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West Nottingham Academy College Counseling Parents Night Friday, April 26, 2013.

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1 West Nottingham Academy College Counseling Parents Night Friday, April 26, 2013

2 WNA Class of 2013 Highlights of College Acceptances University of Alabama Bentley Univ. Boston College Boston University Univ. of Calif. Davis, Irvine, San Diego, Santa Barbara & Santa Cruz The Citadel Dickinson College Drexel University Indiana Univ. UMBC University of Maryland College Park Penn State Purdue RIT St. John’s Univ. U- Mass. University of VA. College of William and Mary




6 Parent Responsibilities Touch base with your student to ensure they are on track and accompany students on college visits File FASFA as early in January Obtain previous school official transcript. Give one to college counseling office, and mail as needed to colleges Assist students with college search, financial aid, aid and scholarship applications and provide them with required information and material IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY ENSURE ALL REQUIRED TESTING RESULTS, PREVIOUS TRANSCRIPTS AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION ARE MAILED TO COLLEGES!

7 SSD & International Parent Additional Responsibilities International applicants are required to provide colleges with financial certification forms. Many colleges require student, parent and bank signatures In some instances colleges require foreign transcripts to be verified and translated If student is on an IEP, be sure the plan and the required tests are all current within three years of application date

8 College Counseling Office Responsibilities Counsel and guide students as they navigate searching & applying to colleges. Be available by appointment to students and parents. Work with you and your student to find a reasonable list of colleges. Submit requested transcripts letter of recommendation school profile Secondary School Report trimester grades and midyear report ONE final transcript to attending college

9 College Fit/Match Myth: There is one perfect college for me. Fact: There are over 3,000 U.S. colleges. Helping Students to Conduct a Thorough College Search

10 College Fit/Match The college search process is a personal and intimate experience Students should be encouraged to think about what factors are most important to them Students may need to be challenged to think about the process differently.

11 Asking the Right Questions Small or large? Diversity? Urban, suburban, rural? Athletics and activities? What part of the country? Two year or four year? School with specific major or school with lots of variety? Cost?


13 Factors to Consider: Retention & Graduation Rates What percentage of students like me are graduating? If they can’t tell you, then that is a red flag What can you tell me about your retention efforts? What are you doing to ensure that students are successful inside and outside of the classroom? Given today’s economy, students need to be sure that the college is invested in their success and completion Questions to ask:

14 Factors to Consider: Academic & Student Support Services Services can vary dramatically across campuses Questions to ask: What types of academic and personal services do you offer students? How does student advising work? Are any of the services mandatory? Is there a cost associated with any of the services?

15 Factors to Consider: Career Services and Job Placement Rates Preparation for the workforce is something students must consider up front Questions to ask: What is the employment rate for (insert major) grads? How does your career center operate? Are the services only on a drop-in basis or is there a more proactive plan to engage students?

16 Factors to Consider: Most Popular vs. Strongest Major There can be a dramatic difference between the two, but the reason(s) behind what makes a major the most popular or the strongest are worth knowing. Popular could mean larger class sizes Strongest could mean better resources/facilities Questions to ask: What is your strongest major and why? Is this also your most popular major? Do not to ask: Is (insert major) a strong/popular major?

17 Constructing the List of Colleges 1. The goal is to have options. 2. Can you get into these schools? 3. Is there an appropriate range of schools? 4. Is the number of schools appropriate? 5. Does the list make sense to you? 6. Does the list make sense to the parents?

18 Family Connection

19 I am NEW and need to REGISTER Email for

20 What does it do? Students can search and compare colleges

21 College Comparisons

22 Produces scatter grams of senior applicant’s acceptances, waitlists & denials

23 Allows parents & students to look at scholarships

24 Requesting transcripts through Family In order for students to request transcripts they need to log in to the Family Connection website (a link is provided on the WNA website.) After successfully logging in, tabs appear at the top of the screen. Click on the “COLLEGES” Next, click on “colleges I’m applying to”. The first time you log in, you will see the privacy notice for common application (above). We ask that you “DO waive” your right to see your recommendation. Next, check the box to authorize us to send your records.




28 Level of courses completed Grades in academic courses Academic Record ACT or SAT, maybe SAT II’s - check with individual college to determine requirements. Test Scores Letters of Recommendation Essay(s) Student Activities and Employment Admissions Decisions


30 College Essay Writing: Getting Started





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