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The Telematic Dress conceptual prototype communication tool model for team work.

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1 The Telematic Dress conceptual prototype communication tool model for team work

2 The Telematic Dress a conceptual prototype developed through performance and tested in the responsive multi-media environment of a telematic studio in Nottingham linked to partner sites in other countries

3 we explore the conceptual and aesthetic possibilities of an ‘open’, distributed dress that is evolving and shareable in the generation of its design by performers and users in different sites across time difference and cultural geographies

4 the notion of a shareable wearable also implies considering future design to be both participatory and bespoke

5 design and performance DAP



8 design concept/process




12 the concept envisions a partial design that is to emerge and extend all static textile elements in performance between at least two users whose movements, captured and transmitted by camera, combine to reveal a garment statement

13 methodologies





18 the open dress

19 four metres of cloth sensual textures and colours are moved through performance to explore the evolution of a garment, the transition from raw material to constructed form choreographed textile

20 the telematic dress begins with the motion of colour, with tangible rhythms that span more than one body

21 sense movement located to a specific site on the body



24 emergence design development sketches

25 the becoming dress

26 the unworked cloth becomes adapted into a more revealed piece that momentarily embellishes, shrouds, releases, re-covers the body in motion The becoming dress



29 choreography a fusion/blend of classical ballet, yoga and martial arts are used to explore/express design


31 the other body

32 two dancers become interwoven the fabric a porous membrane design affects the way in which the body moves and can be energised impulses, perceptions of form and touch travel between the dancers in distant locations the other body


34 Saeko in Japan

35 movement behaviours exist discretely and yet simultaneously, virtually together

36 The Arizona hoop dress is a static shell, an outer frame/image, with the American dancer distancing herself from it and receding behind it

37 Arizona State University Department of Dance

38 the Arizona dress becomes a surface of filmic projection; leaves, figs, branches of a forest flitter across it, its blue colour changes slowly to green, brown, ochre

39 other prototypes

40 the tango interface two bodies explore energy and rhythm engaging across the internet in a dance duet connecting through telematics and ‘fantasy wearables’

41 the process of metamorphic design is driven by the dancers co-presences

42 what have we achieved & where next?

43 we would like to propose, at this point, to create an installation in AZ that consists of an interactive dress that can be acted upon either via telematics or direct audience participation. this installation would partner with the performative elements in the UK to create a cohesive work Arizona: 21/07/05

44 conclusion the telematic dress brings together diverse elements and creates new ways of combining them, it also explores articulation and reshaping of existing systems the telematic dress is ‘open’- open ended and our strategy not too fixed, but with built-in flexibility to allow for revisions to occur, as new opportunities become apparent. Strategic planning is action-orientated and considers a range of possible futures

45 School of Art & Design Michele Danjoux Johannes Birringer Jo Cope Gemma Harrison Marie Denis Natalie Verhaegen Helenna Ren Natasha Stott Yoon Bo Shim Cidinha Fursan Bendxien Helen Knight James Pearson School of the Built Environment John Redgate Amin Al-habaibeh Stuart Kennedy Industry Partners Canesis Ltd Eternal Spirits


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