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2 WHO WE ARE Task Force Avalanche is 2 nd Battalion, 142 nd Infantry of the Texas Army National Guard. With Battalion Headquarters in Lubbock, Texas, the Battalion is made up of 4 companies and 1 Headquarters and over 600 soldiers. The men of 2-142 are from all over the State of Texas. Texans, By God! Currently, 2-142 IN is on our 2 nd deployment to Iraq and stationed in Al Asad, Iraq. We provide security for all of the supply convoys coming out of Jordan that provide materials for over 40,000 soldiers in theatre.

3 Tartan Day This was 2-142 Infantry’s first National Tartan Day. We have many Scottish- Americans that fill our ranks: (McKenzie, Muckleroy, Gunn, McElrath, Stewart, Wallace, Skeen, Woodruff, MacKay, McDonald and other Scots to name a few)

4 Making of the Caber First order of business was the making of the caber. MAJ Mike Wallace enlisted the help of SSG Jeff Hardin. Using a piece of 6x6x16’ lumber; many circular saws and a sander, they built something that kind of resembled a caber. Not bad for Iraq!

5 Caber Practice The day prior to the celebration, many of the soldiers wanted to learn how to toss the caber before the event. MAJ Mike Wallace gave some short instruction; at least until the caber started to break. Thank goodness for good tape!

6 Raising of the Flag Normally, the Texas Flag would not be lowered for any reason. But for today only, it was replaced. CPT George Hurd and LT Tory House were responsible for the raising of the Lion Rampant. The Flags are hoisted above our Texas “T-Patch” behind our Headquarters, which is an old poolhouse. There is an empty Olympic pool beneath.

7 Start of the Festivities MAJ Wallace explained to everyone what Tartan Day means, some Texas Scottish History, and then read the Governor’s Declaration

8 Start of the Festivities Next, Chaplain Callis read some Scottish Blessings and led everyone in a prayer before we ate. Our Commander, LTC Burkett (McBurkett for the day) is beside him. Chaplain Callis is wearing the official “Clergy” Tartan.

9 Then We Ate Following the prayer, everyone got to the business at hand; eating. We served ribs, rib eye, brisket, beef stew and regular hot dogs and hamburgers. (the Haggis did not arrive in time) Chief Stallworth, our Maintenance Officer, proudly donned a “McStallworth” name tape for the event

10 More Fun

11 Men in Kilts Many men of Task Force Avalanche opted to wear the traditional dress this day. From left to right: Staff Sergeant James Smith (Clan Gunn), Major Terry Callis (Clergy Clan), Sergeant Major Jeff Muckleroy (Clan Grant, wearing US Army Tartan), Major Mike Wallace (Clan Wallace), First Lieutenant Tory House (Unfortunately English, wearing US Army Tartan), Captain Chris McElrath (Clan McDonald), Captain George Hurd (Clan MacKay), First Lieutenant John Melendez (from Puerto Rico, wearing a borrowed Utilikilt)

12 Battalion Command Team The “Men in Kilts” are pictured here with the Command Team for the Battalion. Lieutenant Colonel Mark Burkett from Canyon, Texas and Command Sergeant Major Travis Petty, from Fort Worth

13 Brigade Command Team We also had our Brigade Command Team in from Baghdad. Colonel Lee Henry and Command Sergeant Major John Morgan

14 Highland Games Of course we had to do some Highland Games. Based upon our lack of materials, we stuck to the Caber Toss and the Stone Toss. We started with a history lesson on the origin of the Highland Games

15 Caber Toss Lots of great work! Many soldiers touched the caber for the first time, but they charged right in!

16 More Caber Toss Great work by everyone, and fortunately the additional of an entire roll of “100 mph” tape held everything together!

17 The Braemar Stone Toss We may have found the only smooth stone around for miles, but we used it well.

18 Seconds After building back our Appetite, what else would we do?

19 Evening Festivities Obviously, we capped off the day by watching “Braveheart,” of course.

20 Thanks Special thanks to the Scottish Societies of Texas, the Command of Task Force Avalanche, and of course the Soldiers of the Battalion.



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