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Welcome to the TOSS Fall 2014 Orientation Meeting!

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1 Welcome to the TOSS Fall 2014 Orientation Meeting!

2 1. Donna Fitzgerald from CEPP: TOSS Sign Up Instructions and Paperwork 2. Dr. Anita Van Brackle, Paulding Site 3. Kellie Oxford- Educational Student Services 4. Helen Maddox and Sherri Booker- ITS 5.Mrs. Basch -TOSS program coordinator… *TOSS Structure *Fall Calendar * Field placement expectations *Professionalism *Student teaching applications *Questions * Student Teaching Applications for Spring due on August 30.

3 Center for Educational Placements and Partnerships (CEPP) Donna Fitzgerald

4  4 Methods Classes  ECE 4401 – Math Methods  ECE 4402 – Science Methods  ECE 4403 – Social Studies Methods  ECE 4404 – Reading Methods  Field Component –ECE 4406  HPE 3670

5 10 Weeks  4 methods classes  2 days per week  2 classes each of these days  1 full day per week in the field  HPS 4 Weeks  Full time field experiences  At least four observations by university supervisor and collaborating teacher

6  Field Component  1 Day per week for 10 weeks * (60 hours must be completed prior to the first day in the field full time) ▪ Oversight by Methods Instructors  5 Days per week for 4 weeks (separate class) ▪ University Supervisor ▪ Collaborating Teacher ▪ FIELD PLACEMENT: YOU MAY NOT BE IN A SCHOOL WHERE YOU HAVE A RELATIVE, SIGNIFICANT OTHER.

7 TOSS Registration

8  If you took only 1 of the ISCI’s KSU  If you did not take both ISCI’s @ KSU KSU  If you didn’t take EDUC 3302 @ KSU  If you have already taken HPS 3670  If you Transferred and was given credit for 1 or more TOSS classes.  History 2111 or 2112 with a C or better  Math 3317 with a C or better

9  Register for all four methods classes at the same time or you will not be able to sign-up, plus TOSS Field Component (4406), and HPE 3670  4401 (Math Methods)  4402 (Science Methods)  4403 (Social Studies Methods)  4404 (Content Area Reading and Language Arts)  4406 (Field Component)  HPE 3670

10  Contacts: Paulding: Terri Collins Global: Dr. Debra Coffey ELL/Hybrid: Dr. Paula Guerra STEM: Dr. Cherry Steffen

11 Teaching Of Specific Subjects (TOSS) Mrs. Katy Basch Mrs. Katy Basch Kennesaw Hall 2332 EECE TOSS Program Coordinator

12  The TOSS Handbook (Nuts and Bolts) is available on our department website. Read up on this so you are informed about requirements. You will get specific details at the mid term meeting.  (This will be revised slightly in early fall so wait to print it until later)

13  Please check your KSU email. That is what we use to communicate with you. Check it frequently so you do not miss announcements.  Please do not email us from personal e-mails, such as hotmama1@gmail-this is not professional.  Please address me as Mrs. Basch. I am not hey or Hello. Address everyone by their titles.

14  See full calendar on the ECE website  June 24-25 (starting at 10:00 p.m.) School Sign-Up for TOSS  August 18-First Day of Classes  2 FULL Days – Methods Classes at KSU, 1 HPE ▪ Days, Rooms, TBA ▪ No class Sept. 1, Oct. 30 last day of classes  1 Day in field ▪ Six hours each time for the first ten weeks ▪ First Day in the field September 5, 8:00 am – 2:00 pm ▪ Subsequent days to be determined by TOSS Candidate and Cooperating Teacher ▪ Note- some districts have a fall break in September. If that occurs, you need to add an extra day before or after, making sure you have 60 hours completed before the mid term meeting

15  November 3-December 5  Full Time in Field ▪ “Teacher Hours”

16  You will, register for TOSS during Late Registration (August 13-14). Sections to be determined based on field school. You will be notified via email with section number for all classes including HPE just before late registration occurs.  October 31 – Midterm Seminar, Time and Location TBA This meeting is MANDATORY  Mandatory Law and Ethics Seminar is online on the Toss webpage. You will need to watch this, take the quiz and hand the quiz into your supervisor at the mid term meeting on Oct. 31.

17  Register for all four methods classes, TOSS Field Component (4406), and HPS 3670  4401 (Math Methods)  4402 (Science Methods)  4403 (Social Studies Methods)  4404 (Content Area Reading and Language Arts)  4406 (Field Component)  HPE 3670

18 Professionalism/Dress Code Assignments determined by Methods instructors Be sure to select a theme for the unit as soon as possible (work with you collaborating teacher on this) Get involved in the class as much as the collaborating teacher allows

19  MANDATORY – Be Sure You Sign In  Absences must be documented  Deduction of Points during Methods Classes  Field Experience time for EXCUSED absences must be made up  Failure to attend = repeat TOSS

20 Please DO NOT call the school prior to first day meetings. Cooperating teacher is determined by the principal at your field school. Field supervisors will be assigned and announced at the midterm seminar on October 31. Prior to supervisor assignment, email Katy Basch ( with any problems or

21 FINAL APPROVAL FOR TOSS CANNOT BE DETERMINED UNTIL AFTER Fall COURSE GRADES ARE POSTED! If you receive a “D” or “F” in a course you will be notified that your approval for Fall TOSS will be denied. It is YOUR responsibility to inform the TOSS coordinator of any changes in your plans, change in address, name change or phone number!

22  At NO TIME are you to be alone with the students. (Think of yourself as your collaborating teacher’s shadow.)  If the teacher is absent, there must be a substitute in the room. You cannot be the substitute. (You can be in charge of the class, but there must be school personnel in the room.)  If this becomes an issue, contact Katy Basch or your University Supervisor.

23 It is not your responsibility to do extra duties around the school. For example, you are not to be the lunchroom monitor for the entire school. (Georgia has duty-free lunch.) GACE  You can not register for GACE until your grades are posted for TOSS. If you have questions about GACE, contact Kellie Oxford in ESS.

24  Professionalism is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Every time you enter the school, you are interviewing for a job.  If you have questions, check the TOSS Handbook online at (Do not download/print now as it will be revised in early spring )  Plan on Purchasing Chalk and Wire this semester if you don’t already have it !

25 1.Concerns about your TOSS classes, assignments, or grades? First discuss with your class professor. 2.If you have concerns or questions about the field placement during the first 10 weeks contact Katy Basch 3. If the issue is still unresolved then you should contact Dr. Mark Warner, the EECE Department Chair at Also contact Katy Basch, your collaborating teacher, and the school if you will be absent from your placement at any time throughout the semester. 4. If you have concerns or questions about field placements or assignments in 4406 during the final 4 weeks you need to contact your supervisor (who will be assigned during the midterm seminar).

26  Student Teaching Applications are due August 30. 1. Go to: and follow the first steps 1 and 2. your application. Make plans to drop in to the Student Teaching Application Advising session (Date TBD) to have your application reviewed and to turn in your application.  If you’d like to stay at the same school for TOSS and student teaching, it must be indicated on the student teaching application. *If you are interested in Student Teaching Abroad, you are invited to a re entry seminar on May 5 at 10:00am- 12:00noon in Prillaman Hall HS 2202*

27  Thank you for attending! This PowerPoint will be online at the EECE website under the TOSS link!

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