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Welcome to Nottingham Elementary. Ms. Mary Beth Pelosky Principal.

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1 Welcome to Nottingham Elementary

2 Ms. Mary Beth Pelosky Principal

3 Assistant Principal Mr. John Koutsouftikis

4 The Nottingham Community is dedicated to the education of the whole child – intellectually, socially, emotionally, culturally and physically. Together, we share the responsibility of helping each child reach his or her potential as a contributing citizen in our rapidly changing global society. School Mission Statement

5  Building Our Community  Down on the Farm  Harvest Time  Light and Shadows  Winter Cycles  Important Americans  Getting Around Town  Spring Gardens  Animal Life Cycles  Transitions Thematic Units

6 The Butterflies Teacher: Ms. Smith Assistant: Mrs. Sheehan The Ducklings Teacher: Ms.DeAtley Assistant: Mrs. Fortin The Goldfish Teacher: Mrs. GriffinAssistant: Ms. Duran The Hippos Teacher: Mrs. Hemstreet Assistant: Mrs. Duran The Sea Turtles Teacher: Ms. Biechman Assistant: Ms. McMullan The Pooh Bears Teacher: Mrs. Toner Assistant: Mrs. McKeever The Future Starts Here --

7  Emmy Award Winner, Kelly Bergeron, now heads our Exemplary Project.  Writer’s Quest  Nottingham You Tube Videos Knight Writer Literacy Magazine Purpose: to write for Authentic Audiences

8  Over two-thirds of Nottingham’s learners walk to their neighborhood school.  Accomplished, caring, compassionate staff.  Enthusiastic, energetic, parent volunteers. “A Community of Learners”

9 Statement of Objectives  Recognize individual differences, learning styles, and abilities.  Provide curriculum which encompasses communication skills, problem solving, critical thinking, and fosters creativity.

10 Statement of Objectives  Instill a life-long enthusiasm for learning.  Model appropriate socialization, behavior and attitudes.

11 Statement of Objectives  Prepare students for an ever-changing technological world.  Assist students to develop integrity and the capacity for consideration of others.

12 Statement of Objectives  Assist each student to develop a positive self- concept and a desire to do his/her best by providing an atmosphere of warm acceptance.

13  Services at Nottingham Elementary include:  Special Education services such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, resource and self-contained classrooms.  All students receive P.E., Art, Music and Library services with specialists.  Reading and Gifted services are available to assist with student needs.  Counseling services are available to all children. “Every Child is a Shining Star”

14  Morning Announcements  Moment of Silence  Pledge to the Flag On Fridays when the announcements are televised:  Nottingham Student Oath  Writer’s Quest question for the week  Character Education sharing, and various activities planned for the week Our Day Begins Together!

15  I take pride in being a Nottingham student.  I treat others with respect.  I have a positive attitude.  I behave in a safe manner.  I try my best. Nottingham Student Oath

16  Provides a balanced instruction in all aspect of child development:  Social interactions  Emotional growth  Physical movement and  Cognitive ability Our Instructional Program

17  Beginning reading skills include:  Word study  Writer’s Workshop (Lucy Calkins)  Robust Vocabulary  Read-Alouds  Guided Reading  Oral speaking and  Listening activities Our Literacy Program

18  Math Expressions Curriculum  Everyday Math  Mathematical concepts are explored in a variety of ways  Hands-on manipulative lessons to encourage mathematical reasoning and problem solving  Technology Integration Mathematics

19  Daily Movement Activities  Healthy Snacks and Lunch  Allergy Concerns Wellness


21  Main Office703-228-5290  Attendance Hotline703-228-5292  Nurse’s Office703-228-8329  Inclement Weather Line1-866-322-4277  Extended Day703-228-8334 Important Numbers to Know

22 9:00 a.m. - 3:41 p.m. Dismissal time on Early Release Wednesdays is 1:26 p.m. School Hours

23 Kindergartners at Work!

24 Nottingham PTA President: Mary Zehe Nottingham has an active PTA that supports the following projects –Exploration Courtyard –Landscaping and Outdoor Education –Music Masters –Art Ace –Enrichment Programs –Technology Support

25 For additional information, be sure to check out… The APS website at: The Nottingham website at: The PTA website at:

26 New Elementary School For more information on the New Elementary School please visit

27 rlington Public Schools Thank you for being a partner in your child’s education!

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