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The Rules No talking when it is the other teams turn- points will be deducted No Notes or any kind of cheating!!-this will result in disqualification.

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2 The Rules No talking when it is the other teams turn- points will be deducted No Notes or any kind of cheating!!-this will result in disqualification

3 Jacksonian Era 12345 200 400 600 800

4 Topic 1: 200 Who was Jacksonian democracy really designed for? White Males

5 Topic 1: 400 Question: Between the elections of 1824 and 1840 what changes occurred in voter participation? Answer: It increased greatly

6 Topic 1: 600 Question: Explain the significance and result of the case Worcester versus Georgia. Answer: “In Georgia, the Cherokees tried to stop the white encroachments” by going to the Supreme Court. “The Court’s decisions in Cherokee Nation v. Georgia and Worcester v. Georgia…seemed” to support the tribe (let the Cherokee stay on their land which would be treated as their own sort of self-governing nation). John Marshall (Chief Justice at the time) made the decision in favor of the Native Americans however, it was never enforced. (For studying use page 247 2 nd column )

7 Topic 1: 800 Question: Andrew Jackson set out to destroy the Second Bank of the United States. How did he try to accomplish this? Was he successful? Answer: He vetoed a bank renewal bill and took federal funds out of the 2 nd U.S. Bank and put them in state banks the opposition called “pet banks”

8 Topic 2: 200 Question: What groups at this time were denied suffrage? – Answer: African-Americans, Native Americans, Women, Indentured Servants

9 Topic 2: 400 Question: Who was president of the national bank, and simultaneously Jackson’s opponent in the “Bank War”? Answer: Nicholas Biddle

10 Topic 2: 600 Question: What was Andrew Jackson’s attitude regarding the Native Americans (“the Indian Issue”)? Answer: They should be removed to areas beyond white expansion

11 Topic 2: 800 Question: What was the “tariff of abominations”? Who called this tax an abomination and what was their reaction? Answer: 1) It was the name given to the tariff of 1816 by South Carolinians. They believed the tariff was responsible for South Carolina’s struggling economy (the real reason for the struggling economy was actually exhaustion (over- farming) of South Carolina’s farmland) (For studying/more info go to page 233 & 243 column two in your textbook)

12 Topic 3: 200 Question: What was the “corrupt bargain”? Answer: Jackson’s supporters claimed John Quincy Adams struck a “corrupt bargain” to win the presidency in 1824. (For more info/studying page 232 1 st column)

13 Topic 3: 400 Question: What was the spoils system? Answer: Jackson wanted to “extend opportunities to the rising classes of the West and the South.” He wanted to make government positions open to “the people” not “ to the entrenched officeholders in the federal government, many of whom had been in place for a generation or more.” (For additional information/studying see Page 242 column one second and third paragraph)

14 Topic 3: 600 Question: In 1829, there was a social scandal in Washington, D.C. that resulted in the shuffling of Andrew Jackson’s cabinet. Who was the woman involved Answer: Peggy O’Neale /Eaton

15 Topic 3: 800 Question: Describe the nullification crisis of the early 1830’s. What did it reveal about the nation’s future? Answer: South Carolinians were angry about a congressional tariff bill that did not help them get rid of or lower the “tariff of abominations.” SC’s legislature called a state convention to vote to nullify the tariffs of 1828 and 1832. It revealed that there were deepening regional divides between the North and South that were largely ideological. (pg. 245)

16 Topic 4: 200 Question: What does the term “Kitchen Cabinet” refer to? Answer: Jackson’s unofficial circle of political allies. (See page 243 for additional info/ help studying)

17 Topic 4: 400 Question: In this election campaign great attention was paid to find techniques to reach the masses. Which election was it? Answer: 1828

18 Topic 4: 600 Question: What was the major criticism of the national bank by those opposed to the bank? Answer: That it gave too much power to the privileged or elite in society

19 Topic 4: 800 Question: What was Jackson’s response to the nullification crisis? What did this reveal about his political beliefs? Answer: Jackson was angry at this and passed a force bill that allowed the president to use the military to enforce acts of congress. It showed that he believed in the use of federal power

20 Topic 5: 200 Question: Which candidate used his military record to help gain support in the election of 1824? Answer: Andrew Jackson

21 Topic 5: 400 Question: What were the major beliefs of the Whig party? Why did the party emerge/form? Answer: favored expanding the power of the federal government – Encouraging industrial and commercial development – And knitting the country in a consolidated (combined) economic system The party formed to oppose Jackson and his party’s ideas

22 Topic 5: 600 Question: Describe the Indian Removal Act. Answer: Southern states were negotiating treaties to get Native Americans to move West so their land could be taken by whites. Southern States began passing laws that regulated tribes remaining in their borders in hopes of moving these Indians out quicker. The Removal Act was backed by congress and Jackson. It allowed federal money to be used to fund negotiations with southern tribes to try to move Native Americans westward. (Page 247)

23 Topic 5: 800 Question: Provide a background of Martin Van Buren’s presidency. What issue surrounded his presidency and who/what caused it? Answer: (Final Jeopardy Question) Read pages 254 -256 to check your group’s answer



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