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Prematch Conference Procedures for the First and Second Referee.

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1 Prematch Conference Procedures for the First and Second Referee

2 Before the Prematch Conference Arrive on Time and in Properly Dressed Uniform Complete Prematch Responsibilities Complete Paperwork (Paysheet) Start Prematch Conference at least 20 minutes before scheduled start of match ▫Allows for full 15 minute timed warm-up ▫Start earlier if other events will happen before scheduled start of match

3 Participants Conducted by First Referee ▫ Assisted by Second Referee ▫ Team Participants  Captain(s)  Each team may have more than one captain, but only one should be designated as the speaking captain  Head Coach

4 Positions ▫ First Referee  Standing facing court, near the standard  In the area of the substitution zones  Allowing room for captains and coaches ▫ Second Referee  Next to and left (?)of First Referee ▫ Captains and Coaches  Each team representatives should be on their side of the center line extended

5 Positions Court

6 Starting the Prematch Conference When the appropriate time has been reached, approach each head coach and verbally let them know it is time for the conference Do not blow whistle and/or hold flipping coin out to signal for prematch conference/coin toss Make sure all participants are present

7 The Conference The conference should be brief and include, but not limited to the following: Introduction of participants to each other Verify home team has selected its bench Explanation of local ground rules ▫ Nonplayable areas ▫ Vertical backboards ▫ Open spaces ▫ Spectator walkways, etc.

8 The Conference (continued) Review of new rules ▫ Coaches able to stand during live ball ▫ Ball may touch any part of the body to be played ▫ New substitution procedure ▫ Coin Toss prior to deciding set Review rules regarding ▫ Player equipment and uniforms  If you have not done so, verify libero uniform contrast ▫ Hair devices, hair adornment ▫ Jewelry

9 The Conference (continued) Have coaches verify that all players are wearing legal uniforms and equipment Sporting conduct expectations Ball Retrieval (quickly, roll under the net) Reminder the floor captain may request time- out from the court or approach Referee to ask what call was made Neither coaches or captains may question judgment calls

10 The Conference (continued) Reminder to play until the whistle is heard Review court protocol including ▫ Greeting the opponent ▫ Start of set procedure ▫ End of set procedure Ask if there are any questions (If necessary) Remind coaches you will need Line Judges Conduct Coin Toss

11 Coin Toss Procedure Make sure you have a large standard coin ▫ Avoid using small coins such as pennies, nickels and dimes ▫ If you have a non-standard coin clearly identify which sides is heads and which sides is tails The First Referee conducts the coin toss to conclude the prematch conference prior to prescribed timed warm-ups A captain and the head coach shall be present

12 Coin Toss Procedure Identify who speaking captains are If speaking captain is the libero, verify who shall be speaking captain on court during libero’s absence The visiting team captain calls heads or tails while the coin is in the air ▫ If the coin is not caught, it shall be tossed again ▫ When the coin is caught, do not turn over the coin ▫ Have the home team captain verify what the visiting captain called After verification, show the players the coin and state whether it is heads or tails

13 Coin Toss Procedure The winner of the toss chooses has two choices ▫ Serve ▫ Receive The First Referee reports the result of the coin toss to the scorekeeper The Second Referee instructs the timer when to start the clock for the timed warm-up ▫ District minutes regulate breakout of timed warm-up ▫ In lieu of district minutes, coaches can agree on timed warm-up breakout ▫ Referees do not set breakout of timed warm-up

14 Prior to the Deciding Set Coin Toss Procedure First Referee shall call captains ▫ The First Referee may designate this responsibility to the Second Referee The home team captain calls the coin toss The winner of the toss may choose one of the following: ▫ Serve ▫ Receive ▫ Or, which court to occupy First Referee signals appropriate court procedure Second Referee reports results to scorekeeper and ensures the timer has started the 3 minute clock

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