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By: Dee Benson. Bonzi Sports Insurance At Bonzi we understand what it's like to run a sports organization. We know you're busy, and if you're new to.

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1 By: Dee Benson


3 Bonzi Sports Insurance At Bonzi we understand what it's like to run a sports organization. We know you're busy, and if you're new to your club or league, there's a lot to learn. Bonzi made getting insurance for your organization easy and affordable. Bonzi partners with Markel Insurance, a national leader in insurance products, to bring you "no hassles", affordable insurance products for your organization.


5 Varsity Toss Back

6 Benefits of Varsity Toss Back The Varsity Toss Back is recognized as the best piece of equipment for use as a basketball training aid and for skill development The Varsity Toss Back can drastically improve a player's quickness, strength, stamina and passing accuracy Many coaches use multiple units for drills and some of the best programs in the country own as many as 14 Toss Backs for individual player workouts Net frame adjusts to varying angles for different types of practice drills The roll around base uses casters for easy mobility and stability Unit easily locks into place using a hand lever brake Net frame is 38" x 51" and height can be adjusted from 4'5" to 7'4" Item Includes: 1 Year Warranty Today's Price: $551.18

7 McCall's Rebounder

8 Benefits of McCall's Rebounder Unsurpassed as the tool for sharpening players' rebounding skills Helps competitors improve their balance and timing Adjustable from 7' up to 12' Transports easily on built-in smooth rolling coastersKnown as the best rebound skill builder on the market today Players sharpen their rebound skills, improve their balance, timing, and perception under the rim Sweep the Boards Clean! Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year(s) Weight: 245 lbsShips by Freight Carrier Today's Price: $2,618.18

9 ATI Jump Training Polymeric Shoes

10 Benefits of ATI Jump Training Polymeric Shoes The ATI Training System and its scientific methodology is by far the most advanced polymeric workout available for the serious athlete. Athletic Training Innovations (ATI) working in conjunction with Karl Frank has created a 52-week in-season/off-season workout (patent pending) that will increase an athlete’s vertical jump, speed, lower leg strength and flexibility while decreasing the risk of injury. The New ATI Jump Training Shoe The new ATI Jump Training Shoe is lighter, better fitting and made with new composites that the user will notice immediately when compared to what is available elsewhere. Using a dynamic 3-D computer generated program ATI was able to develop our state-of-the-art molds to create a polymeric training shoe like no other. - Backed by Science Methodology - Lightest Training Shoe of Its Kind - Best Fitting and Most Advanced Polymeric Training Shoe - Made with New Composites Lengthen and Strengthen In a normal standing position with conventional athletic shoes roughly 2/3rds of the body’s weight is supported or rests on the heels with little effort from the calf muscles. Training in the ATI shoe eliminates the heel and forces the calf muscles to support the full body load. This overload works the calves and Achilles tendons with a force equal to several times the body's weight upon impact. Used correctly, the ATI training shoe stretches and overloads these muscles, which in time will lengthen and strengthen. The ATI Training Shoes will increase vertical jump five to ten inches, lower speed in the 40-yard dash by two tenths of a second, and improve lower leg strength and flexibility. Many well-known athletes use frontal platform shoes for training, to give them an extra edge, but the shoes can help even amateur athletes excel in any sport - basketball, football, soccer, track, volleyball, body building, baseball and more. Included with a Pair of ATI Jump Training Shoes The ATI polymeric training shoe comes with a 52-week in-season off-season training methodology and DVD (patent pending), a laminated card to take to your workout and a stretch strap that will allow you to pre and post stretch. Sizes available in men’s 5 through 13.5 with 14 and 15 full sizes only. Price $124.95

11 D-Man

12 Benefits of D-Man Portable Hands-Up Defender Bring defenders into your practice session. Shooting over the D-Man encourages proper shot trajectory. Dribbling around one or more D-Men helps with ball-handling skills and court awareness. The adjustable telescoping pole gives you varying defensive options to practice low post moves and jump shots. Includes fill able base Today's Price: $52.60

13 KBA “The Gun”

14 Benefits of KBA “The Gun” Fast Action Shooting Keep players moving & catching, shooting & moving to the next spot. Now players can come to the gym for some intense shooting practice, like they have never seen. It makes shooting 200 shots a ten minute workout. Unlimited Shooting Practice! Passes zip out as far as you want (up to 30 minute), where you want. Adjust throwing distance from 15 to 35 feet. Select from 3 modes of return passes from stationary to constant motion. Forget time restraints. Now a player can get as many reps as they can handle in a fraction of the time. Adjustable Height Net Throws pass & rotates to next spot – Adjustable throw 15ft-35 ft. See Through Netting-Strong, Transparent One Piece Construction Rolls Through Any Door Set up in 30 Seconds Muscle Memory Through Repetition Catch with soft hands. Get feet set quick, & a nice quick release. If they do it right enough times it becomes automatic. Good old fashioned repetition. Quick and Easy Set Up Rolls Through Any Door Storage Size: 32’’ W x 48’’ L x 78’’ H 3 Year Warranty Today’s Price $5,600.00

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