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Rhythm of the Business WEEKLY Wellness Home Briefing BACK © 2005 IDS Solutions Inc. All Rights Reserved Duplication for resale is illegal Version1.1 Nov06.

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1 Rhythm of the Business WEEKLY Wellness Home Briefing BACK © 2005 IDS Solutions Inc. All Rights Reserved Duplication for resale is illegal Version1.1 Nov06 RECRUIT

2 The Wellness Trak Weekly Rhythm Recruiting is a KEY aspect in building a successful business. The Partnering Process is designed to take a person from 0% informed to 100% informed in a professional, duplicable way. A weekly flow of events and information sessions is important to the development of your business. The Wellness Trak Weekly Rhythm covers both the Evaluation Phase and the Alignment Phase of the Partnering Process. To learn more about the Partnering Process, review the “Recruit: Partnering Process” education found in the NEW Partner Trak / Library section of the Wellness Trak System, also online at 10:30am 20 Min VP ABC Call (Hosted by Upline Gold) 8:00pm 15 Min Network Call (Hosted by Platinums) 7:30pm 20 Min Webcast (Hosted by Upline Diamond) SundaySaturdayFridayThursWedTuesdayMonday CONTACT / INVITE STEP 3 Validate Plan Decision STEP 1 Validate Business STEP 2 Validate Products CONTACT / INVITE WellnessHomeBriefing Hosted by you, or your Partner StrategySession Hosted by Silver STEP 4 Get Aligned GetAlignedTeamMeeting Hosted by Gold Gold Plan – Weekly Schedule © 2005 IDS Solutions Inc. All Rights Reserved Duplication for resale is illegal Version1.1 Nov06

3 WELLNESS HOME BRIEFING Validate Business & Validate Product Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday What is the purpose of a WELLNESS HOME BRIEFING (In-Home)? In short, to present the ‘picture’. It is the weekly presentation designed to Validate the Business and Products in a personal way, targeted for New Potential Partners (C) and held in a private and comfortable Wellness Home environment. How many are needed for the Launch Plan to be effective? The “host” schedules 5 In-Home presentations, one per week for 5 weeks (Either Tu, We or Thurs). To create a schedule for your launch, review the 90 Day Launch Calendar document in the New Partner Tool Box, or go to and print the 90 Day Launch Calendar Who is the Presenter (A)? If you are a brand New Partner (B), just launching your business, the first TWO In-Homes you will host with your Upline Silver (A) as the presenter, to help show you how to do an effective presentation. After your first TWO, it is important you do the final THREE on your own. You may still have upline or crossline support at your In-home but this business is about you learning and building competencies. If you have been in Nikken for a period of time, you will be the host and presenter at your Wellness Home Briefing. Remember: The Tools are also an ‘A’? The Nikken and Wellness Trak presentation materials are professional and never get tired! ALSO, the Wellness Home Network ABC Web Cast/Call will act as a third party ‘A+’. What is the WELLNESS HOME NETWORK ABC Web Cast/Call? At an exact time during your In-Home, you and everyone across your time zone will be invited to join a Platinum (or above) Nikken Leader on a short 15 minute conference/web call. Having the ‘A+’ join your presentation and being connected to potential dozens of In-Homes at the same time helps create credibility and a true Wellness Movement feeling. Your guests will begin to better understand Nikken's powerful mission - to inspire people to discover a whole new way of life and to provide them the opportunity to live it by changing their lives through improved health and financial wellbeing, in other words - how we are changing the world, one wellness home at a time! The ‘A+’ will help validate the business and products. What Do you Need? To Present: Creating A Meaningful Life – Wellness Business Overview Flash/DVD (New Partner Tool Box) A Speaker Phone or a computer with High Speed Connection to connect to the Wellness Home Network ABC Web Cast/Call Have your Nikken Wellness Home products properly displayed for demos and roll outs. To Hand Out as people arrive: Wellness Profile (printable PDF available in NP Toolbox – Bus Forms) To Hand Out for Validate Business: Partnership Offering Brochure, Smart Solutions CD To Hand Out for Validate Products: Nikken Catalogue, Healthier You Magazine, Wellness Home Brochure & CD, Thermographics Brochure, Consultant / Member Application Form …and provide ALL your VFW Access Code for the address, your Nikken PWP address and an invitation to join you Saturday for the Strategy Session to Validate the Plan. For follow up see eVites Guide (in New Partner Tool Box) and/or How Do You Get Started? Review the Contact & Invite Scripts, Launch Plan and 90 Day Launch Calendar - be sure to clear your personal calendar so you can attend Weekly, monthly and Quarterly Events in your launch months. Contact and invite a min. of 18 people per week to your In-Home. Your goal should be to have 6-8 potential Partners attend each In-Home. Use eVites to promote the event as recommended in the Contact & Invite Scripts document. New Consultants and Non-Silvers plan to coordinate this launch with an upline Silver. © 2005 IDS Solutions Inc. All Rights Reserved Duplication for resale is illegal Version1.1 Nov06

