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Auction Volunteer Meeting March 6 th, 2013 WMS Library.

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1 Auction Volunteer Meeting March 6 th, 2013 WMS Library


3 Auction Volunteer Feb 6 th Meeting Please Silence Cell Phones Agenda: – Introductions 7:00 pm – Schedule 7:05 pm – Cost 7:10 pm – Procurement Status 7:15 pm – Beverage/Wine Procurement Status 7:30 pm – Dessert Dash Status 7:45 pm – Catalog Status 8:00 pm – Decorations Status 8:05 pm – Video Status 8:10 – Questions

4 Team Leaders Kari Holsberry – Auction Chair Team Captains Stand Up! – Procurement – Don Kneass – Publicity – VACANT – Beverage – Veronica Szick – Catalog – Margaret Cunningham – Finance/Ticket – VACANT – Dessert Auction – Sarah Gannholm & Erin Nelson – Raffle & Wine Toss – VACANT – Silent Auction – Arian Colachis & Amanda Gross – Live Auction – VACANT – Decoration & Cleanup – VACANT – Check In/Check Out - VACANT Please forward me possible Team Captains names

5 Schedule 1/31/2013Invitation to Printer 2/5/13Daphne Minkoff - COMPLETE 2/9/2013Invitation Stuffing partyDaphne Email Invite Teaser 2/13/2013Invites MailedDaphne4 weeks Letter to staff about discounted/sponsored tix 2/6/2013Auction MeetingKari 2/16/2013Procurement deadline 2/28/2013Catalog deadlineMargaret Cunningham 3/8/2013Video ReviewMark Petrak 3/8/2013Ticket Purchase Deadline 3/16/2013Auction!

6 COST Budget $19,000 20132012 prices online payments250 Facility Downpayment500 auction software1844.77585 Facility balance40204420 Auctioneer downpayment0500 Auctioneer balance15002000 raffle swag6047.5 Invitation420 Invitation free last year, 50% off this year catalog500959.93 tote bags/merchandise0598.24 audio rental deposit545.86 audio rental balance688.21655.36 bid sheets & number120113.11 Auction night support15001750 balloons/deco250208.05 salmon0840 Jeb's price has gone up, using St clouds buyer instead Rover's catering01920 St Cloud's catering51201920 increase per plate from $12 to $16 to add appetizers St Cloud's salmon838.8 linens, plates, glasses16001531.25 wine4001112.96 TOTAL19907.6419707.26

7 Changes/Watch Items Due to Associate Student Body (ASB) rules have been looked at again & students can now serve dinner. I am coordinating w/ FOWM. Watch Item: Auction Costs may be higher then projected

8 Procurement Status Don Kneass Goal: $45,000 in procurements – 30 Live Items, 170 Silent Items – Restaurant Frenzy $2000 Currently at 53% of procurement goal – 17 Live Items, 90 Silent Items – Restaurant Frenzy $1130 2012 (Catalog Items): – 295 items valued at $58,569, 272 items sold at $46,366 – Restaurant Frenzy $2125 – 36 Live Items, 17 Almost Live Items, 186 Silent Items Plan to Hit Goal – Call for donations on 2/8/2013 via e-mail.

9 Beverage/Wine Procurement Status Veronica Szick What? Sell Wine at Event, Wine Toss & Wine Frenzy. Goal: $400 max expenditure on beverage purchase Procured: 2 cases of beer, 2 cases of Wine, 5 single bottles & several wine & app tastings 2012 Purchases: 16 cases of wine at $1113 2012 Sales (non-catalog): – Bar Sales $943 – Wine Toss $1560 ($20 per chance) – Wine Frenzy $600 (I believe – hard to tell from records) Plan to Hit Goal – Have wholesale list to purchase remaining for bar sales – Call parents to get donations of upper end wine $50-$100 range – Call for donations on 2/8/2013 via e-mail.

10 Dessert Dash Status Erin Nelson & Sarah Gannholm Goal: 35 cakes/desserts Procured: 50% of Goal 2012 $6,000 (non-catalog) Plan to Hit Goal – Call for bakers on 2/8/2013 via e-mail.

11 Catalog Status Margaret Cunningham Will engage team in order to have all items ready for print by 2/28/2013.

12 Decorations Status No Captain Goal: Decorate tastefully but cheaply – I plan to use a mixture of floating candles in glass, fabric for the auction tables, fresh flowers and purple and gold balloons for centerpieces 2012 Purchases: $210 Plan to Hit Goal – Order balloons (see if some can be donated) – Call local florists to donate a vase of flowers (which can also be bid on) – Getting flower distributor contact info

13 Video for Raise the Paddle Status Mark Petrak Some filming is starting this week. Mostly “B” reel stuff to be used as filler and background. We are formulating a shot list and a list of interviews we want to do. Waiting for interview info from Principal Halfaker.

14 Questions & Answers


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