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Improving Student Achievement in Mathematics Grades K-2 April S. Dudley.

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1 Improving Student Achievement in Mathematics Grades K-2 April S. Dudley

2 SAT9 Content Clusters l Problem solving l Procedures

3 Problem Solving Content Clusters

4 Concepts of Whole Number Computation l Commutative property of addition l Inverse of number sentence l Addition identity element l Multiplication as repeated addition

5 Activities for Concepts of Whole Number Computation l Clothespin math l Playing cards l Workjobs l Fact family houses l Triangle flash cards l Partner illustrations

6 Number Sense & Numeration l Set with fewest l Set with most l Number in set to 10 (100) l Number that is 10 (100) more or less l Number names to 99 (999) l Expanded notation l Ordinal numbers l Odd/even numbers l Ordering numbers to 99 (999) l Match model with numeral l Value of digit l Numeral from description using place value

7 Activities for Number Sense & Numeration l Human train l Graffiti board l Unifix cubes l Beans & bathroom cups l Page numbers l STOP! l Newspaper scavenger hunt

8 Geometry & Spatial Sense l Plane figures l Components of figures l Congruent figures l Similar figures l Symmetry l Rotations & reflections

9 Activities for Geometry & Spatial Sense l Food Shapes l Jumbo Shapes & Sidewalk Chalk l Geoboards l Cut & Guess Symmetry l Cereal Box Fun l Vocabulary Bulletin Board

10 Measurement l Identify coin & value l Count & trade coins l Make change l Determine time to half hour l Determine elapsed time l Find date on calendar l Compare length l Estimate non- standard length l Estimate & measure customary length l Estimate & measure metric length l Select appropriate unit

11 Activities for Measurement l Scavenger hunt l Money legs l Our day l Calendar fun l Measurement fair l Seasonal centers l Imaginary Walk l Mud pies l What’s the date? l Unifix cubes l Bathroom chart l Class projects l TV guide l Tricks

12 Statistics & Probability l Pictographs l Tables l Tally charts l Most/least likely outcome l Predictions from a sampling

13 Activities for Statistics & Probability l Ice cream survey l Relay races l Shower curtain graph l Graphic tape & tissue paper l Daily sign-in l Scrapbook l Spaghetti

14 Fraction & Decimal Concepts l Fraction model of a group l Fraction of a whole l Equal parts

15 Activities for Fraction & Decimal Concepts l Fruit Loops l Paper plate pizzas l Two-sided counters l Names l Pattern blocks, strips, & circles l Graham crackers l Nimbus/dirt l Biscuit pizzas

16 Patterns & Relationships l Count backwards l Count by fives l Count by twos l Count by threes l Count from an initial number l Complete geometric patterns

17 Activities for Patterns & Relationships l Skip counting movement l Beach ball toss l Sponge painting l Hundreds chart l Cuts & pieces l Geometric fonts l Pattern strips l Calculators

18 Problem Solving Strategies l Identify arithmetic operation l Solve using non-routine strategies

19 Activities for Problem Solving Strategies l No numbers l Make a visual l Old textbooks l Menus, cookbooks, cereal boxes l Store-bought games l More than one way

20 Procedures Content Clusters

21 Number Facts l Salute l Dice toss l Double war l Chain game l Finger showdown l Too many numbers l Robot quizzes l Race to the top l Donut l Number facts train l Goldfish l Shaving cream fun

22 Computation Using Symbolic Notation l Addition of whole numbers l Subtraction of whole numbers

23 Activities for Computation l Missing numbers l Bean bag toss l True sentences l Big five l Relay races l Correct mistakes l Journals l Peer tutoring

24 Computation in Context l Addition of whole numbers in context l Subtraction of whole numbers in context

25 Activities for Computation in Context l Problem of the day l Never skip l Label answers l Key words l Real life problems l Stress story l Charts/tables

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