4 WELLNESS HOME BRIEFING Sample Wellness Home Agenda Before Guests Arrive Set Up: Arrive and prepare early. Keep set up minimal. Have only a small selection of products, one or two from each Wellness Home quadrant. These should include a Sleep System and a Magcreator, PiMag Water, Air Wellness Power5, a selection of the Nutritionals, Body Balance and Skin Care and a pair of the Cardio Strides. Know ahead of time where you plan on having your guest sit while you share information, connect to the Wellness Home Network (Web/Conference) Call and do product demos, ideally, in a comfortable area in your home. Wellness Home Briefing (In-Home) – Agenda 7:15 – 7:30 People arrive, introductions, hand out Wellness Profile to fill out. Offer PiMag Water (cut veggies?) 7:30 – 7:40 Begin. Host & the ‘A’ (if there is an A) introduce and share their story and why they are doing this. Explain the purpose of the evening as a Partnership Offering and is meant to be fun, relaxed and educational. That this meeting is two parts of a three step Evaluation Process that you use to help share, educate and inform people of what you are doing. Tell them the third and final step is on Saturday. Thank them for taking their time and that although this Partnership Offering may not be for them, you are thankful for their support to learning what you are doing as you believe that building a Wellness Home business is a very worthy cause that you are very committed and excited about! 7:40 – 7:50 Validate Business Introduction to Nikken & the Wellness Home - use the Creating A Meaningful Life – Wellness Business Overview Presentation : either the Flash version available in the New Partner Tool Box; the DVD version for your TV; or online at your VFW Personal Web Site. ‘Let me introduce you to the World’s Leader in Wellness Research & only provider of Total Wellness through a Concept called The Wellness Home’. 7:50 – 8:00 Share a Personal Success Story re: impact of products and do the first product demo, such as the Magstep strength test demo - leave the ‘details’ for later in the tour. NOTE: Also a good idea to ask anyone if “they brought a back ache or head ache with them tonight?” See if we can help them while you are going through the technologies, benchmark them first from 1– 10 … Check back toward the end of evening. 8:00 – 8:15 WELLNESS HOME NETWORK ABC WEB CAST/CALL (speaker phone or Hi-Speed Internet) Call lasts no longer than 10-15 minutes. Links Wellness Homes across NA Call lead by Platinum's & Above—pre-scripted. When you get onto the call, immediately announce your first and last name and where you are calling from and number of guests in your home. 8:15 – 8:45 Validate Products Begin a Wellness Home Tour and Product Demos (see NP Library – Product Knowledge): Sleep (view sleep system, do at least 1 roll out) Magnetics (more strength test demos) Water (do tap water vs pi water strength test, shower head) Air (talk about ozone etc.) Nutrition (sample Ciaga) Fitness (feel shoes, sample CM cream, etc) 8:45 – 9:00 Hand Out Tools Wrap up. What did you like? What do you want – health, finances? (collect Wellness Profiles) NEXT STEP – bookings for Saturday Strategy Session - to Validate Plan with individual discussions for those interested in the business. (If they can not attend the meeting, have them view the recorded version on-line at your Partnership Offering Site.) Send a follow up eVite – see Contact/Invite Scripts. NEXT STEP for the guest who chooses not to move forward with the business - ASK them to become a Wellness Home Client - register them as a Member and ASK for their order. © 2005 IDS Solutions Inc. All Rights Reserved Duplication for resale is illegal Version1.1 Nov06 Testimonials throughout: Share stories of how products have helped

