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Cool Conduct Club Football Tailgating Party October 6, 2006.

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1 Cool Conduct Club Football Tailgating Party October 6, 2006

2 If you qualify, you will enjoy……

3 Headband & Pom Pom Making Face Painting Music & Cake Walk Meeting Football Players & Getting Autographs Eating Hotdogs & Cookie Making Trick or Treat Tailgating Football & Beanbag Toss Bubbles & Chalk Fun

4 Headband Making Make a headband to support your favorite team!

5 Pom Pom Making It’s not a football game without enthusiastic fans! Cheer your team to victory with your handmade pom poms!

6 Face Painting Wear your team spirit!

7 Cake Walk Enjoy listening to the LSU fight song while trying to win a cake!

8 Autograph Station Football players will be available to meet and to sign autographs!

9 Cookie Making Decorate sugar cookies with icing, then top with purple & gold sprinkles!

10 Tailgating Bag Station Design a tailgating bag to hold all of the goodies you will get when “Trick-or-Treating!

11 Tailgating Trick- or- Treat It’s almost Halloween! Practice your Trick- or- treating skills by visiting “tailgaters” at the tails of their cars, and filling your decorated bag with goodies!

12 Football Toss Test your skills by throwing footballs through hula hoops!

13 Beanbag Toss How well can you toss? Show off your skills by tossing little footballs into tailgating party buckets!

14 Chalk & Bubbles Enjoy the fun of the outdoors, by blowing bubbles, and writing and drawing about your favorite team!

15 Hotdogs Enjoy a tailgating favorite, while sipping on Hug drinks!

16 Pep Rally Cheer Northside to victory and success while enjoying a Pep Rally put on by DSHS!

17 Free Shirt Day! Turn in 4 panther bucks to wear your favorite teams colors or jersey!

18 The CCC is to reward outstanding school behavior!

19 The criteria for students to be invited to the club activity each month are as follows:  No suspensions or detentions (office, after school, or class (red or purple panther face = a classroom detention)  Student cannot receive 5 or more marks during the month for off task behavior according to the school wide behavior plan (green =1 mark, yellow= 2 marks, red or purple= disqualification).

20 A wildcard ticket is possible with significant improvement of behavior!

21 Please remember to bring items for the CCC Tailgate party this week!

22 Don’t miss out! We hope to see everyone there!

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