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Manipulative Skills Ch 12.

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1 Manipulative Skills Ch 12

2 Throwing and Catching Games and activities Throwing is target skill
Catching is object reception skill Cues: step with opposite foot, toss ball over head staying in self space

3 Throwing Learning Task
Accurately propel object away from body toward target Patterns: underhand, sidearm, over-arm Self-paced, develop throwing motion, stationary to moving Throw for force, underhand roll, tossing ring, moving target, passes, serial skills, soccer, basketball

4 Catching Learning Tasks
Receive and control a propelled object Visually track object and move body to necessary position to receive it 1, 2 handed; glove, scoop

5 Catching Learning Tasks
Rolling ball, sitting, standing, deck ring, on bounce, partner, frisbee, juggling, moving, implements, defended, hot potato, ultimate frisbee

6 Kicking and Punting Kicking: using foot to apply force to object on ground Punting: use foot to apply force to object that begins in the hand Distance, accuracy Stationary, moving Moving targets, pressure from opponent

7 Kicking Learning Tasks
Manipulative skill Eye-foot coordination Ball rolling or stationary proprioception

8 Kicking Learning Tasks
Kick stationary ball, kick ball in air, approach, control & accuracy, moving ball, partner kicks stationary moving, defender, distance & accuracy, keep away, kick moving target, modified soccer

9 Punting Learning Tasks
Manipulative skill More difficult, body coordinated to contact ball that is dropped When learning will toss ball up instead of dropping it Lightweight, large ball to progress Distance, height, accuracy

10 Punting Learning Tasks
Dropping ball, against wall, after bounce, irregular shaped balls, distance, moving to punt, to partner, accuracy, while traveling, against defender

11 Dribbling with Hands and Feet
Maintaining control of moving ball while remaining in place Start/stop, change directions, w/o watching ball

12 Dribbling with Hands Learning Task
Striking ball downward so bounces continuously Maintain control Bounce & catch, stationary & moving, different parts of body, pathways, routine, around obstacles, responding to signals, avoiding others, follow leader, defender, partner, tag

13 Dribble with Feet Learning Tasks
Constant tapping of ball to move it forward or sideways Various parts of foot (outside, inside, heel) Keep away from opponents Learn contact with ball progress to moving Slow to fast

14 Dribble with Feet Learning Tasks
Foot taps, stationary & moving, slow to fast, different pathways, sole tap, start & stop on signal,, other parts of foot, around objects stationary & moving, speed, partner, games, soccer, dribble tag

15 Volleying Striking object while it is in air with part of body
Motor development Track path of incoming ball, anticipation timing to strike ball, amount of force to expend upon ball Balloons and progress to volleyball

16 Volleying Learning Tasks
Lightweight objects & progress, stationary & moving, volleying and catching, overhead, rebounding & volleying, from toss, object size, over net, with partner, wall, hacky sack

17 Striking with Rackets & Paddles
Using piece of equipment to hit object making it move through the air or along the ground Hand eye coordination Paddle/racket size; ball size

18 Striking Learning Tasks
Balance object on racket/paddle Stationary object Lightweight object, hit then catch Strike against wall Heavier objects Continuously against wall Partner continuous

19 Striking with Long-Handled Implements
Baseball, softball, cricket Hand-eye coordination Single/double hands Horizontal/vertical planes of hitting

20 Striking Learning Tasks
Large stationary object from stationary Object size from stationary to moving positions Object speed Large fast moving object to smaller object

21 Fitness Have students recognize heartbeat before and after vigorous physical activity Recognize exercise increases HR Take pulse during exercises/activities

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