Dam? Describe the Muscle Shoals Bill and why Hoover vetoed it. What was the purpose of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation and how did this reflect Hoover’s belief about individualism? Why was the RFC dubbed the ‘millionaire’s dole’? Describe the purpose of the Norris-La Guardia Anti-Injunction Act of 1932. How did Hoover differ from previous presidents in his dealings with financial crisis. What was happening in congress at this time period? Routing the Bonus Army in Washington What did veterans want? Describe the Bonus Expedition Force and what happened in Washington once they got there. How did Hoover deal with the veterans who wouldn’t leave? How did the public respond to Hoover after the incident and how did this impact his possible re-election?

11 Japanese Militarists Attack China What allowed Japan to attack China and what did they provide as their justification? How did American respond to Japan’s attack on China and how did the American public want to respond? What did Japan’s attack on China violate? Why was the League of Nations handicapped in their response to Japan? Describe the Stimson doctrine. How did Japan respond to the Stimson doctrine? How did the American public respond to the bombing of Shanghai? What did the issue between Japan and China foreshadow? Hoover Pioneers the Good Neighbor Policy Describe Hoover’s transportation during his Latin American tour. Why did economic imperialism become less prevalent during the 1930s and how did this impact Latin America? What negotiations did Hoover make with Haiti and Nicaragua?

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