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3 MAN High School MECHANICS – 2010 Modified for CPLOA.

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1 3 MAN High School MECHANICS – 2010 Modified for CPLOA


3 3HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO L T C L Responsibilities - has back to GOAL - neutral zone - stick heads - handles of Crosse - feet position - gloves on Crosse - most violations - most possession calls C Responsibilities - butt end facing him - wing line violations - goal line coverage until lead gets into position - some possession calls - sideline coverage - 20 second and 10- second counts T Responsibilities - wing line violations - some possession calls - goal line coverage - time outs - line violations - subs after possession NOTE: Rotation for each Quarter – to the right – L Moves to T, moves to C, 4 th Q original positions Face-Off

4 4HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO 2 1 3 #1 Lead official - has goal line and endline #3 Center Official - don’t stop at cone! - 10 second count into box - help on questionable goal #2 Trail official - conduct face-off - determine possession - sweep box - jog into play - communicate to L - sideline coverage Face-off (ball away from face off official)

5 5HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO Face-off (ball towards face off official) 2 3 1 #3 Trail official - secondary offside - substitutions - sweep box - time-outs - jog into play - sideline coverage #1 Center Official - GET TO GOAL LINE!! - 10 second count - help on questionable goal - stay until called off by Lead #2 Lead official - conduct face-off - stay outside of passing lanes getting to GLE - get to GLE - verbally call off Center

6 6HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO L C T Lead--be close to crease, and keep ball in front of you. Move in and out with ball. Center- about 5-7 yds. off goal line. Must move in as Lead gets pushed off the goal line. Entire sideline coverage Trail-- after sweeping box, jog to 5 yds. off, and 5 yds. in. Sideline coverage Settled Situations

7 7HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO L C T Lead has the front of the crease, and is off official. Center has the ball, and is the ON official. Trail is helping on crease, watching shooter, has sideline, and has all substitutions. Note: Center & Lead need to communicate on and off ball. X O Coverage during Settled Situations

8 General 3 Man Mechanics Principles Center/Single Side : Faceoff – all counts – 20 second beeper and 10 seconds from midfield to attack box Faceoff – get to Leads goal, cover until he gets there - communicate Offsides responsibilities Sidelines – entire sideline is yours When at midfield cone – wait for ball to cross midfield, start 10 second count then move into box – 5-7 yards above goal line Don’t stop at cone on faceoff Prepare to cover goal if Lead pulled to endline or sideline Most 10 seconds counts before Trail in position – except for Leads alley 2 man game until Trail gets into position Give help on shots/goals with potential crease violations Come in strong if you take a goal away

9 General 3 Man Mechanics Principles Trail : –“Sweeping the box” – good position is at the far cone of the table area Allows the subs to happen in front and some awareness of action on the field. If a change of possession you become the L Stay at the box until all contested subs are completed – until then the game belongs to the L and C, don’t be too quick to leave the box Talk – tell them you’re watching subs –All sideline coverage when you are in position Good position is between wing line and top of box –Watch shooter – discipline yourself to focus your eyes L and C have goals Lead : –Faceoff – stay with players longer and wait for possession – C will cover your goal –Priorities – same as 2 man – Goal, then endline –Transition game – get to goal and let the play come to you –Look for help if needed on goal or potential crease violations –Never has offsides –Rarely has 10 second count – only when ball out in alley and T’s at the box

10 10HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO X L C T Lead (now Trail) has 4 second goalie count, and 20 second beeper. Come up w/ball If slow clear, stay deep as ball. Center breaks for cone w/save. Take a few strides, take a look. Straddle cone check offside, initiate 10 second Count or signal Trail. Trail (now Lead) breakout on save look before you get to the midline, if still coming get to goal-line look Note: new Lead should not get beat to midfield, to top of offensive box area, goal line or endline. Goalie Save – Fast Break T L C

11 11HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO X L C T Lead (now Trail) has 4 second goalie count, and 20 second Beeper. Come up w/ball Center breaks for cone w/save. Take a few strides, take a look. If ball stays flat, stay to help Trail. Move up ahead of ball. Get to cone, count Trail (now Lead) break out on save look before midline, if still coming get to goal-line look Note: new Lead should not get beat to midfield, top of box goal line and endline. Goalie Save – Slow Clear T L C

12 12HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO Situations to watch for: 1) How much time is left in period? 2) How much time is left in the penalty? 3) If less than 10 sec., tell table not to release until possession (unless the slot has been left open) 4) Watch player coming out of box 1) Communicate which number must stay onsides. (HOT) X is man down X X X O O O X X O O X X X O X O O O O X R U FJ Man-Down Face-Off NOTE: Remember the beeper

13 13HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO L C T ball Lead has goal-line Center has whistle and count. Trail has beeper, and any substitutes. Sideline out of bounds

14 14HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO ball L C T Center has whistle and count Need to talk with Lead on this Trail has any subs on the fly. Open up and let the subs go in front of you. Close in behind. Communicate with Center on who puts the ball back in play. Note: remember goalie count if he chases. T Lead has goal-line. Endline out of bounds

