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The Era of Good and Hard Feelings

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1 The Era of Good and Hard Feelings
By: Kaitlin McGuire, Christine Kovell, Emily Gillin, Chris Cassidy, and Jack Seifried The Era of Good and Hard Feelings

2 The Demise of the Federalist Party
By Emily Gillin

3 The Demise of the Federalist Party
The Federalist Party was split and weakened during the War of 1812. James Monroe easily defeated the Federalist Party in the election of 1816. The election showed how much the party had declined. Federalists had joined the Republican party and voted for Monroe. Monroe was so well liked in the country that when he ran for second term no one opposed and this meant the federalist party had disappeared.

4 Domestic Affairs The Era of Good Feeling Henry Clay’s American System
By Kaitlin McGuire

5 The Era of Good Feeling In 1816 James Monroe became president
This election showed that the Federalist Party was demising in popularity James Monroe was a very well liked person Monroe hoped to help create a sense of unity. When Monroe ran in 1820 no candidate opposed him and the federalist part disappeared

6 Henry Clay’s American System
America was introduced top sectionalism The Tariff included three main sections The payment for the tariff would be gotten from tariffs and sales of public lands

7 Foreign Affairs Tariff of 1816 Adam-Onis Treaty 1819 Monroe Doctorine
By Christine Kovell

8 Tariff of 1816 A protective tariff that taxes foreign goods to make the American products more successful in sales. Southerners bought many British goods, so the Southerners complained that the tariff made the Northerners rich and themselves at expense.

9 Adam-Onis Treaty of 1819 An 1821 treaty between Spain and the US in which Spain agreed to give Florida to the US in the exchange for five million dollars. Made by Secretary of State John Quincy Adams

10 Monroe Doctrine Foreign policy statement warning European nations not to interfere with Latin America America agreed to not interfere with European colonies European nations Made by President James Monroe (5th president)

11 Favorite Son’s Election of 1824
Candidates and issues Decisions reached by House of Representatives ‘corrupt bargain’ Favorite Son’s Election of 1824 By Jack Seifred

12 Candidates and Issues Candidates for the election: John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, William Crawford Issues: There was no clear winner of the election. Jackson won the popular vote, but no candidate won the majority (more than half) of the electoral votes.

13 Decisions reached by House of Representatives
John Quincy Adams won

14 ‘Corrupt Bargain’ Henry Clay and John Quincy Adams were accused of a “corrupt bargain” for stealing the election from Jackson

15 John Quincy Adam’s Administration (1825-1829
The Era of Hard Feelings Tariff of Abomination By Chris Cassidy

16 The Era of Hard Feelings (Rise of Sectionalism)
The sectionalism in that time period was the argument of a States right to endorse slavery - or really the balance of power in congress between southern states and northern states the underlying issue was the south’s fear of the rapid population grown in the north The major sectionalism event during the era of good feelings was the Missouri crisis that led to the Missouri compromise - crafted by Henry Clay in 1820. The nationalism of that time period was the after effect of the war of 1812 America became resource independent around that time period. Cities were growing and people all around America were becoming Americans.

17 Tariff of Abomination-1828
Duties on imports set by the Tariff of 1828 were so high that its opponents denounced it as the Tariff of Abominations. Northern bankers, merchants, and manufacturers favored high duties, or taxes, on imports to protect American goods from foreign competition

18 Bibliography Prentice Hall The American Nation By James West Davidson

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