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BTCL’s Backbone Infrastructure

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1 BTCL’s Backbone Infrastructure
Engr. Md. Abdul Moqaddem Director, Sat. (Data & Internet) BTCL, Mogbazar, Dhaka or Mobile:

2 Introduction on BTCL Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL) was formerly known as BTTB, then the PTT of Bangladesh. Two government owned Companies named Teletalk & BSCCL emerged from BTTB. And later on BTTB itself was converted to a state owned company in July, 2008.

3 BTCL’s Data/Internet Licenses
BTCL’s Data and Internet related Licenses: International Internet Gateway (IIG). Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network (NTTN). Internet Service Provider (ISP)- Nationwide. International Terrestrial Cable (ITC). National Internet Exchange (NIX).

4 International Internet Gateway - IIG
BTCL was the only IIG until 2008. Mango Teleservices entered in 2008. In 2012 another 34 new licenses were issued. It has become very difficult to make future business plans & forecasts in the complex market scenario. BTCL being the government company has to survive and serve the nation.

5 BTCL’s IIG Core network

6 BTCL’s IP PoPs around the country
Gateway Routers (NE40): 2 DPI (SIG 9820): 2 Access Routers (NE80): 2 Distribution Routers (NE40): Dhaka – 2, 1 each at Chittagong, Khulna, Bogra, Sylhet. District level Routers: NE20 Upazila level Routers:

7 BTCL’s Backbone Infrastructure
BTCL has the widest and biggest Transmission backbone & IP backbone network all over the country. It’s IP backbone is MPLS based network. Following major IP PoPs: Dhaka – 44 Chittagong – 7 Khulna, Bogra, Jessore, Gazipur, Bagerhat – 2 each All other districts – 1 each

8 Connecting Upazila & Union
Currently 77 upazilas are connected by OFC (in addition to sadar upazila). Ongoing 290 UZ project will connect 290 upazilas and TNDP project will connect another 58 upazilas Union: Currently 108 unions are connected by OFC. Ongoing 1000 Union project will connect 1000 unions, another proposed project will connect 1000 unions. Remaining 2,500 unions will be connected by a 3rd project by government.

9 Bangla-GovNet & Info-Sarker Projects
Bangla-GovNet: Connected 130 offices in Dhaka and will connect another 110 soon. Connected offices in one upazila from each district. Info-Sarker: Will connect all government offices in all districts and also all government offices in each upazila. BTCL is playing a major role in these efforts.

10 BTCL’s Manpower As there was no recruitments since long, we have very limited manpower. Recently we have recruited 19 Junior Asst. Manager (Diploma Engineers). And we are recruiting another 8 AMs (Engineers) and 42 JAMs. Currently we have a 24x7 complaint/support centre. Planned at 24x7 NOC, once above engineers are recruited.

11 BTCL’s Tariff for Educational Institutes
BTCL considers government University, Educational Institutes etc. as Category-1 in its tariff plan. BDReN is included in this category. BTCL’s current tariff was implemented in April, 2014 which was the cheapest. We have placed a fresh proposal to our tariff committee which is expected to be approved soon.

12 BTCL’s Bandwidths Currently we have 8 Gbps+ upstream bandwidth via BSCCL/ITC/Google. Our current customers: around 500 ISP and other organizations/institutes. Total sold bandwidth: close to 8 Gbps. Once our tariff is approved, we hope to increase our bandwidth by 3/4 times.

13 BTCL seeks co-operation
BTCL needs co-operation from other government/semi-government organizations to help the nation better in future. We can serve our people/customers better if BSCCL and other government organizations co-operates us. We also need supports/suggestions from our customers specially the Universities, Educational Institutes.


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