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/watch?v=_5Hs81ove3I /watch?v=_5Hs81ove3I Washington Takes Office Chapter 8.

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1 /watch?v=_5Hs81ove3I /watch?v=_5Hs81ove3I Washington Takes Office Chapter 8

2 The First President New York City was the Nation’s capital April, 1789

3 Vocabulary Inauguration: Inauguration is a ceremony in which the President takes the oath of office. Amendment 20 sets the day for the oath of office for the United States President to be at noon on January 20 th. Precedent: Precedent is an example to be followed by others in the future.

4 Executive Branch Let’s put this government in place Washington sets up three departments: Treasury: Alexander Hamilton State: Thomas Jefferson War: Henry Knox He appointed an attorney general to be his advisor on legal matters: Edmond Randolph These departments became known as The Cabinet.

5 Established the Judiciary Judiciary Act of 1789 provided for: 1. Supreme Court of 6 Justices 2. 3 Circuit Courts 3. 13 district Courts

6 Vocabulary Bond: A bond is a certificate issued by a government for an amount of money that the government promises to pay back with interest Speculators: Speculators are people who invest in a risky venture in the hope of making a large profit. Unconstitutional: Unconstitutional is when it is contrary to what is permitted by the Constitution. Tariff: Tariff is a tax on imports

7 The Nation’s First Economic Crisis The nation was deeply in debt. We owed $52 million in debts occurred most in bonds The nation had very little debt. Graph on page 284

8 Hamilton’s Financial Plan Have to pay our debts to grow as a strong nation How? 1. Pay the debt including the bonds so people would feel confident to invest in the USA again. 2. National Bank: Private owned National bank for all USA income 3. High Tariff: This tax would protect USA manufacturing by making imported goods more expensive. (Did not pass)

9 No Way! Southerner’s opposed the tariff because they believed that a high tariff would help the North, where most industries were located, while making southerners pay more for their goods.

10 The Whiskey Rebellion 1791 Congress imposed (placed) a tax on all whiskey made and sold in the USA Backcountry farmers relied on whiskey made from corn as income Farmers organized a revolt and several homes of tax collectors was burned down. Washington responds by sending out the militia Farmers were surprised that Washington would take up arms against them. Precedent: Showed Americans that armed rebellion was on acceptable in the republic and that the USA has the right to tax.

11 v=hX9gKS7uMZY v=hX9gKS7uMZY Whiskey Rebellion

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