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Vanessa McFarlane Health Promotion Specialist BME Sexual Health.

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1 Vanessa McFarlane Health Promotion Specialist BME Sexual Health

2 The project  Began in 2002 with 5 participants  Grew to 17 participants last year and is now 15  Managed by a committee  Has now secured 3.5 yrs funding from NHS  Keeping the cup full World Aids Day Funding Teenage Pregnancy Funding Awards for All Neighbourhood Development Company NHS Nottingham City

3 Introduction to the participants 

4 Aim and Objectives Aim  To improve sexual health by providing information and free condoms to the African and Caribbean communities in Nottingham Objective  to reduce unwanted teenage pregnancies  to increase STI/HIV testing  to reduce HIV stigma

5 Promoting the Project  Word of Mouth  Radio  Resources - eg Calendars  Attending community events – Carnival, health events etc  Media interest and interest from outside Nottingham

6 Resources

7 Monitoring and Evaluation Monitoring  Tells us who uses the project  If we are getting to our target group  How many condoms we distribute  Used for getting more funding Evaluation  Demonstrates the success of the project  Where we need to improve  Helps us to demonstrate that the project is working  that we are achieving our aims and objectives

8 Condom count: April 08 – April09 

9 What else is similar?? BME Sexual Health  Bollywood postcards  Prevention HIV DVD

10 Condom distribution  Condoms in Cabs Scheme

11 Tips and Suggestions  Start small and build  Think about evaluation process, get support if you need  Monitoring – how will you do this  Know your participants or have someone with you who does  Think about what you need when applying for funding – admin, evaluation so you can include it  Time

12 The Future: 2009 - 2012  Add another 5 projects  Encourage more participation in the project,  Encourage ownership of the project  Training to include safeguarding and quality assurance  Ensure condoms are easily accessible and information is clearly displayed  Production of calendar and DVD  Set up more sexual health testing sessions

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