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UUK Guidance on Security Sensitive Research Prof. Tom Sorell Warwick University.

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1 UUK Guidance on Security Sensitive Research Prof. Tom Sorell Warwick University

2 Outline Background Nottingham case Issues How picked up in the guidance Wider interpretation of “security-sensitive research

3 Background: UUK ion/Documents/2011/FreedomOfSpeechOnCa mpus.pdf ion/Documents/2011/FreedomOfSpeechOnCa mpus.pdf – Academic Freedom – Freedom of Speech – Security on Campus

4 Security on Campus Universities part of a police “Neighbourhood” 40 Universities identified as possible sites of radicalization 201012/cmselect/cmhaff/1446/1446.pdf 1394625/40-UK-universities-breeding- grounds-terror.html

5 Relevant Publication 2012/201205TAMPreventPandUniGui.pdf 2012/201205TAMPreventPandUniGui.pdf

6 Background: Nottingham -censorship-a-defence/#more-85 -censorship-a-defence/#more-85 Made_Up.22_evidence Made_Up.22_evidence arrests-of-the-Nottingham-Two-in-Operation-Minerva-at- the-University-of-Nottingham-on-14-May-2008 arrests-of-the-Nottingham-Two-in-Operation-Minerva-at- the-University-of-Nottingham-on-14-May-2008 See also 1.623419

7 Nottingham: recent repercussions nottinghamshire-13294132 nottinghamshire-13294132 _content&view=article&id=211&catid=25 _content&view=article&id=211&catid=25 notts-uni notts-uni /17539153.2011.623410 /17539153.2011.623410

8 Courses on terrorism ab&q=Courses+on+terrorism%2C+uk&oq=Cou rses+on+terrorism%2C+uk&gs_l=hp.3..33i29i3 0.1165.8704.0.8943. 4j3j1.18.0...0.0...1c.1.9.psy-ab.MUAUn- sH9OA&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.45 175338,d.d2k&fp=c4404eb85f85c9cd&biw=14 40&bih=776

9 Issues Academic Freedom Length of detention University authorities and academics University authorities and co-operation with police Perceived anti-minority bias

10 Academic Freedom Law appears to apply to academic staff, not students or admin Irrelevant, as no-one was arrested or punished for their views

11 Length of detention 6 days: too long, given the scarcity of evidence against the two detained

12 University authorities and other members of academic community Graduate students (near enough academic staff?) Admin staff

13 University authorities and police Too much co-operation in Nottingham case? Need for insulation from both police and Nottingham admin? Intra-university protocols for handling problems internally, given the relatively undisciplined context

14 Perceived anti-minority (anti-Islamic) bias “One of the few clear conclusions we were able to draw about the drivers of radicalisation is that a sense of grievance is key to the process. Addressing perceptions of Islamophobia, and demonstrating that the British state is not antithetical to Islam, should constitute a main focus of the part of the Prevent Strategy which is designed to counter the ideology feeding violent radicalisation.” House of Commons Home Affairs Cttee, report “Roots of Radicalization” (2012)

15 Press reaction

16 How guidance picks up these points More communication of expectations REC or RE officer as layer in between academics and admin No judgements about material in safe store, so long as not circulated (Assumed that material in safe store reflects research) Police at one remove in normal case

17 Process (p. 5) Funding Notification Online ethics – Security–sensitive question, analogous to human- subjects question Positive answer – Commitment to use safe store – Commitment not to circulate Uploads End of project notification?

18 Alert in case of circulation Guidance, p.7

19 Residual Questions What if the research not funded? Who runs safe-store? – REC chair – REC admin person What is security-sensitive?

20 Related non-research issues Restricted websites

21 Other kinds of security-sensitive research Animal research? Military research? Extreme right-wing research

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