5 While the How is important, YOUR WHY is even more so. Experts say it can account for 95% of your success. Review your 5 Pillars of Health. Where are you currently? Where would you like to be? Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being your ideal. Be honest with yourself! Today1 Year3 Years5 Years Your Body___________________________ Your Mind___________________________ Your Family___________________________ Your Society___________________________ Your Finances___________________________ “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” … Earl Nightingale The Nikken philosophy of total wellness rests on the 5 Pillars of Health and is achieved by creating balance in relation to the 5 Pillars. Now it’s time to evaluate your life in relation to the 5 Pillars. Client Information PURPOSE Name: _____________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ City: _______________________________________________ State/Province: _____________Zip/Postal Code: ___________ Day Phone: ______________Evening Phone: ______________ Email Address: _______________________________________ 1 Wellness Profile printable PDF version available in New Partner Tool Box – Business Forms Folder

6 WELLNESS PROFILE Health Concerns Do you have a Pacemaker or other implanted electronic device? Yes____ No____ Are you pregnant? Yes____ No____ Do you have any specific concerns about your back or general health? Yes____ No____ Explain_______________________________________ Lifestyle Information Sleep Are you able to fall asleep quickly? Yes____ No____ How many hours do you sleep each night?______ In what position do you sleep? Back____ Side ____ Stomach_____ How long have you had your present mattress? Years__ Size: Twin___ Full___ Queen___ King__ Cal King____ Firmness: Hard____ Firm____ Soft_____ Do you like this degree of firmness? Yes____ No____ If No, you’d prefer? Hard__ Firm___ Soft_____ Do you toss and turn during the night? Yes_____ No _____ Do you wake feeling refreshed and ready to go? Yes_____ No______ During the day, how do you feel? Alert and energized ______ Fatigued______ Do you have trouble falling asleep because of too much light? Yes______ No_____ Do your eyes look tired if you haven’t slept well? Yes______ No______ Do you tend to feel too hot or too cold during sleep? Yes_____ No ______ Nutrition Do you take any nutritional supplements regularly? Check those that apply. Multi Vitamin/Mineral _______ Joint Support _______ Digestion Support______ Men’s/Women’s specific formula_____ Fiber_______ Sleep Aid ______ Antioxidant______ Memory________ Liver Detoxify_______ Fat Burner_______ Do you eat nutrition bars? Yes_____ No_____ Water What type of water do you drink? Tap____ Bottled_____ Filtered_____ Other_______ Do you use a shower filter? Yes_____ No_____ Do you live in an area that has “hard” water? Yes_____ No_____ Comfort, Support and Massage Have you ever had a massage? Yes_____ No_____ Do you have tension in your back, neck or shoulders? Yes_____ No_____ Do you have foot discomfort? Yes_____ No_____ Do you have any joint discomfort? Yes_____ No_____ If Yes, where?______________ Do you spend a great deal of time sitting? (car, office etc) Yes_____ No_____ Skin Care Are you concerned about the appearance of your skin? Yes_____ No_____ 2 Complete the Evaluation! ___ Yes, book me for a Product Demo___ Yes, book me for the Business Plan Overview

7 WELLNESS HOME BRIEFING Wellness Home Network ABC Web/Call Bring an ‘A+’ into your Home TWO WAYS to Participate: 1. AUDIO PORTION – Telephone Conference Call Number: 1-641-594-7001 PIN: 6570# It is VERY important you join the call at exactly 8:00pm (see schedule) in the time zone you are in. When you enter the call, you will be welcomed and asked who is joining the call. Please reply with: Your Name, Your City & the number of people in your Wellness Home. **Sample - This is Nancy Smith here in Portland, with 12 others joining the call. Once the call begins, the call will be muted automatically. 2. VIDEO PORTION - Web Cast via the Internet: It is BEST if you have high speed internet connection to view the call over the Web. You and your guests will be able to visually see the presenter and the brief presentation that they will give. It is unique, technically impressive and brings a face to the voice. What you need to log in: A computer and (ideally) high speed internet Click on, or copy and paste the URL to the webcast. This link can be found in the Monthly On Star Support Call schedule at Enter Password: wellnesshome (it is wellnesshome for every web cast The Wellness Network does) You are now entered into the Web Video Conference AUDIO OPTION: If you call into the conference call using SKYPE, you can listen over your computer speakers. To improve the quality of sound you can use externally speakers for your computer - purchase inexpensive speakers at Staples or any computer store. To use SKYPE – go to – very easy. You will need a Headset and PC microphone (recommend a web cam as well). Call IDS Solutions for technical Wellness Home Network ABC Web Cast / Call Schedule: BACK © 2005 IDS Solutions Inc. All Rights Reserved Duplication for resale is illegal Version1.1 Nov06 WEEKDAY’S Go to to see the complete schedule and register to Use eVites to promote the event. Go to

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