15 15HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO ball T L C Trail brings the ball in 5 yds has the beeper. Sweep box after starting play. Be ready for ball changing directions. L and C need to communicate. Lead has goal. Center will take count. You have offside. NOTE: be sure where the ball went out of bounds! 20 yd area Sub Area out of bounds

16 16HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO X ball L C T Try to have at least 1 official where the teams are crossing. After all clear, meet w/Center official Use remaining time for mechanics NOTE: Know where the ball will be starting! Time-Out Procedures

17 17HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO X fight O L C T NOTE: Get #’s. Blow whistle very loud and long. Be careful handling players. FREEZE BENCHES Note: Coaches are to assist in freezing benches. Fight Procedure

18 18HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO T C L Flag down here Center calls out “flag down” stops play when appropriate. Gets out to an open area, and stops. Then signals. Trail move toward Center in the open, stop and take penalty. Don’t be in a hurry. NOTE: Officials not involved in reporting penalty, be sure to get the ball ready for play then back to your starting position. Penalty Relay #1 Turn to table, stop, and relay the penalty. Put your beeper on, and return to the play. ball

19 19HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO T C L flag down here Trail be sure to inform your partners of the foul BEFORE telling the table. Trail has flag come in and give call. Lead and Center to get ball ready for play when Trail returns. Penalty Relay #2 ball Then relay the call to the table.

20 20HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO T C L Center get ball, and meet other officials at midfield. Hold stick for Referee to measure. Note : meet the players at the wing area. Check equipment and then take the stick with you to “X” Referee to measure “both” sticks. FJ & U face benches on either side of midline FJ U R Equipment Check NOTE: Watch player as you ask him for his stick!

21 21HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO T C L Trail hustles down to be the new Lead. Lead has substitutions Sweep box, start play as new Trail Center get down field. Help positioning players over midfield on your way downfield. Take count as ball is coming in. make call and signal L whistle Free Clear- no time served T C

22 22HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO T C L Trail hustles down to be the new Lead. Lead report penalty, check box, re-start play as new Trail. Center get down field. Help positioning players over midfield on your way downfield. Take count as ball is coming in. make call and signal L count T C Free clear- time served

23 23HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO 1) Counting as Trail (out of box) 2) Meetings for time-outs 3) Pointing in box (eye contact) 4) Eye contact-- ALL Face-offs 5) Restarts (quick, but safe) 6) Stalling (look for signal) 7) DON’T WALK 8) Keep flow going (be sure of foul) 9) Defuse Head Coach if possible 10) Assistant Coaches--coach!! 11) Take time with signals 12) Alternate possessions--WHEN 13) Jog off after game. 14) Illegal Team Time Outs 15) Check your beeper for 20 seconds. 16) CALL THE FACE-OFF VIOLATIONS!! BE PREPARED Possible Situations

24 24HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO Coach’s area crease center X wing line restraining line end line side line alley bench area special substitution area scorer’s table defensive zone offensive attack box restraining line Zone 3 Zone 4 midline Blank Field Far side cone Zone 3

25 25HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO Arrival at the Field – Pre-game 1. Check the field and first cone. 2. Check the goal on the visitor’s side of the field. 3. Check the opposite sideline and second cone and third cones. 4. Check the fourth cone. 5. Check the goal on the home’s side of the field. 6. Check the fifth cone, then meet with the home coach. 7. Certify the home coach and check on any pre-game activities (anthem, announced line-up, etc.) 8. Certify the visiting coach and let him know of any pre-game activities. 9. Check the table crew and go over clock operations, etc., and then proceed to the opposite side line to await the coin-toss time to arrive. Be available for stick checks. U R FJ

26 26HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO 1) Introduce Captains to Referee for the coin toss. U & FJ: Get to corner of box before you call for Captains. R: Goes to center X. U FJ R XX OO Note: Home team leaves first, and Visitor is about 5 steps behind Pre-Coin Toss Note: Crew should be available for equipment checks at the table area after arrival on field and talking to coaches. U & FJ: Introduce yourself to the captains, then proceed to the center for the coin toss.

27 27HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO XX OO R FJ 1) Home Team faces bench 2) Visiting team calls toss prior to toss 3) Catch coin (Don’t flip) 4) Rotate players backs to goal they are defending 5) Tap shoulder for Alternating possession 6) Left shoulder to goal for line-up Note: use a coin at least the size of a half dollar. Note: U and FJ checks nets after the coin toss. Check for balls. Coin Toss NOTE: Coin Toss winner gets choice of goal to defend or first alternating possession. U Speaking captains should be on the same side as the referee

28 28HOMEVISITORX ZLAX Productions XXXXXOOOOO XXXXX XXXX OOOOO OOOO R U FJ 1) Teams should have their left shoulder towards the goal they are defending 2) Don’t talk very much here as the players just want to play. 3) After the talk, ask the goalies to cross, ask the rest of the players to cross, meet your crew at center X for a brief handshake, then proceed to your face off positions. Note: U and FJ should line up 5 yards apart, and have teams line up on them Line-up G G

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